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  1. Starting things off with a Giveaway!
  2. One Week Sujihiki/Slicer Sale
  3. Some new stuff - 360mm Sakimaru and Stones
  4. Tanaka Ironwood Honesuki FACTORY SECOND SALE
  5. Ohira Suita, Aoto and Yaginoshima Suita
  6. To all of you in Toronto
  7. Natural Stone Finishes
  8. Just received some knives from Takeda
  9. Cake/Terrine knife, Usuba and MORE!
  10. 2 Konosuke Blades
  11. Konosuke Fujiyama Blue #1 Mukimono and Petty
  12. New Handles from Karl
  13. Thank You Takeda
  14. Hinoura's Son
  15. Single Beveld Knife Demonstration with Zen Restaurant
  16. Single Beveld Knife Demonstration with Zen Restaurant
  17. ZDP Spatula from Tanaka
  18. 4 new Mitsumi Hinoura Knives, Oroshi Graters, and Stones
  19. Mitsumi Hinoura, Konosuke HD2 and Kato Damascus
  20. New AS from Takeda
  21. New R2 Damascus Tanaka Gyuto just got in
  22. Natural Stone Seminar
  23. Another Natural Stone Order
  24. New GS line of knives from Konosuke Sakai
  25. Shigeki Tanaka R2 etched damascus gyuto, Ironwood handle, saya and kiri wood box
  26. Shigeki Tanaka R2 etched damascus gyuto and sujihiki, Ironwood handle, saya and kiri wood box
  27. 240 HD2 special western handle and 240 Kiritsuke
  28. Takeda Cleaver and new Kato Guyto
  29. Blade from Konosuke Sakai
  30. 2 Kogatana from Tasai
  31. New Leather Goods
  32. Edosaki and Deba
  33. More Natural Stones at Tosho
  34. Ohta Folders, HD gyuto, Fujiyama Nakiri
  35. HD2 Western's Back in Stock
  36. Some of the very special things in our store
  37. Candy
  38. Konosuke GS is back and some new Mitsumi Hinoura
  39. Lunch at Tosho
  40. Teaser pics
  41. Hideriyama Tomae and Tsuchima
  42. Konosuke Fujiyama Kurouchi Tsuchime Back in Stock
  43. Tanaka R2 Sale! $100 OFF!!!
  44. Takaba Petty Now Online
  45. Finally some more knives
  46. Mitsumi Hinoura knives now online
  47. 240mm Damascus Kato stolen
  48. Kiritsuke Yanagiba and a couple other things
  49. Konosuke Cutting Boards, Hinoki Wood
  50. Takeda KenNata
  51. A Ton of New Stuff
  52. Nenohi Single Beveled Knives Now Online
  53. Konosuke-Sakai Vintage Carbon Steel (Togo Reigo) Current full line up
  54. Konosuke-Sakai Kiritsuke Fugu
  55. Konosuke Fujiyama Kurouchi Tsuchime 150mm Petty
  56. Konosuke-Sakai New Sakura Yanagiba
  57. Konosuke-Sakai 180mm stainless Moribashi ebony handle with saya