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  1. Naniwa Questions
  2. Choosing my first jnat
  3. Anything Missing in my Stone Set-up?
  4. Keepers
  5. My sharpening epiphany!
  6. 3 million yen stone!!!
  7. Direction of sharpening pressures?
  8. Making the move to sharpening stones and looking for advice
  9. Oddball method of sharpening a serrated knife
  10. Finger Stones
  11. Polishing a Shun?
  12. How do I know when I'm done thinning/sharpening a knife with a kiriba?
  13. Thinning a knife with damascus cladding
  14. Uchigumori for free!
  15. What am I doing wrong?
  16. Repairing a chip
  17. Forgecraft restoration
  18. Can't sharpen a Forgecraft
  19. Sharpening Japanese Knives
  20. Can someone indentify this nagura stone?
  21. How long does synthetic stones last?
  22. Watanabe J Nat Hardness Scale "HSxx"
  23. Flattening soft, coarse jnats
  24. How to get rid of these scratches
  25. Strops for beginners?
  26. Noobie Sharpening Questions
  27. Full potential of my 6000 stone?
  28. Stone kanji, keep it?
  29. Buying Stones
  30. $1.99 sharpening stone
  31. Convexed stone, is it a problem?
  32. New stone. Should I flatten before first use?
  33. Budget Polishing/Stropping
  34. Honing rod for Victorinox?
  35. Thinning an Itinomonn gyuto - how do I find the right angle?
  36. Removing attached base from Rika 5000
  37. Kyoto Natural Sharpening Stone Day show 天然砥石の日
  38. Spinal Nagura
  39. Thinning or wide-bevel on double-beveled knife without shinogi line
  40. Question for woodworkers. Medium grit jnat for Japanese chisels.
  41. Baking Soda Polishing
  42. Help me chose a coarse stone
  43. What am I doing wrong?
  44. Naniwa Hayabusa 4k?
  45. Shapton Pro 120
  46. finishing grit for japanese and western carbon
  47. Not sharp off of the stone, but is sharp off of leather strop
  48. Medium grit stone recommendations
  49. How to make a stone work faster for you on wide bevels...
  50. Mirror progression, again...
  51. Diy denim strop
  52. Wetstones Storage tips/help
  53. Stones for a Misono Chefs Knife
  54. Knife Sharpener in UK?
  55. A present from Shinichi Watanabe.
  56. First Natural Stone (to use after Chosera 3000 for finishing & polishing)
  57. Honing - Edge trailing or edge leading?
  58. Hard Jnats - to seal or not to seal?
  59. New Two-Stone Set Recommendation
  60. Newbie Thinning advice for sharpie method?
  61. Finishers, finishes, swarf and carbides?
  62. What's in the water?
  63. Which kind of water do you use on your tennen toishi?
  64. Which Naniwa stones do I want?
  65. Remove a wa-handle
  66. Naniwa’s cheap flattening method
  67. In search of a reasonably fast Japanese natural finisher.
  68. Kitayama discussion
  69. Synthetic stone choices_looking for feedback
  70. Question about Tomae and Uchigumori.
  71. Kanji ID
  72. Intermediate sharpening advice
  73. Sharpening resources
  74. Niniwa Diamond Stone
  75. Initial sharpness: what are your expectations?
  76. Atoma Plate for Lapping, 140 or 400?
  77. Troubleshooting and thinning
  78. Which 1000/6000 stone to buy?
  79. Newbie sharpener looking for reasonably priced stones, strop, etc. Need Help!
  80. Goals to strive for
  81. Anyone used a Takitani from Japanesenaturalstones?
  82. First coarse stone reccomendation
  83. Naniwa Junpaku aka Snow White for sale at Buyee.
  84. Polishing stainless clad knives
  85. Shapton Pro 1000 or Bester 1200
  86. Naniwa Stone Series "gouken-kagayaki" (new?)
  87. Straightening a Cleaver
  88. DMT Dia Sharp Double Sided Coarse Fine 8 inch
  89. Thanks
  90. Warped edge on my tanaka?
  91. Looking for a great all-around sharpening stone (800-1500)
  92. Stone recommendation for Shun/VG-10/VG-MAX Steel
  93. belt grinders
  94. So I just won an auction....
  95. Coticule/Belgian blue - what do I have?
  96. Best grit/stone to start on for German knives?
  97. Tips for wide-bevel sharpening
  98. Chosera 800 more like a 1000-1200 grit stone?
  99. Is this typical for a real Asano nagura?
  100. PM steel touch-up: strop or stone?
  101. Newbie finalizing my sharpening supply list, need help!
  102. Chosera/Pro 2000 ... subtle burrs, how to positively identify
  103. Random Stupid Question
  104. Best online site for buying stones, naguras, etc
  105. Is she toast?
  106. First Attempt Sharpening - Not Sure About My Results
  107. Canadian King stone .. information?
  108. Sharpening classes in Northern CA
  109. Synthetic stone polisher round up
  110. anyone ever knock the shoulders off a heiji?
  111. Jnats for edge vs polish
  112. Flattening wide and single bevels
  113. Advice on sharpening scissors?
  114. Gesshin 4000 ?
  115. What should I know about sharpening an axe?
  116. 2nd time at kasumi finish, ehhhh
  117. Naniwa flattening stone or atoma 140
  118. Whetstones
  119. Need professional to fix some knives
  120. Bridging Chosera 3000 To Uchimugori For Kasumi Finish
  121. Putting edge thin, medium ang thick
  122. Polishing a blade with vertical grind pattern
  123. Now it's time for getting stoned.
  124. Made a funayuki from a broken mioroshi... kinda
  125. Diamond brand Chinese unknown grit whetstone
  126. Type of wood for jnat base
  127. Carter Regrind - Chef Knife to Funayuki (?)
  128. Opitmal edge for katsuramuki
  129. Suehiro Akamon #1000
  130. Given the following two methods for touching up a gyuto, which would you pick?
  131. Looking for new 5000 or 6000 grit stone
  132. Understanding my new knife in terms of sharpness
  133. Which shapton for thinning?
  134. about contrast
  135. Broken jnat. Usable?
  136. What do you think about these stones?
  137. How bad is a king 1000/6000 combo stone
  138. Please help a newbie understand what I need
  139. Right handed 70/30 uneven grind bevel angles
  140. Glueing 2 shapton pros together?
  141. Cerax 1000 or King Hyper 1000 or Chosera 800?
  142. Is it possible to resurface/flatten Arkansas stones?
  143. Micro bevel and stropping.
  144. How would you sharpen one of these things
  145. Where can I buy a King Hyper 1k stone online?
  146. Hand Feel?
  147. One of you guys needs to build this
  148. rust eraser hon kasumi anyone?
  149. Sharpening Tanaka R2 ironwood
  150. My first coticule (tiger stripes)
  151. CKTG Giant Red Brick 1K reviews?
  152. Appreciate some sharpening guidance
  153. Brown line in my sharpening stone
  154. Finishing German steel with a strop?
  155. Mirror polish finish and fingerstones
  156. Opening of new Shig Miroshi Deba
  157. How do you rate your sharpening skills?
  158. Finally got Atoma 140! ... now what?
  159. is there any actual good double sided stones?
  160. Whetstone help
  161. Alloy Banding?
  162. What does type 30 and such mean?
  163. Takeda sharpening method
  164. King deluxe 300 and King Deluxe 800 ?
  165. Suehiro Gokumyo
  166. Wooden handle fixup/maintenance
  167. Got usuba edge out of true - advice please
  168. Major zakuri funayuki repair - calling all experts
  169. Watanabe AI#Diamond Jr Plate Review
  170. Which side of JNS Stone to use
  171. New Uchigumori from Watanabe
  172. Sharpening a global?
  173. Sharpening a Kochi
  174. What to do with my Edge Pro
  175. Cheap stones vs expensive stones? Please advise
  176. Farberware stone mat (okay..sponge mat)
  177. Atoma ¼ 400 or 600 as a genral lapping plate?
  178. Why so much love for ceramic rods vs steel?
  179. Why Japanese Sharpeners Don't Place Stone Level to the Ground?
  180. Reprofiling and Etching
  181. Can you make a Hagane/Jigane Contrast with Synthetics?
  182. Need advice
  183. sharpening S35VN
  184. Tojiro DP in need of sharpening
  185. Takeda sharpening
  186. Is there a difference between the Sigma Select II 6000 and Sigma Ceramic 6000?
  187. Can you help me figure out what grit this Suehiro stone is?
  188. Stone set to kick things off
  189. Incredible suita.
  190. Need me some stones
  191. Sharpening a large caidao - unsure about bevel(s)
  192. Kitayama 8k or Shapton Pro 8k?
  193. How to correct edge profile?
  194. Advice needed for first use of arashiyama 6000.
  195. Quick review of the Sigma Power Ceramic 6000.
  196. When to graduate to better stones?
  197. Nagura...rules, recommendations
  198. DMT Coarse vs Atoma 400
  199. Advice on Buying used Diamond Plates
  200. fun idea for sharpening gadget
  201. JNS 1000/8000 combo stone, someone have experience with it?
  202. Anyone compared the Sigma Select II 1200 and 1000?
  203. Question about 2 suitas. Trying to understand.
  204. Help with making a Kasumi finish
  205. Toishi Ohishi, anyone know anything about these?
  206. Pride Abrasives Water Stones
  207. Shapton Professional/Kuromaku 320 coarse stone
  208. Best place to buy Finger Stones?
  209. Sharpening Service Recommendations
  210. Question for Arashiyama 6k/ Takenoko 8k users
  211. Captain Obvious award winner: or, my new King Deluxe 1000
  212. Best grid/edge for cutting lots of small tomatoes
  213. Chosera 10k v Jyunpaku 8k
  214. Looking for a new 4K - 6k stone
  215. Kanji Help AGAIN!
  216. Arkansas stone..shell game.
  217. JNat Mining
  218. Help me choose new sharpening kit
  219. Newbie Sharpening Question
  220. Anyone sharpening knives near Richmond VA?
  221. What are the best knife sharpening ressources?
  222. innovative way to store soaking stone.
  223. Does thinning a knife alter the grind?
  224. Rounding out stones in a river of thought
  225. Newbie Jnat flattening question
  226. Scratching the blade on the stone while sharpening
  227. Knife Sharpener around Raleigh-Durham NC area?
  228. Surface scratches
  229. JCK vs Bester vs Naniwa for combo
  230. Soft Maruka Review
  231. Usuba kamagata sharpening near the tip
  232. Sharpening a scalloped edge
  233. Good Stone Brands?!?
  234. In need of a quality workhorse stone (or two)
  235. Tip of Carbon Blade Broke off a Little! Should I worry about it?
  236. Stropping... Stack of Newspaper Fine? Or should I get Leather?!
  237. Cladding polish question
  238. Micron Paper/sandpaper + glass/ceramic tile for polishing
  239. Sharpening a saya nomi
  240. New on sharpening need some advices in how spend my money now.
  241. Difference in Ceramic & Synthetic Whetstones?!
  242. adding an 8000 stone