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  1. synthetic aoto cracked, replacement?
  2. How do you sharpen a meat cleaver?
  3. Looking for a stone, 8k to 10k? Help me pick one please.
  4. Sharpening a Takeda Gyuto
  5. Hiromoto AS sharpening
  6. 1K Naniwa Akamon XL Group buy
  7. Sharpening vs Stropping
  8. new 1k stone
  9. A sharpening experiment, a few questions and your opinions
  10. Kramer stropping kit
  11. boride abrasive stones for edge pro
  12. got stones
  13. Help with chipping
  14. cleaning a strop
  15. Adjusting an Asymmetric Bevel.
  16. Removing scratches from sharpening/thinning
  17. For those of you using natural stones
  18. Recommendations on ceramic honing rods
  19. Cheap diamond plates
  20. Jumbo Stones
  21. Mould on stones
  22. Knifes and compound (micro) bevels
  23. 3M Micron Polishing Paper
  24. Naniwa Prostone Medium 1k and Naniwa Workstone Finisher 3k
  25. Sharpening a Sujihiki
  26. CarboNext - first sharpening advice.
  27. Sharpening my Yusuke
  28. Best felt for deburring - trick I just learned
  29. Microbevel on an asymmetric knife?
  30. Sharpening advice....
  31. assymetric grind or assymetric knife?
  32. Building sharpening setup
  33. Sharpening service in Canada ?
  34. Sharpening help
  35. how to touch up knife handles
  36. Henckels stones
  37. Sharpening stainless steel knives
  38. norton stones?
  39. What is your Gesshin stone setup?
  40. Sharpening stones: Is bigger better???
  41. Crazy burr on new Tojiro bread knife
  42. Ceramic Honing Rod: Care and Maintenance
  43. New knife, asymmetrical Kikuichi sharpening issue
  44. Microbevels
  45. How to clean up grind marks on face of blade?
  46. JNS 1000 - what is wrong?
  47. How acute on a Ginga
  48. Masahiro MV-H Sharpening questions
  49. Coticule?
  50. Needed: Sharpening tips for Mercers
  51. Norton 4000/8000 waterstone
  52. JCK Whetstones
  53. What constitutes a good sharpener?
  54. Where to Buy a Strop Kit?
  55. Polishing a shigefusa
  56. Homemade strops on the cheap.
  57. Sharpening - how do you "check your work"?
  58. Removing rust on KU finish
  59. new 3k stone need help deciding
  60. Best tape to cover a knife while sharpening
  61. Newish to sharpening, hoping to pass the paper push cut test.
  62. Sharpening technique or actual profile of knife
  63. sharpening steel versus ceramic sharpening rods?
  64. How much do lower grit stones affect the finished knife edge?
  65. Ohishi combo stone
  66. Tru oil for handle and saya protection
  67. Sharpening your knife with ashes??
  68. Mousepad + sandpaper
  69. Q's on Arkansas Stones.....
  70. type 24 stone?
  71. Sharpening advice wanted
  72. New stone
  73. Can Beston 500 be left in water permanently?
  74. Options for sharpening systems & honing rods
  75. how to fix shinogi line and uneven blade geometry?
  76. removing the printed kanji with micro mesh pads?
  77. Bad angle on sharpening and scraped knife side
  78. What contributing vendors sell these stones?
  79. Diamond plate for flattening stones.
  80. Stone set up
  81. looking for a good 2-3k finisher
  82. Any Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Knife?
  83. Can we summarize "toothy, "edgeiness," and slicing results on different foods?
  84. how to sharpen a titanium knife?
  85. Sharpening a forgecraft chef
  86. edge in pro kitchen
  87. Sharpening night.
  88. Leather strop
  89. Flattening a 120 grit shapstone whetstone
  90. Carbonext sharpening with Wicked Edge system
  91. Stone Correcting
  92. How to pantina?
  93. Polished vs. toothy edges
  94. Sharpening a co workers steak knives?
  95. Professional Sharpening at Home
  96. Fixing sharpening 'mistakes'.
  97. SKD significantly harder to sharpen than CCK?
  98. Help a noob polish his Aritsigu A-Type Gyuto.
  99. Sharpening stones
  100. Muddy polishing stone recommendation.
  101. Leather strop. What do you load yours with?
  102. acid etching carbon blades
  103. Advice on stone combos
  104. Fundamentals of angles and sharpening questions.
  105. Producing contrast finish on a bevel with slight overgrinds and surface variation.
  106. Cheap sharpening setup?
  107. Muddy stones
  108. 10k stone
  109. Thinning advice for a lefty
  110. 4-6k stone recommendation
  111. any one use chosera 2000 or 3000?
  112. natural stone recommendation
  113. Coarse stone and 1K alternative?
  114. Stone Progression, nothing complicated
  115. Questions about natural stones
  116. Why is this happening - sharpening ?
  117. Has anyone used Sigma Power stones
  118. Star Shaving Strops
  119. Scratches on the face
  120. Korin sharpening videos
  121. Finishing stone
  122. How often do you sharpen your home gyuto
  123. Handle Lacquer
  124. Need guidance smoothing out damascus finish
  125. Replacement stone
  126. Bevel question
  127. Chipped my first knife
  128. japanese stone ID
  129. Knife Sharpening "Course"
  130. Electric Sharpener
  131. Which stone?
  132. Exotic Whetstones
  133. Help knife and stone
  134. Sharpening supplies
  135. Knife sharpening issues for a newbie
  136. Thinning JCK Nashiji, what is happening here?
  137. Softer 500-1k to precede the Rika
  138. The "Green Brick", is it really "all that"?
  139. Any Reputable Sharpeners in the Houston Area?
  140. Advice for Masamoto KS thinning?
  141. Apprentice chipped my knives!
  142. "Thinning behind the edge"?
  143. Finishing grit
  144. Sharpening progression
  145. Glitterin' and other etching questions
  146. Burrs
  147. Need strop advice
  148. sharpening routine help needed
  149. JYUNPAKU 8k or Gesshin 8k
  150. Polished edges and steels ?
  151. Best 2 stone setup?
  152. New knife sharpening tool
  153. Moisture bumps on hard felt strop
  154. mirror finish tutorial?
  155. medium jnats?
  156. cheapest way to sharpen knives (tojiro) ?
  157. Thinning and kasumi polish on Konosuke Fujiyama
  158. Storage of sharpening stones?
  159. 3k between 1k and 5k??
  160. which whetstones should i buy to sharpen my carter 240 gyuto?
  161. Advice on reshaping & sharpening an Usuba knife
  162. Knife Sharpening Questions
  163. Looking for a very specific stone
  164. feeling a burr, new trick for fingertip sensitivity impared people
  165. 2 stone setup (for a friend)
  166. What stone for what blade
  167. sharpening angles
  168. Help pick my stones
  169. Rounding choil on a gyuto?
  170. a question on the back side pattern of a traditional Japanese knife
  171. iWood diamond plates
  172. sharpening for lefties?
  173. Newbie Sharpening advice needed: Cleaver/Chuka
  174. What hone to buy?
  175. Gesshin (400, 2000, 6000) and JNS (800, 6000) stone "shootout"
  176. chosera users, whats your progression?
  177. whet stones
  178. Forcing patina on Takeda cladding.
  179. Naniwa diamond stones
  180. Strop search!
  181. Overview on sharpening carbon steel
  182. Sharpening wide bevel knives
  183. flattening stone
  184. best way to reduce reactivity in carbon knives? especially soft iron cladding
  185. Anyone used Shapton Kuromaku stones before?
  186. Question on thinning damascus knives
  187. Sharpening a new knife...
  188. First time on stones
  189. Where do you guys get your felt for strops?
  190. Trouble with Naniwa Super Stone 8.000
  191. sharpening a chipped Japanese blade
  192. Looking for a whetstone
  193. Polished honing rods
  194. What stones can be stored in water?
  195. A Few Questions on Sharpening a Tanaka Blue #2 Gyuto.
  196. Stones
  197. Web naniwa 12k
  198. Touching up knives at work
  199. Not getting a burr while sharpening...
  200. Traditional sharpening?
  201. Interesting "universal sharpener" from Lee Valley?
  202. Sharpening Question
  203. Has anyone used Shapton M5 stones?
  204. anyone try iyoto stone?
  205. Snow white developing loads of cracks
  206. suehiro cerax stones?
  207. Thinning?
  208. Wide bevel sharpening
  209. Cleaning/repairing Damaged/stained knives
  210. Naniwa Chosera 3000 cracking?
  211. First Sharpen
  212. stones available only in Japan
  213. Sharpness question from a newbie - tomato problems
  214. Sharpening Cheats - masking mistakes and faking good results
  215. Possible or even desirable to clean a leather strop?
  216. Fixing bent blade on Shigefusa
  217. Bad sharpening...
  218. Suehiro Rika Use Questions
  219. Knife handle polishing
  220. Best strop base for flatness and not warping. Wood, MDF?
  221. Atoma 140 vs atoma 400 - prebuy suggestion needed
  222. King Stone Combi
  223. Dedicated Knife & Razor Stones?
  224. JCK whetstones v Bester 1200 & Suehiro Rika 5K
  225. Heiji Sharpening
  226. Straightening a honyaki gyuto
  227. Stone flattening
  228. Do I really need to pay $230 for the Shun Fuji ceramic honing steel?
  229. new stones
  230. Waxing blades
  231. So how do REALLY use a polishing stone?
  232. Push/Pull question on Sharpening
  233. Polishing stone, which one?
  234. Inspired
  235. Misty kasumi finish on AEB-L or O1?
  236. Sharpening.... where to start?
  237. Chipped Blades: What the heck am I doing wrong??
  238. Utilizing my old stone + advice on which others to get
  239. Let's talk about drying of Japanese water stones
  240. First Foray Into Thinning: What Stone?
  241. Maintenance vs. Repair?
  242. Trouble creating secondary bevel
  243. New to Sharpening, Need Advice
  244. Naniwa ss 220
  245. Advice on Welsh slate stone please
  246. Sharpening Chinese Cleaver
  247. removing microbevel
  248. Do you raise a new burr with your polishing stones?
  249. Edge Trailing vs. Edge Leading Strokes While Sharpening.
  250. botan nagura