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  1. Edge Trailing vs. Edge Leading Strokes While Sharpening.
  2. botan nagura
  3. JNats (Photos & Discussion)
  4. suehiro gokumyo dual density series?
  5. Straightening Wavy Shinogi Line on Usuba
  6. Thinning a Misono Swedish?
  7. Need advice for a newbie on a stropping set, polishing compounds etc..
  8. another stone cracked....this time arashiyama 6000
  9. sharpening foster bros, need help!
  10. Sharpening angles for German vs. Japanese knives
  11. Bar Keepers Friend... Liquid or Powder?
  12. Anyone tried loading mylar sheets with stropping compounds?
  13. stone brands
  14. Carter funayuki and King 800
  15. New gear- suggestions and options
  16. Suehiro Rika vs Arashiyama 6000
  17. removing thinning sratches
  18. How to fix pitting in vintage knives?
  19. Thoughts on thinning process?
  20. Knife getting dull very fast
  21. Ever heard of "Veritas Stone Pond" sharpening station?
  22. naniwa chosera or naniwa ss
  23. asano nagura
  24. juuma cobalt blue stones
  25. Magnifiers
  26. Deburring issue
  27. New to stones/strops
  28. Thinning Tanaka Ginsanko Nashiji
  29. Soft medium Jnat
  30. replacement for gesshin 400
  31. New Stones: King 1000 and 6000
  32. Carbonext honesuki: poor edge retention. Deburring issue?
  33. Stone fixer for soft/high grit stones?
  34. Sharpening- who sits who stands?
  35. Kitchen knives & stropping compounds
  36. Chipping on stainless blade
  37. Cleaning up my ceramic stones
  38. New Balsa Strop, need your input
  39. I have nothing to say....
  40. Next stones in the line up
  41. Restoring Knives?
  42. Permanent soaking of stones, King brand?
  43. Recommend a $50 stone to bridge Bester 1200 and Arashiyama 6000
  44. Takeda: Tips for Thinning the Secondary Bevel.
  45. How to preserve kasumi
  46. Can Edge Pro Stones Be Used For Freehand Sharpening?
  47. Which wetstone should i buy for Kasumi Damascus 8inch?
  48. Stinky Nakiri
  49. Recycling waste grit
  50. 'Seasoning' of pattern-welded steel?
  51. Cheap Sharpening Angle Guide
  52. What is sharp?
  53. Steering
  54. Recommending a sharpening machine for a restaurant
  55. I have never sharpened a knife on a stone before. Mercer on Bester?
  56. Problems with balsa strop - am I doing something wrong?
  57. Misono Sheaths
  58. which stones for Hiromoto AS?
  59. Boker Ceramic Rigging Knives
  60. <$10 DIY Digital Microscope, >150x mag, using your smartphone
  61. How important are cutting boards?
  62. Sharpening on 6000+ stones
  63. Mac reincarnations & my sharpening evolution
  64. what are the fastest stones for cheap stainless knives?
  65. First time sharpener!
  66. Knife Id help, Please?
  67. Looking for some input on my sharpening lineup.
  68. CCK Rescue
  69. Help on adding new stones (or strop) to my current set
  70. Need your advice/opinion on my sharpening
  71. seeking advice on updating my kit for single bevels and kasumi finish
  72. noob: need help making up my mind about whetstones
  73. Stones for wide bevel knives.
  74. General sharpening questions
  75. Takeshi Kuroda Metal Master
  76. Apply "lotion" to wa-handle?
  77. Whaddya think folks? natural and synthetic stone progression
  78. Waterstone suggestions
  79. full natural progression users
  80. Bester 1,200: Performance Issues.
  81. utilizing an old, broken stone?
  82. Edge pro and Japanese knives?
  83. What am I Doing Wrong?
  84. its time for first stone,,,need your help :)
  85. Inexpensive knives to teach myself hand sharpening with
  86. Metal Master 10k private brand stone?
  87. Naniwa Snow White
  88. Stones, one side thicker then another
  89. Takenoko and Arashiyama
  90. Stroping Hiromoto AS
  91. Japanese stone very thin - reinforcement needed?
  92. Norton Coarse India as coarse stone?
  93. How to keep blade curve/belly after repeated sharpening
  94. Bester 1200 replacement
  95. Dave Martell lies about Moritaka
  96. Konosuke hh gyuto secondary bevel
  97. Low spot on blade road? What should I do?
  98. King S-1 and S-3. What's the difference?
  99. Permasoak King 800?
  100. Japanese practice knives
  101. Advice on Chinese chopping board
  102. Think I got a sharpening gig :)
  103. Knife sharpening attachment for Worksharp WS2000 experience?
  104. How long does it take you to sharpen a knife?
  105. touch up or full sharpening progression
  106. Single bevel sharpness test
  107. Left Handed Sharpening
  108. Thinning a Miyabi Birchwood SG2
  109. sharpening on a new 6K stone.
  110. fixing uneven ura of yanagiba
  111. Help sharpening CCK small cleaver
  112. Chosera owners, how you maintain your stones?
  113. Help sharpening kurouchi nakiri. Low spots?
  114. thinning knives
  115. help to identify and value som JNS
  116. Fingerstone tips
  117. Which stone to follow the chosera 1000
  118. 2K wet paper, better than 5K stone?
  119. Concerning Jnats: Is it me, or is it the stone
  120. Which coarse stone would you recommend
  121. good edge X great edge
  122. Another way to sharpen the edge that seems effective
  123. Would like to know more about the JNS 800
  124. Need help identifying these Jnats
  125. is all stainless cladding equally difficult to thin?
  126. Two new stones...one coarse one fine
  127. Misono UX 10 santoku at 8 degrees combined
  128. Gesshin 8000x VS Naniwa Snow White 8000x
  129. diamond flattening plate rust!
  130. What Whetstone to use on Wusthof Classic Ikon knife?
  131. what's the right tool for sharp my knifes for a santoku and a european chef knife?
  132. Thinning damascus knives
  133. limited by knife quality or skill?
  134. Over polishing?
  135. A note on the subject of microbevels
  136. 1,200 Mizuyama sharpening stone
  137. Stones for stainless?
  138. Cleaning edge with cork.
  139. First time Thinning and polishing: Heiji Santoku
  140. Fast finish on a knife.
  141. shigfusa kitaeji polising
  142. Only edge trailing strokes
  143. Whose is sharper?
  144. Finishing stone for protein fab
  145. What defines a beginner finishing stone? Rika 5k, Arashiyama 6k, Gesshin 4k & 6k?
  146. Buying my first stone(s) and some questions
  147. Recomended Atoma Combo. 140+ ???
  148. Shun Electric Wet Sharpener
  149. Is bevel a factor to consider?!
  150. Replacement pads for Atoma 400/600/1200
  151. Which Rouge for Leather Strop
  152. Fixing a chipped tip
  153. Favor - help me identify two stones
  154. Atoma 140, Beston 500 and Suehiro Rika 500
  155. Sharpening 154cm Emerson Tactical Tanto and Mora Carbon Classic No.2
  156. Single Bevel 0 Grind Sharpening
  157. Knife Sharpening
  158. Old Hickory 14" Bullnose
  159. What would be your dream jnat sequence to sharp a honyaki gyuto?
  160. Stone Recomendations
  161. Getting a bit discouraged
  162. edge pro
  163. Sharpening and Maintaining a K-Sabatier Chef Knife?
  164. Why hand sharpen? How do the alternatives work?
  165. Somewhat Interesting / Concerning Observation
  166. Japanese Knife Sharpening With Traditional Waterstones
  167. How high do you go?
  168. Sharpening for people with bad backs
  169. First impressions of a synthetic "blue aoto" stone
  170. Water grinding wheel
  171. Sharpening Suisin Special Inox 270mm Gyuto?
  172. Removing patina from heiji
  173. Removing grind marks
  174. Honesuki sharpening
  175. Sharpening Scissors
  176. Scratches in Damascus
  177. Stropping Query
  178. Best way to flatten stones?
  179. Physics of Sharpening Stones
  180. stones, why bother?
  181. Starting freehand ?
  182. What am I doing wrong?
  183. Starting over, Knives and Stones advice?
  184. Couldn't straighten the edge of my yanagiba to save my life
  185. Need sharpening advice
  186. Stone ~300/400 grit
  187. Choseras beeing replaced
  188. Finishing Stone
  189. Questions about thinning...
  190. Sharpening a Top Chef knife.
  191. My knife feels sharp, but doesn't slide through food?
  192. Gesshin 600 & 1200 Splash & Go's
  193. Do i need another stone?
  194. Leather for strops
  195. Help need from all you Aussies - Looking to see where you guys buy your sharpening stones from?
  196. Leather strop
  197. Light Thinning and Re-Etch on Shun Fuji
  198. first set of stones on a budget
  199. first JNAT?
  200. jnats recommendation
  201. Wanted to share my joy and gratitude with you!
  202. looking for multi purpose hone or steel
  203. Advise on fixing the edge
  204. fixing friends knives when travelling - dmt duofold, shapton glass or what??
  205. White #2 goes dull fast
  206. Prepping King DX 300 before use
  207. sharpening misono swedish knives
  208. Diamond pastes for stropping - advice needed!
  209. Noob question about relative sharpness of different knives
  210. inexpensive coarse/medium combo stone?
  211. Fixing a broken tip
  212. Good stone for toothy edges
  213. Edge Angst, keep it toothy? Seems to be a theme today.
  214. Touch Up Stone Advice
  215. Touch Up Stone Advice
  216. Differential grit sharpening
  217. Sharpening Tojiro Senkou chef's Knife
  218. sharpening 440
  219. Favor, identify manufacturer two stones I like
  220. Itinomonn 240 angle
  221. Wondrous polishing cloths...Trizact
  222. Cheap yanagiba, first sharpening attempt (yeah, I know, why bother with junk?)
  223. Put padding under cutting board
  224. 6k stone and metal particles
  225. Two stones stuck together
  226. Sharpening an F.Dick knife with a Global ceramic sharpener?
  227. Removing the last burr debris with an electric tooth brush
  228. Strop -- Leather or Felt?
  229. is it possible for a knife to feel sharp, but cut badly?
  230. First combination stone?
  231. Sharpening Sets, Experiences with JNS Set or JKI Set?
  232. First time thinning, Beston 500 or Atoma 140?
  233. What do you use to store your stones?
  234. Some great edge photos, and resulting questions
  235. Grit$
  236. 55 experts share their best sharpening tips
  237. Favorite 220 Grit Stone
  238. Shapton vs Chosera
  239. Where to start with stones?
  240. Beginner - Help
  241. What is going on with this edge?
  242. What's the good medium and fine stones for Misono UX10 ?
  243. My opinion on Sigma #6000 & Select II #1200
  244. Mixing different stones
  245. Tsushima instead of Aoto...?
  246. Rounding off spine and choil
  247. Bent/curved knife
  248. Is freehand sharpening worth it?
  249. how do I fix this uneven blade?
  250. I am not the main person in the kikchen