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  1. beginner question - sharpening stone
  2. "Microserrations" after sharpening
  3. What to do with a broken stone?
  4. My custom made simple adjustable Whetstone basin holder
  5. Dendritic Steel starting to show a patina. How to clean?
  6. Thinning project
  7. A couple of questions..
  8. How to remove scratch from knife blade
  9. Having trouble sharpening heel of knife
  10. Grit for Diamond Flattening Plate?
  11. How to sharpen Titanium knives?
  12. My blade scratch repair and polish work
  13. Recommendation please! Time to replace Rika 5000
  14. My Yoshihisa Kiya Yanagiba restoration work
  15. Broken Tip Repair Help
  16. Cleaning balsa strops
  17. Nobumitsu Betsuatsurae (special order) 180mm Deba
  18. what flattening plates/stones do you like to use?
  19. 240mm Kato Bent to Hell - Please Help!
  20. Diamond spray concentration question
  21. Perm-asoaker alternatives to Naniwa SS 10k?
  22. JNat Shops in Kobe?
  23. Beginner Thinning Project(s). Pic Heavy
  24. How does one change the angle of bevel?
  25. Lump in felt strop
  26. What is the difference of edges straight out of diamond stone?
  27. The best 5 or 6k stone for yanagibas
  28. 800-1200 grit permasoaker...
  29. Beginner whetstone choice
  30. 1 Medium Grit to RULE THEM ALL?
  31. home made magnetic paddle strop what do you think pics inside
  32. Great deal on a coarse stone - though it was good while it lasted...
  33. 100+ year old sharpening stone...
  34. Two stone setup that goes good with 4k gesshin?
  35. Japanese Naturals???
  36. A praise for Gesshin stones
  37. Naniwa aotoshi technique
  38. Picture request: ur wide bevel knives edge
  39. Diamond stones for chisels/plane blades
  40. how many of you switch hands to shapen your knives?
  41. Sealing a few Jnats
  42. New sharpening station inputs and pics requested
  43. Looking for a Hard Polishing Stone
  44. Asymmetrical stropping
  45. My Santoku won't cut a tomato!
  46. I like polished blade
  47. Stone Stuff
  48. That's Not Sharp; THIS Is Sharp!
  49. Micro bevel do you guys usally put one on your kitchen knives?
  50. stone or plate for thinning AND flattening
  51. Noob Question I think
  52. Thoughts on the Arashiyama 1000x stone?
  53. Adding a new stone to my collection?
  54. Help please. Can't raise a burr on a carbon knife.
  55. Sharpening Expectations
  56. Kagekyio Sharpening/Repair...WARNING: Graphic Images....
  57. Suggestions on a good cheap knife to practice sharpening on?
  58. Survey/Info building: the right edge for the right job!
  59. In the kitchen for touch-up: strop or stone?
  60. Freehanded on Edgepro-size Chosera now ready to select full size stones, infrequent use
  61. My Foray Into Finger Stones
  62. R2 steel: chosera vs shapton
  63. Looking for a high quality stropping sytem
  64. Stropping equipment
  65. Goodbye Chef's Choice: Freehand Sharpened my First Knife :)
  66. Since nobody asked - Here's my pocket-size sharpening station
  67. Any experience with ceramic stones for sharpening?
  68. What's your favorite progression for thinning?
  69. Diamond Stones & Naguras
  70. Tormek T7
  71. Sharpen a New Tojiro Nakiri
  72. Suisin Inox #1000?
  73. Atomas now selling on Amazon
  74. Jon's One side microbevel and stropping
  75. On Being a Good Samaritan
  76. stone question
  77. Does anyone know the bevel angles for Lamson Sharp knives?
  78. The horror...the horror
  79. Next stone ?
  80. Tooth vs. Polish? Stone Advice?
  81. wa handle maintenance
  82. Sigma power 1k & 6k
  83. JNS Red Aoto
  84. Sabatier crude reprofiling
  85. First Sharpening Set - What Do You Think?
  86. First Japanese Knife and First Sharpen...
  87. What grit paper for smoothing spine and choil?
  88. Tiny Bevel's and how to create/maintain them?
  89. Stones to get started sharpening
  90. Good travellers polishing stone?
  91. Additional sharpening stones My first Yanagiba
  92. Pro Needing Advice
  93. Presoaking Wed/Dry sandpaper
  94. Choice of beginner honing set. Need an advice.
  95. Confused concerning CBN for stropping
  96. Re-Handle a Cleaver?
  97. 3 x 8 Diamond Films
  98. Worn out Atomas
  99. Set of Atoma's or the Usual Suspects?
  100. Looking for a sharpening starter kit
  101. Advice for a coarse stone
  102. Experience with Watanabe stones
  103. Titanium knife sharpening?
  104. Upgrading from King - Bester/Rika or JNS or Other?
  105. Replacement for Naniwa Professional #1000
  106. Strops What kind should I get? Kangaro, Nano Cloth, Horsebutt
  107. "Which Stone Should I Buy" Questionnaire
  108. (Another) question about sharpening gears...
  109. New set of stones: what to choose with a "decent" budget?
  110. ned a midrange stone or two: replacing broken Arashiyama 6k
  111. Burr: until which grit?
  112. how high to take cobblers knife
  113. To Hone or Not To Hone...
  114. Grindstone? Belt grinder?
  115. Which stone to buy in Eu at 5k/6k range?
  116. RED AOTO finger stones?
  117. Used Deba with strange sharpening pattern
  118. Which multi-purpose stones to buy?
  119. Best very coarse stone
  120. Fixing heel/choil/ricasso
  121. Questions about JKI stone set.
  122. Suggestions for caring for my new Watanabe?
  123. One stone, maybe two for a beginner
  124. Stropping/touching up on a dry stone?
  125. Replacing my 6k...JNS, Chosera, Gesshin
  126. question about naniwa wetstones
  127. Wide double bevel practice knife - zakuri?
  128. Restoring a Kasumi Finish?
  129. Primary bevel finish w/r/T stiction
  130. "Tricks" for estimating the correct angle?
  131. Wicked Edge Vs. Stones
  132. Which flattening plate for honing stone
  133. Two Finger Test
  134. Interesting (odd?) Shapton system in Japan
  135. Wavy Edge: Putting on a new edge to a very old knife
  136. Uneven Bevels on Left Side of Blade
  137. Fingerstones - My Method
  138. Kiita vs Uchigomori Fingerstones
  139. non-japanese santoku angle?
  140. Ubatama Christmas
  141. Which is better: Bester 1200 or King 1200 with Rika 5k / King 6K ?
  142. Any one shopped here before? http://www.330mate.com
  143. ekco "ancienne maison" ham slicer and boning knife , what crappy steel was used?
  144. Plans to thin an SRS15 santoku
  145. Stone Storage
  146. Good stone combination for sharpening Shigefusa knives
  147. the right stones for me
  148. Which Stones Should I buy?
  149. How Spot Quality Stones
  150. The latest and greatest from naniwa...
  151. Lee Valley Stone Pond
  152. Optimal edge refinement for katsuramuki?
  153. Zakuri gyuto thinning project WIP
  154. Imanishi Tamago 4k Winning edge, but the stone is loading up, what am I doing wrong?
  155. Looking for Pro sharpener in SD
  156. Guidance on sharpening stone setup for a begginer.
  157. Microbevel and stropping
  158. Burr on 3k
  159. sharpening and bevels
  160. Two Stone Setup for SG2 and Carbon
  161. No luck with Edgepro knock-off
  162. first knife sharpening
  163. Fdick steels
  164. Spyderco Sharpmaker changed?
  165. what type of tape should Iuse on the blade to prevent scratches? Also, how do I remove scratches?
  166. Maintaining the blade geometry
  167. Stone advice
  168. cck 1402 refinishing question
  169. Interesting interview with Murray Carter
  170. Recommending cheapest half-decent sharpener for a casual user
  171. Just bought, gasp! another stone....
  172. To steel or not to steel?
  173. Thinning a Henckels chefs knife
  174. Vancouver Island sharpening suggestions?
  175. Multiple Blade Angles
  176. Recommendation for an appropriate coarse stone?
  177. Recomend a good natural finishing stone
  178. How Do You Care For Jnats?
  179. Shapton Ha-no-kuromaku
  180. Using different grits/stones on either side of the blade?
  181. EU based sharpener
  182. Good quality pull-through sharpener?
  183. diamond films
  184. going to kyoto
  185. Leather strop in EU
  186. SK11 diamond flattening plates
  187. What 3m diamond film micron size for a 10K+ finish?
  188. Understanding repair progress
  189. Stone for thinning ZDP-189
  190. damascus steel knife advice
  191. Question on food release/stiction
  192. Stone setup for beginner
  193. A stone fixer and a finishing stone
  194. A new finishing stone
  195. Diamond plates Vs Naguras on Jnats
  196. A Few Questions About Sharpening
  197. Looking for "Zen" Stone Set
  198. Stone recommendations for bevel contrast
  199. Sharpening with an odd shape stone
  200. Progression Chosera 800 to Chosera 3,000 to ???
  201. Stones in tokyo
  202. Sharpening set-up - What depth Cambro container?
  203. Why are harder stones "harder" to use
  204. Sabatiers and sharpening/honing steels question
  205. Sharpening non japanese knives
  206. Consolidating my stones line-up - a few questions
  207. How Long Will a Chosera 3000 last
  208. Best finishing stone
  209. Stone recommendation for Sugimoto CM and kurosaki
  210. 10 and 15 Degree angles on 57 Rockwell?
  211. Atomas with finer grit?
  212. NEWBIE Knife Sharpening Question on 1000 Grit Stone
  213. Sharpening Honyaki
  214. Naniwa Chosera 10,000
  215. Hand-held stones?
  216. Newbie sharpening, which stone(s) to get first?
  217. Looking For New Sharpening Stone Set
  218. Razor strops?
  219. Help, I'm sliding down a rabbit hole!
  220. Tormek T7 or alternative?
  221. Diamond sharpener
  222. Shun Fuji 0722 Repair ?
  223. Rookie. Looking for stones
  224. suehiro dual density stones?
  225. Some anxious newbie
  226. Stone for All Seasons?
  227. Sharpening Stone Sets Any Good?
  228. Thinning tip/Creating distal taper?
  229. Fastest stones on the market
  230. Shoubu valley green plate and SHOUBU TOMAE
  231. Stabilize a stone ? Cracked my Imanishi Tamago 4k
  232. Shigefusa KU Nakiri Sharpening
  233. Naniwa Aramusha 220
  234. First thoughts: Tsushima
  235. Do I have to soak a stone for honing?
  236. Stone routines
  237. Sharppening station
  238. Sharpening machines
  239. what beginner needs to know about the micro bevel?
  240. Another newbie needing all-around set of stones
  241. Suehiro "kouga" 3k and sigma power "select 2" 3k
  242. Who has the easiest freehand method for a beginner to learn?
  243. My head is spinning... advice needed
  244. Differences between the shapton HC and HR
  245. Help identify this Jnat
  246. Course stone and/or Atoma
  247. Some advice on thinning project please.
  248. Finishing grit for thinning?
  249. help wanted: how to lacquer stones?
  250. Thai Aranyik natural sharpening stones