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  1. Bromma 14 th of April
  2. Defective or Normal 1200 ATOMA?
  3. Gesshin 4K soaker
  4. 8000 ceramic honing rod for Japanese knives???
  5. I don't like ceramic rods, until I love them
  6. Which stones should I buy? Featuring modded questionnaire.
  7. Gesshin lineup
  8. Newbie whetstone recommandation
  9. best way to flatten a jnat that comes unfastened
  10. What do you do when all the knives in your kitchen are sharp?
  11. So, I have a loupe...
  12. Taking care of yoyur stones
  13. My failed kasumi finish attempt
  14. April One right?
  15. Softer, muddier stones
  16. 1st time using whet stones
  17. My new Shapton Pro Glass Stones
  18. First time Freehand on Stones
  19. Help sharpening cleaver
  20. Source for WA (Aluminium Oxide) Powder?
  21. Suehiro and Bester stones
  22. Cheap stones in Canada for beginner
  23. Stone advice from down under
  24. MBA Student Survey About Knife Sharpeners
  25. Stone height when sharpening
  26. I think it's been two years since I sharpened my knives!
  27. Monzento "Chokorētobā"
  28. Akamonzen 1k vs king 800 big size?
  29. Stones in Tokyo
  30. Cooks Illustrated guide to slowly destroying your knives
  31. Need new stones for reprofiling and thinning
  32. Economical diamond lapidary paste as alternative to .1 micron CBN?
  33. Is my "new" stone used?
  34. What's the finishing grit for your deba and yanagiba?
  35. JNS 6000 Matukusuyama vs Gesshin Diamond 6000 Stone Kit
  36. Magic kasumi finish
  37. Wide/single bevel polishing stone...
  38. Sharpening standing or sitting
  39. Toyama Noborikoi sharpening/bevel question
  40. Nakayama first impressions
  41. Ideas for cleaver thinning
  42. Does stone polishing work on Nickel damascus?
  43. Thinning Finish
  44. What price range for quality beginner stones?
  45. My knife don't have a good edge retention...
  46. Medium grit natural stone - aoto?
  47. Aizu
  48. Gesshin set/ combo vs "holy trinity"?
  49. My stone has an oil stain...help!
  50. How do you store your stones?
  51. Synthetic Aoto Comparison...
  52. Stones for my Sabs
  53. Beginner whetstone recommendation
  54. Thinning projects
  55. Aizu or Ikarashi?
  56. Sharpening in Houston, Texas
  57. After sharpening, cutting seems to not get to the end.
  58. Unknown jns
  59. Buying stones in Tokyo and recommendations
  60. Sharpening soft filet knives
  61. Shapton stones
  62. What stone can I use to change bevel?
  63. DMT Diafold as "steel" for honing
  64. rounding spine & choil?
  65. Finisher for suji
  66. Changing double bevel to single bevel
  67. Yaginoshima
  68. Stone fixing questions
  69. Numata
  70. Looking for suggestions on Natural Stone Shops in Tokyo
  71. Ceramic sharpening Stick
  72. Sharpening any angle on the Spyderco Sharpmaker
  73. Jnat glossary
  74. Aiiwatani
  75. How sharp do you keep your knives?
  76. Tool for sharpening crappy gummy steel and other soft knives = Ken Onion Knife Sharpener?
  77. Making sharpening progress...
  78. TSUSHIMA vs. Ato
  79. Perfect dedicated stone for kataba knives?
  80. Would like sharpening lessons in the Las Vegas area
  81. Mid/Fine Splash and Go - Options/Recommendations
  82. Interesting sharpening video by J. Nielsen
  83. Rounding stone edges
  84. Thinning knives on stones
  85. macro lens as sharpening aid?
  86. Let's see those sharpening stations!
  87. Help with identifying japanese whetstone
  88. Gesshin Diamond Plates: Using the Nagura
  89. Better way to flatten stones?
  90. Khao men
  91. Stubborn old knife advice
  92. Thai Binsui
  94. DMT DiaSharp Coarse/Fine on SG2/R2
  95. Help with sharpening shigs
  96. What stones are used in Japan
  97. Natural Stones Question, Stone For Bridging The Gap Between Medium And Fine Grit Stones
  98. Who needs a whetstone when you have this!!??
  99. Why use stones for double bevels knives instead of a slack belt grinder??
  100. About to sharpen first kasumi knife
  101. Belgian Coticule
  102. Experience with Takeda Hand Held Stones
  103. Where to get Wa-Powder / Whetstone Powder? What grits are useful?
  104. Horizontal rotating water stone
  106. Natural Stones in Japan
  107. Advantage Sharpening systems vs Benchstones?
  108. Jnat Care?
  109. Recommended Jnats for Shigefusa Single Bevel Sharpening/Polishing?
  110. Chamfering a stone edge for profile correction - good or bad idea?
  111. Jnat identification
  112. Permasoaking whetstones
  113. Kasumi Polishing - why it happens/tips/recommended stones?
  114. Just got my first two stones. Should I go straight to a sink bridge?
  115. Re: Naniwa Superstone 400
  116. Jnat 15mm thickness too thin?
  117. One stone to visit Mom by plane to sharpen her knives
  118. Question about buying stones
  119. kicking the wasps nest.
  120. China's Volcano Whetstone
  121. Misono 512. I need help
  122. Stropping on a polyboard!?
  123. coarse stone
  124. When is a knife ruined?
  125. Thinning WIP
  126. Debating a finishing stone for my 800/3000 Choseras
  127. mirror polished blades
  128. Finishing on 1k Chosera custom knife, edge still damn good
  129. How to get to hanging hair/push cutting toilet paper sharp?
  131. Kiyoshi Kato refinishing - high polish Kasumi
  132. Flatten bevel and Kasumi polish Tesshu 270mm yanagiba
  133. Diamond abbrasives on brittle steel!
  134. Sharpening stone(s) for frequent international traveller
  135. Unimpressed with the 8k "snow white"
  136. Fixing minor chip on yanagi
  137. Made a sharpening video.
  138. What should be used to flatten a diamond stone?
  139. Down the Rabbit Hole (Once Upon a Time in JNATland)
  140. Looking for information on honing rod by robert welch
  141. Glueing a Jnat to a base - tips/suggestions?
  142. Why jnats?
  143. Preserving kasumi finish when taking off patina
  144. Nagura recommendation for Snow White
  145. Recommends for an unpricey basic 2 stone setup
  146. Re: Kramer sharpening stones
  147. First Time Sharpening
  148. I chipped my stone..
  149. So, I hope this is just patina?
  150. is there something much better or jnat than the JNS Red Aoto?
  151. Jnats
  152. Uses for 1200 Atoma, Experience Ordering from Metalmaster?
  153. Old stones & blades
  154. Knife thinning
  155. Stone for work?
  156. Aw heck, how do I fix this?
  157. Maximum Cutting Performance
  158. Doi on naturals
  159. Looking to buy finish stone.
  160. Ultralight Diamond travel stone
  161. Lil help on jnats
  162. Is there a manual or electric you can recommend?
  163. Fixing up a flattened grind
  164. Sharpening the Restaurant Stable
  165. Whetstone advice
  166. If you can only buy ONE J-Nat ...
  167. Wire Edge
  168. What's the advantage of using more stones?
  169. Are these suitable as finger stones?
  170. First sharpen of Shigfusa single bevel
  171. What stones should I buy?
  172. diamond plates vs waterstones?
  173. Dragons Tongue, Purple Llyn Melynllyn, Green Slate
  174. Lefty assymetric grind on Tanaka B2
  175. Preparing a Natural Stone...advise requested
  176. Newbie sharpener
  177. Japanese Natural Stone--Best Practices
  178. Kato repair
  179. Advice on Ceramic Hones
  180. second stone after King 1200
  181. What way does your edge face? Toward or away from you when you sharpen?
  182. Has anyone tried these
  183. How often to Deburr when sharpening ?
  184. Help for somebody new to sharpening please
  185. Comments on this 2k stone
  186. Fixing a dent in an edge
  187. help me choose two grits for diamond plates
  188. A few newbie sharpener questions
  189. Harm in sealing synthetic stones?
  190. Can I leave this orange "patina" on my knife or does it need to be cleaned away?
  191. Preserving the stamps of jnats
  192. rika 5k finish question
  193. which stone matches my knife?
  194. Pierre dite Levant
  195. Arashiyama 1000
  196. Identification Help- Synthetic Nagura?
  197. "Low priced" water jet cutter announced
  198. Covington Wet Belt Sander
  199. Can Someone Explain Suspension in Stones?
  200. Polishing Questions
  201. Video my 2 diff stones, one takes 1/2 hr to performance, the other is good from the start-any ideas?
  202. Burr in sharpening question
  203. Sealing Jnat
  204. Natural Stone Progressions
  205. JNS 800 vs JNS 1000
  206. Watanabe AI synthetic stones
  207. Natsuya from JNS
  208. Wood for mounting natural stones?
  209. currently have king 1000-6000,do i still need king 1200 or 800?
  210. Question About Using Natural Nagura Slurry Stones with Synthetics
  211. Gesshin 6000 vs JNS 6000.
  212. For all you natural stone lovers, my Coticules.
  213. Thinking about bying the JNS Red Aoto.
  214. Asian market carborundum (silicon carbide?) sharpening stones
  215. Question about Sigma Select II 6000. Perma soaker yes or no?
  216. Just saw this second hand JNS. Can anyone identify it?
  217. Can someone please tell me about this mine?
  218. Soft Aiiwatani
  219. My experience withe the Sigma Select II 6000.
  220. Broken in half whetstone at new work and never used a whetstone before... will it still work fine?
  221. Uchigumori benchstone
  222. bur formation on finishing stones?
  223. Wanting to try another J-Nat. Saw this one.
  224. microscope to take pix of blade sharpening steps???
  225. tool for quick touch ups
  226. Did I just ruin my knife?
  227. Polish for single bevel knife.
  228. Insight on these aotos?
  229. Natural stones at Aritsugu
  230. Ridiculous value for money.
  231. Stripping / Resealing Jnat
  232. basic question
  233. Is it Worth Buying a Henckels 4 Star, 7 Inch Chef's Knife for $40
  234. Okudo Iromono
  235. Reinforcing stone with fiberglass.
  236. Japanese sharpening stones recommendations last couple of days in Tokyo
  237. Sharpening on my favourite coticule.
  238. Newbie to sharpening stones
  239. Info on an Izumi Jnat?
  240. Do Atomas wear out?
  241. Japan-Tool ordering issue
  242. Touching up on stones
  243. Need a j-nat finisher
  244. Nobody wants to use the funky smelling stone.
  245. Morihei's outrages shipping cost!
  246. Does every Jnat need to be sealed? And where the heck is all the cashew lacquer?!
  247. natural mines
  248. Asymmetric grind questions
  249. Well, that sucks.
  250. Stone Recommendation