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  1. Single Bevel Sharpening
  2. Stropping/De-Burring with Leather
  3. Sharpening Serrated Edges
  4. How To - Attaching a Sharpening Stone to a base
  5. Asymmetry The REAL DEAL
  6. Damascus Knives & Re-Etchng
  7. Sharpening Stones - Soaking vs Splash'nGo - Some Info
  8. New Project need help: Grand UnifiedStone Soaking Chart
  9. Abrasives in Micron Scale: Grand Logarithmic Grit Chart
  10. On sharpening single bevel knives- Hamaguri and Beta Togi
  11. Choil, Spine Easing and Rounding
  12. Table of Stones and their Particle Sizes
  13. Natural Stones: how to use
  14. Applying Chromium Oxide to a Leather Strop
  15. Applying Chromium Oxide to a Felt Strop
  16. Common sharpening/polishing mistakes