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  1. plates
  2. The contest! The prizes - five end grain cutting boards.
  3. Board thickness
  4. New attempt with the links to the pictures - The contest! The prizes - five end grain cutting boards
  5. Video about making boards for KKF contest
  6. The contest is finished. The winners!
  7. An order from the USA
  8. Less contrasting chaotic pattern board.
  9. An additional order from KKF contest winner
  10. Hard maple question
  11. More inlay examples
  12. Steak board
  13. MTMWood gallery
  14. New boards
  15. The KKf member order from Australia
  16. "Multicolor Butterfly" 3D end grain cutting board
  17. M.C.Escher "Lizard" end grain cutting board
  18. One more M.C.Escher board
  19. Two attempts to make "Slovakia flag" end grain cutting board
  20. 2nd "Slovakia flag" attempt
  21. A present to my friend geologist
  22. Chinese character board
  23. Brazil football club board
  24. Last project - "Union Jack" end grain cutting board
  25. Wooden magnetic knifeholders
  26. Has anyone recently ordered from mtm?