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  1. random videos of me cutting (and humming...)
  2. Interesting video; I'd like to be able to do that too!!
  3. One of My "Things"
  4. Polished & Etched Moritaka Damascus Gyuto 240mm
  5. Global in Action
  6. Youtube Payday
  7. Damascus Knife making vid from the UK
  8. knife of the future
  9. PR Night
  10. Japanese Katana VS European Longsword
  11. 100 years of Sheffield Steel
  12. Anybody think the South Park creators might be a knife enthusiasts?
  13. Mattrud in Plate
  14. Deba Sharpening
  15. Insane bigknife apple peeling
  16. I'm off to Toys r Us!!!!
  17. Moar Fish
  18. Fish
  19. Cakebread Wine Dinner
  20. Scissor making in Sheffield
  21. Oops
  22. Iron-cutting blade, NHK program
  23. GQ Article on Selecting Kitchen Knives
  24. ATK vs carbon steel knives
  25. Dirty Birds
  26. A huge album of my inspiration pictures
  27. Sushi chef vs. robber.
  28. How to Sharpen a Gyuto
  29. Onion
  30. How to translate Japanese
  31. Break what?
  32. Inside the mind of a Japanese knife maker
  33. Best Chef's Knife article
  34. "Forged in Fire" premiers tonight
  35. Crafted: a Film by Morgan Spurlock
  36. ChefSteps Butter to steak knife conversion video