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  2. Hello everyone! Greetings from KnivesAnsStones.com
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  4. Sakai Takayuki Syousin blue 1 honyaki gyuto 240mm Aussie passaround
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  6. Back from Japan
  7. The lucky draw is ending soon, please count yourself in!
  8. Introducing the Sakai Takayuki Syousin Sakura Wa Gyuto
  9. 2014 K&S / KKF Go Live Luck Draw Result
  10. Sakai Takayuki Syousin Sakura 240mm Gyuto now in stock
  11. Sakai Takayuki Syousin Sakura 240mm Gyuto Passaround in the US
  12. K&S is proud to introduce Mert Tansu Knives
  13. The ultimate sink bridge by CZAR precision
  14. K&S has 5% off across the board
  15. U.S. Group Buy for High Quality Sink Bridge
  16. Takeshi Saji is now available
  17. Sakai Takayuki Byakko and Hienn yanagibas redesigned, the Syousin way
  18. Custom Kanji Engraving, direct from the factory craftsman
  19. Sakai Takayuki Syousin Sakura 210mm Gyuto now in stock
  20. Added some suehiro stones / Pricing restructure
  21. Away for a few days with 5% discount storewide
  22. Custom exotic wood saya for Syousin Sakura
  23. Tanaka R2 ironwood restock
  24. Custom Saya availability and pricing.
  25. Got a Syousin Sakura already? Claim your saya here.
  26. Introducing the Syousin Chiku
  27. Tojiro DP and PM series comparison: profile, geometry, f&f
  28. Syousin Chiku AS staliness Clad, full gyuto line up added, free shipping!
  29. Timber sourcing day trip
  30. Magnetic knife bar WIP
  31. Knives and Stones custom saya gallery
  32. TEASING ALERT: Syousin Knife Block Prototype
  33. Syousin Sakura 270mm Gyuto Finally Arrived
  34. Honyaki Knives
  35. Tanaka knives the KNS way (240mm Ginsanko Nashiji)
  36. Out of town: 6/July to 15/July
  37. Syousin Knife Block now available (in Australia)
  38. Syousin Professional Knife Block Now Available in the US via Amazon Fulfillment
  39. Tanaka Ginsan Nashiji Gyuto, with the Knives and Stones buff, now available.
  40. K&S Custom Tanaka Blue 2 Damascus 240mm now available
  41. Behind the making of the Knives and Stones semi-custom handle
  42. burl hunting
  43. K&S semi-custom Tanaka blue 2 damascus restock: new models added, handles stabilized
  44. A good news and a bad news for Tanaka Ginsanko
  45. Look what I have just received
  46. Away to Japan 6th/Oct to 25th/Oct
  47. Tanaka Ginsanko Nashiji Gyuto Restock
  48. Sukenari ZDP-189 Gyuto now available at Knives and Stones
  49. Syousin Chiku Migaki Gyuto by Yu Kurosaki, holiday special edition
  50. Japan Trip 2/Apr/16 to 12/Apr/16
  51. Tanaka Blue 2 restock
  52. Visiting Sukenari Hamono, Apr 2016
  53. Sukenari SG2
  54. Syousin Knife Blocks on Amazon
  55. A super cool way of sharpening a honyaki
  56. Tanaka Blue 2 KU Gyuto now available
  57. Handles?
  58. Tanaka Ginsan and Blue 2 Stainless
  59. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale
  60. Sakai Jiiko and the K&S exclusive Akatsuki line
  61. Sakai Jikko Akebono Blue 2 by Kenichi Shiraki
  62. request thread? (Tanaka)
  63. Shinko Kurokumo R2 by Shiro Kamo
  64. Tanaka R2 WA and Ginsanko Nashiji
  65. New Stock: Sukenari AS Gyuto & Kurosaki KU AS Bunka / Santoku 180mm
  66. Hinoura Knives
  67. Away to Japan, added some stock and discount
  68. Saji Damascus R2 with Tanaka Western handle
  69. Shinko Seilan, best valued K&S offering so far
  70. Tanaka Ginsan - Lite
  71. Sukenari Ginsanko with new K&S handle design
  72. Excellent Customer Service from James on Sukenari Ginsanko
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  74. Newest Tanaka
  75. Kurosaki Chiku Migaki Special
  76. Tanaka R2 ironwood vs wa
  77. Tanaka Blue 2 Stainless Clad In Store!
  78. Away until 3/Aug - Free knife roll for orders over AU$200 during this period
  79. Syousin Chiku KU Aogami Super, Stainless Cladding by Kurosaki
  80. KASFLY (CZAR) Ultimate Sandpaper holder
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