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  1. When I am in LA
  2. Gesshin 1k Splash and Go BACK IN STOCK
  3. New Sharpening Service Prices
  4. Gesshin Ginga 240mm knives back in stock
  5. New Videos on Sharpening
  6. Happy Birthday old man!
  7. Gengetsu Stainless Clad White #2 BACK IN STOCK
  8. Gesshin Ginga Back in Stock too
  9. 1 year in Venice
  10. Suisin Densho BACK IN STOCK
  11. Suisin INOX Western all BACK IN STOCK (and new stuff)
  12. Measurements for Kochi knives
  13. kudos to JKI!
  14. I'm Finally On Kitchen Knife Forums :doublethumbsup:
  15. new stuff going up tomorrow
  16. Behind the scenes at JKI
  17. My favorite food/places in Yamagata, Japan
  18. My Sweet First Knives :)
  19. Sharpening Before and After
  20. Cooking with My New Knives
  21. 庖丁塚 (Hochozuka), Mound of Knives
  22. Tsubaki Oil Stick
  23. This is What JKI should look like.
  24. Gesshin Ittetsu (Ino) after a stupidly long wait
  25. JKI now carrying Ultimate Edge knife bags
  26. Scared of Sharpening?
  27. A basic question
  28. What's going on with this .....
  29. Gesshin Heiji BACK IN STOCK
  30. Oh dear,,, my hide lust grows again..
  31. Just added an "About Knife Care" Section to our site
  32. First Sharpening Experience
  33. Kimono/Yukata
  34. Whats there that wasnt before
  35. Introducing the Gesshin 6000 Splash-and-Go Stone
  36. Introducing Gesshin Kagero
  37. Changing water for the Gesshin stones
  38. Gesshin Hide Chinese Cleaver with Engraved Cranes
  39. Planning Ahead
  40. symbol on Takashima Awasedo?
  41. Sara's Pick - Minimalistic Pouch
  42. JKI Soap in Action
  43. We need your help (read:opinion)
  44. Video on Gesshin Heiji
  45. Video on Kochi
  46. Jin Knives- A Video
  47. Gesshin Hokubo Video
  48. Suisin Knives- A Video
  49. Streamlined work kit
  50. Tea at JKI :)
  51. Annual Japan Trip (Sept 19th- Oct 20)
  52. WIP (or RIP... repair in progress)
  53. An example of broken tip repair
  54. natural stone testing
  55. JKI Gear- Japanese Knife Imports Aprons
  56. Live Deba Repair and Sharpening
  57. A bunch of natural stones up for sale
  58. Some custom zakuri knives for a customer
  59. Livestream- Knife sharpening at JKI
  60. Eating Out During Our Annual Japan Trip
  61. Japan Trip 2012
  62. Last call for orders before our Japan trip
  63. Stone recommendations
  64. ALL Gesshin Stones BACK IN STOCK
  65. Naturals Back In Stock- Monzento, Binsui, Amakusa, and Takashima (no base)
  66. New Stuff just keeps coming...
  67. Some press coverage- Los Angeles Magazine
  68. Press Coverage- Cool Blog Post in LA
  69. JKI Resuming International Shipping
  70. Some of my favorite photos from Japan
  71. JKI T-Shirts
  72. Halloween Decorations
  73. How our free shipping works
  74. Gesshin Heiji BACK IN STOCK
  75. Gesshin Uraku Special Order 360mm White #2 Left Handed Yanagiba
  76. The Knife Making Process- Sharpening In Sakai
  77. Using Carbon Steel Knives
  78. 300mm Honyaki Kiritsuke Sharpening
  79. Canvas Prints in the Store
  80. A few new things and a lot of pictures
  81. Help us pick a new print for the store
  82. New Gesshin Hokubo Wa-Gyutos
  83. Is it possible to read your translated Yamamoto-san's poem?
  84. Introducing Gesshin 600 Splash and Go Coarse Stone
  85. Our Turkey Day!
  86. New Video- Knife Sharpening Basics- Stone Setup
  87. New Video- Conditioning Stone Surfaces
  88. New Video- Sharpening Steels/Honing Rods and Japanese Knives
  89. New Video- Knife Sharpening Basics- Burrs and Burr Formation
  90. New Video- Magic Marker/Sharpie Trick
  91. New Video-Quick Edge Tests
  92. videos- whats next
  93. Kochi Knives BACK IN STOCK
  94. messing around with fake kasumi finishes
  95. maguro bocho
  96. New table display
  97. New knife cases
  98. New Video- Working With Carbon Steel Knives
  99. The World of Hocho
  100. Life Stream Knife Sharpening
  101. Kochi Knives BACK IN STOCK
  102. Just added burnt chestnut octagon handles for rehandling
  103. Store closed for new years
  104. Stone holder with base BACK IN STOCK
  105. New Naturals for early Jan.
  106. Post new year delay in e-mails/calls
  107. Live knife sharpening @JKI
  108. Gesshin Ginga ALL BACK IN STOCK
  109. Gesshin Hide BACK IN STOCK
  110. The JKI Caveman Series...
  111. Shun Yanagiba Sharpening
  112. Cool mention in an article todayt
  113. Mitsuaki-T* Paper Knives BACK IN STOCK
  114. Some new Suita Stones
  115. What do chefs carry in their kits? (food and wine mag)
  116. Japanese Knife Society Videos- Technique with Single Bevel Knives
  117. New Homepage Image
  118. a bunch of stuff back in stock
  119. some new small items
  120. Website update-image handling
  121. Zakuri salmon slicer anyone?
  122. Gesshin Heiji BACK IN STOCK
  123. Messing around with the hamon on a honyaki Masamoto
  124. Introducing the Gesshin 1000/6000 Combo Stone
  125. Gesshin Ginga Western Gyuto in white?
  126. JKI will be closed from March 2nd to March 8th
  127. some Zakuri BACK IN STOCK
  128. trying a new livestream option
  129. Gesshin Damascus Stainless Yanagiba Sneak Peek
  130. Livestream 2-26-13
  131. Jon, are you
  132. Gesshin Uraku Back In Stock
  133. New York show day 1
  134. NY International Restaurant and Foodservice Show- Day 2
  135. LA Times Article
  136. coming soon...
  137. More LA Times- This time cutting boards
  138. Gesshin 1200 Grit Splash and Go Anyone?
  139. Jin Deba in action
  140. More press coverage...
  141. Nigiri Basami Scissors
  142. Antique and Historical Knives
  143. A few things back in stock
  144. a new breed of gesshin hide wa-gyutos coming soon
  145. Another happy customer here!
  146. A bunch of new products and photos up
  147. Photos of New Gesshin Hide Wa-Gyutos
  148. Photos of Gesshin Hinoura Ajikataya Kurouchi Wa-Gyutos
  149. Gengetsu 240mm Stainless Clad White #2 Yo-Gyuto
  150. More Kochi knives back in stock
  151. JKI's Japanese Minimalism meets Arkansas' Redneck Simplicity....
  152. Kochi Honesuki
  153. Kochi Deba in 3 sizes
  154. 180mm Stainless Western Handled Deba anyone?
  155. Gesshin Heiji Re-Stock
  156. Thank you.
  157. awesome customers and cool knives
  158. Ultimate Edge Bags BACK IN STOCK
  159. Liveview 5-7-13
  160. Gesshin Ginga back in stock
  161. Some new pics of upcoming products
  162. Gesshin Ittetsu BACK IN STOCK
  163. JKI Soap Review
  164. a restocking day
  165. Gesshin 1200 (and a bit about our 600)
  166. Gesshin Ginga 210mm and 240mm Wa-Gyutos BACK IN STOCK
  167. A quick note on single bevel knives for beginners
  168. Tsukasa gyuto
  169. Japan Trip 2013
  170. Jin Deba sharpened and ready to go
  171. Zakrui restocked
  172. Gesshin Uraku Restock
  173. Lots of New Things
  174. Happy Birthday
  175. First experience with JKI
  176. Shigefusa thinning, refinishing, and sharpening
  177. One more Jin deba ready to go for its new owner
  178. Gesshin Ittetsu 285mm White #2 Honyaki Wa-Sujihiki with Ebony Handle BACK IN STOCK
  179. A couple of new things coming very soon
  180. Zakuri porn
  181. Japan Trip 2013 Photo Thread
  182. Handles
  183. An answer to a question posted on youtube... thought it might be helpful to some
  184. A note on machi gaps
  185. Checking for knife straightness
  186. Great Experiences with JKI
  187. New Series- Gesshin Stainless Series (western handled)
  188. New Series- Gonbei AUS-10
  189. New Video on Gonbei Hammered Damascus Series
  190. New Series- Gesshin Kagekiyo (maybe the most badass thing yet)
  191. New Gesshin Hide types coming soon...
  192. Any Interest in Magnetic Knife Bars?
  193. Website redesign
  194. Finally- Gesshin Jinzo Aoto (synthetic aoto)
  195. Sharpening wide bevel dbl bevel knives
  196. Suisin IH Gyuto
  197. A couple of honyaki knives before they ship out
  198. some recently complete sharpening/repair jobs
  199. Gesshin Heiji 300mm Semi-Stainless Yanagiba
  200. New additions to our Kochi line
  201. Knife Textures
  202. Gesshin Uraku, what's the steel?
  203. new toy... what do you guys think?
  204. some naturals
  205. Would there be interest?
  206. sorry for the delay with our international customers... we're trying to catch up as best we can
  207. Scheduled website downtime
  208. Magnetic Knife Bars- Ready for Sale
  209. Diamond Stone Set Initial Run Signup
  210. Gesshin Ajikataya Kurouchi Wa-Gyutos BACK IN STOCK
  211. Japanese Style Oyster Knives- Videos on usage
  212. Gesshin Heiji Restock
  213. Delays at JKI
  214. Gesshin Uraku 240 white #2 gyuto
  215. any plans on a medium grit splash n go?
  216. Tip Sharpening
  217. A bit of Kochi re-stocking
  218. Gesshin Ginga Restocking
  219. Kurouchi Damascus Paper Knives
  220. Some pics from a recent sharpening demo
  221. Gesshin Uraku White #2 Kurouchi Series Pic
  223. Wood Knife Stands
  224. New products and long overdue product photos
  225. gesshin ginga
  227. Quick question
  228. New Tenugui
  229. Gengetsu Stainless 180mm Wa-Petty
  230. Another "is there interest?" question
  231. Gesshin Hide Thinned after passaround
  232. Gonbei Hammered Damscus
  233. Gesshin Hide 210mm Blue #1 Kamagata Usuba after Honbadzuke
  234. Jin Yanagiba after honbadzuke
  235. Gesshin Kagekiyo restock
  236. Gesshin 6000 Back in stock
  237. Gesshin Kagekiyo 270mm White #1 Yanagiba after Honbadzuke
  238. New Tenugui
  239. New Series from Kochi- Kurouchi Stainless Clad Carbon
  240. Product Photo Updates
  241. Plating Tweezers-Now Up For Sale
  242. Gesshin Heiji 270mm Semi-Stainless Wa-Sujihiki
  243. Going back to work on Monday Dec 2nd
  244. Kenzo WIP Thread
  245. Live Stream from JKI tonight... come join us
  246. Restocking
  247. Check us out in the LA Times again
  248. Gesshin Stainless Yo-Series Restock and New Item
  249. Christmas Shipping
  250. Gesshin Gama Yakimono