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  1. Thank you and Merry Christmas
  2. Holiday Hours
  3. New Years Food and Knives
  4. Gesshin Hide 270mm Blue #1 Kensaki Yanagiba after Honbadzuke
  5. JKI site broken ??
  6. A Q&A from a customer interaction- A question about knife steels and quality?
  7. New Website is Live
  8. Live view 1-20-14
  9. My current status re: e-mails and sharpening services
  10. New product review system
  11. Just found some lost messages in my email inbox
  12. Gesshin Hide x Ashiya Suita
  13. Site down?
  14. Product Measurements
  15. Sharpening
  16. Takashima issues
  17. Ginga/laser sharpening questions
  18. Upcoming New Store Location
  19. NY International Restaurant and Foodservice Show 2014
  20. Gesshin Uraku Re-stock
  21. Store closure for NY Restaurant and Foodservice show
  22. Hail Gesshin Hide
  23. mounting JKI stones to bases
  24. Kochi 150mm Petty
  25. The new store opened today
  26. A bunch of new stuff
  27. Gesshin Hide Fujin Raijin Set
  28. gesshin ittetsu user experiences?
  29. Chef- The Movie
  30. New Youtube Videos
  31. Gesshin Ginga 240mm Wa-Gyutos back in stock
  32. New Gesshin Coarse Stone
  33. Magnetic Knife Strips
  34. Gengetsu Semi-Stainless 210mm and 240mm Restock
  35. Gesshin Ginga Restock
  36. Gonbei Hammered Damascus restock
  37. Live Knife Sharpening Q&A tonight at 5:30pm PST... any interest?
  38. Live Knife Sharpening Q&A 7/27/14 at 5:30pm PST... any interest?
  39. cutting technique book
  40. what is the difference between takashima awasedo and takashima myokakudani?
  41. Gesshin 6000 Restock
  42. 300mm Yanagiba on a magnetic strip in zebra wood
  43. Jin Knives on a Marble Wood Magnetic Strip
  44. Annual Japan Trip... read for info on our store operations from Oct 7th to Nov 12th 2014
  45. Gesshin Uraku
  46. Zakuri
  47. weird scams from abroad... e-mail edition
  48. A couple of new items
  49. Gesshin Stone Set up for sale
  50. Diamond stone set again?
  51. Japan trip pictures
  52. Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri
  53. Heiji appreciation and assistance
  54. Holiday Shipping Reminder
  55. Hide vs. Gesshin Hide... How are they different?
  56. A different kind of diamond stone... feeler
  57. Holiday Store Hours Inquiry?
  58. Gesshin 4k more expensive than 6k?
  59. Tenugui restock and new items
  60. Repair/Salvage of a broken knife
  61. Yup... we sell books now too...
  62. Another new stone... the Gesshin 3000 (a true splash and go stone)
  63. New video- Gesshin 400s
  64. Gesshin 600 and 600 Extra Large Splash-and-Go Stone new video
  65. Gesshin 6000s Video
  66. Diamond 300A Stone Video
  67. Gesshin 1200 Grit Splash-and-Go Stone Video
  68. NOTICE- Sharpening Service Price Changes
  69. Restock notification 2-24-15
  70. Getting caught up... A status update
  71. A different side of me
  72. Gesshin Ginga restock (on some items) and price increase
  73. some updates and news
  74. a few Jin knives
  75. Inaka on Chef's Table
  76. Heiji SemiStainless and Carbon dimension differences
  77. Finally got a bunch of stuff up on the site... LOTS OF NEW STUFF
  78. New T-Shirt Designs
  79. quick restock notice
  80. Gesshin Jinzo Aoto as finishing stone for honesuki?
  81. Closed June 30th for Inventory
  82. Gesshin Stone Set BACK IN STOCk
  83. A Bunch of New Items
  84. Peelers
  85. For Jon: micro-bevel, why specifically on the Suisin Inox honyaki?
  86. For Jon: micro-bevel, why specifically on the Suisin Inox honyaki?
  87. Re-doing our website again... time for some customer input
  88. Sakai Hamono Dento Kougei-Shi Sharpening Demo 8/21/15 at JKI
  89. Store closure from August 20th to 25th (online store will remain open)
  90. Thinking about a Gesshin Stone Passaround.... looking for throughs
  91. Introducing the Gesshin Synthetic Natural Finishing Stone
  92. Website down?
  93. Gesshin Hide Wa-Gyutos
  94. Great Service
  95. restock notification on a bunch of different things
  96. Ikazuchi and Gesshin Kagero Wa-Handled Knives
  97. Japan Trip 2015- October 1st to October 30th, reopening on November 1st
  98. Gesshin 400, It was time
  99. Back From Japan
  100. Diamond Stone Set Group Buy Nov. 2015
  101. JKI got a plug in the latest Bon Appetit
  102. New Website Launching Today
  103. Just wanted to say thanks
  104. Gift cards
  105. End of Year Vacation
  106. A small restocking of ikazuchi and gesshin kagero
  107. PM's on the forum
  108. A bunch of new things added
  109. JKI Diamond Stone set
  110. Shigefusa cleanup and polish
  111. Diamond stones question
  112. 2 new aoto in the store
  113. Gesshin Stone Passaround Sign up and Organization thread
  114. Ginrei knives coming soon...
  115. Jin Yanagiba Length
  116. Restock of some gesshin ginga
  117. Jin Knives
  118. Sakai sharpener coming to visit on April 18th
  119. Random pictures of knife sharpening and refinishing we do
  120. Rinkaku
  121. New stone set (splash-and-go) and new stones
  122. CHICAGO Gessin stone Pass-around
  123. I visited a knife maker in OSAKA, help me find out who they are.
  124. Jin knives back on the website
  125. Blog on Japanese knives by a friend/customer of ours
  126. Expected price raises across japan for knives
  127. New to the website
  128. Gesshin Ittetsu Fushuko Video
  129. New pottery on the website
  130. Most Inexpensive Damascus Gyutos for Gifts?
  131. specials
  132. Gesshin?
  133. Gesshin Kagero Western Restock and Update
  134. Natural stone restock?
  135. Jki 6k diamond stone
  136. JKI sharpening videos
  137. Solid Started Kit recommendations?
  138. New Blog Post- On Stones and Cutting Speed
  139. Personal Collection
  140. Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  141. llivestream today (not spam... actually me sharpening)
  142. Butcher knives
  143. Gesshin Ginga carbon cleaver?
  144. Are both Ginga monosteel?
  145. Gesshin Ginga 180mm Stainless Wa-Nakiri NEW on the site
  146. Gengetsu BACK IN STOCK
  147. a tenugui related favor from our customers who have them
  148. Perfect Valentine's gift: wife knife
  149. New Knife Skills Video and Playlist
  150. Youtube community based translations
  151. Introducing Gesshin Musashibo Benkei
  152. Introducing Kintaro
  153. Ginrei 290mm 52100 Gyuto
  154. Kochi with a Machi
  155. 2 Tsukasa Hinoura knives in stock
  156. Keijiro Doi 300mm Blue #2 Yanagiba and Kensaki Yanagiba
  157. Today's Special- Suisin 270mm Blue #2 Suminagashi Takobiki
  158. Today's special wont last long... check it out while you can
  159. NEW- Gesshin Stainless 210mm Wa-Gyuto
  160. Gesshin Hide 150mm Blue #1 Deba- Special
  161. A few specials over the holiday weekend
  162. A couple of Gesshin Kagekiyo with Ebony Handles
  163. Livestream Q&A? Interest?
  164. Ikazuchi restock
  165. Ryusen Bontenunryu up on the site
  166. #KNIFEGOD
  167. Gesshin Ginga Western Handled Special until the end of July 4th
  168. Livestream Q&A Sunday, july 9th 10:30 am PDT
  169. Next Livestream... what do you guys want to see/ask?
  170. New Knife Rolls on the Site
  171. Gesshin 4000 Stone Sale
  172. Gesshin Ginga 210mm White #2 back in stock
  173. Introducing the Ikazuchi 135mm Wa-Petty
  174. KnifePlanet Sharpening School- Thinning Lesson
  175. Random "hidden" things on the website
  176. Kintaro Restock
  177. Japan Trip 2017
  178. Gesshin Hide 210mm White #2
  179. JKI Knife-Folio... a new knife bag
  180. SS Uraku 210
  181. SS Clad Kochi Gyutos Back in Stock
  182. Ginga Wa cleavers back in stock
  183. Ryusen Fukakuryu - is this VG10 or ATS314, or vintage dependent?
  184. New Stones Today
  185. My visit to JKI
  186. Just made my first purchase at JKI