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  1. Question for DE shavers
  2. Paypal gift -- potential problem?
  3. Need Help with Kanji
  4. Guy Fieri Christmas Special (SNL/parody)
  5. Help from forum members
  6. Building a Nest
  7. Which Stogie u smoking
  8. Joke Of The Day
  9. Just to make John jealous
  10. The worst luck ever
  11. Speed Test
  12. HOSS!
  13. if you don't celebrate Christmas
  14. Check your Credit Cards
  15. Merry Christmas
  16. merry christmas
  17. She said yes!
  18. 1004th Post, Much Appreciation
  19. Living in a place where everything can kill you
  20. Chromecast setup help?
  21. What do you read?
  22. Happy new year
  23. Helsinki Knives Show
  24. Looking for help with straight razors. Specifically sharpening.
  25. I sense a disturbance in the force!
  26. 20 years!
  27. Video games
  28. Chuckles new avatar
  29. who swings clubs?
  30. sharpening scissors
  31. Help from German speaking members
  32. A New Member of the Family
  33. KKF Kitchen Compendium
  34. Atlanta Restaurants
  35. Crooked foody NYPD Pig
  36. why do i do this? bowhunting is difficult!!
  37. Worst thing about being Australian
  38. Online KKF Day?
  39. Ways of shipping to Russia?
  40. Shipping wine?
  41. Swedish cooking guy
  42. Yee Haw, Peyton is going to get another Super Bowl ring
  43. I'm Not a Yankees Fan, but...
  44. Shipping to Russia just got worse
  45. Lacking tools
  46. Has Anyone Seen Chad Ward?
  47. Is Randy the only one?
  48. New Classic Albums post 1995
  49. Damascus spoon question.
  50. Some days don't suck so much...
  51. Some amazing guitar skill
  52. Happy Birthday Charlie (chuckthebutcher)
  53. Entrepreneur Course: What products or business have problems that need improvement?
  54. what do you think about this Japanese made hunting knife?
  55. A morning laugh
  56. Sleep Remedies?
  57. Happy Birthday, Son!
  58. For the Metallurgists?
  59. Damn cat sleeps on my cutting board
  60. Latest Work
  61. I need a prayer.
  62. Does the USPS creed still apply?
  63. Happy commercialised love day
  64. Anybody live in or around Sarasota, FL?
  65. Anyone on here into Cricket?
  66. Housing in Oahu?
  67. How stupid would this tattoo be?
  68. School me on Adrian Richardson plz
  69. You Know You're Old When...............
  70. Best Shoveling Music (about snow)
  71. New Home in MSP
  72. DH-hell *again*
  73. Cutting the Cable
  74. Happy Birthday, Mr. Drinky!
  75. Happy Birthday Huw!!!
  76. Coffee Grinding
  77. Help with Restaurant name
  78. It begins....
  79. broing class
  80. KKF's Birthday
  81. What the hell is this...
  82. Laughs for hump day...
  83. Per Se in NYC gets a C score in health inspection?
  84. Happy Belated B-Day to Marc4pt0 and Wildboar!
  85. Very friendly Damselfly
  86. Suggestions for ROME
  87. Wine Glasses...
  88. in memory of 3-11
  89. pocket knives
  90. Knife Shop in London
  91. Civilty
  92. Smelly wood cutting boards
  93. Which is heavier: walnut and maple cutting board
  94. Your favorite hashtag?
  95. Hudson Valley
  96. Not helping
  97. Show yourself
  98. Coming to DC...
  99. American Heroes Channel
  100. Where r the computer geeks at?
  101. Cookware Set?
  102. Happy Bithday Knerd!!!
  103. Fat duck moving to down under?
  104. 3d printer - what to make?
  105. Vintage FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers
  106. Any experience with Australian Good Food Guide
  107. New Orleans Places To Check Out
  108. Knife Vendors' Websites
  109. Heading to NYC
  110. Drought-Resistant, No-Mow Grass
  111. Recs for Savannah?
  112. Happy Birthday Stefan!!
  113. Happy Bday WillC and turbochef
  114. Camping in NJ
  115. Bonsai
  116. Ouch!!!!
  117. BBQ/Grillers - Living in an Apartment...Ugh
  118. food poisoning outbreak at a food safety conference.
  119. Places to eat in NYC
  120. Your most hatred knife
  121. Places to eat in Atlanta, GA
  122. A heart felt Thank you
  123. 'FRIENDS' of Colin McKaharay ---his real brother responding
  124. how do you change avatar pic
  125. Is the 'secret' ingredient really secret? Do you have one?
  126. Who invented the ballistic knife?
  127. Anyone recommend good waterproof trousers/bibs
  128. A Warning for Cat Owners
  129. how did your team do in the NFL draft?
  130. Asian Ladle inquiry
  131. Japanese sign for kitchen knives
  132. Advice on LG G Pad 8.3, US-UK compatible?
  133. Straight Razor Shaving/Sharpening.
  134. Memorial Day
  135. Wild edible guides?
  136. Welcome the newest knife collector
  137. Happy Birthday Bill
  138. Visiting the San Diego/La Jolla area....any KKF Peeps nearby?
  139. D-day: June 6th, 1944
  140. katana, Japanese sword
  141. Happy Birthday Zweifel
  143. Ive got the "no more Game of Thrones" blues
  144. New Patio
  145. Fighters
  146. What to do in Seattle Wa.
  147. Michelle Wie just won US Womens Open
  148. anyone else play CBS franchise football?
  149. KKF Birthday Bonanza
  150. Coming to New York in July
  151. Vintage Japanese Scissor. Kanji?
  152. Finally...a Tactical Kitchen Knife
  153. Canada Day!
  154. Who will win the world cup?
  155. Reasons and apologies for my long absence
  156. Independence Day
  157. How To Remove Raspberry Purée Stain From Cutting Board
  158. She's here.
  159. Is it legal to carry kitchen knife?
  160. Where to buy women's kimono?
  161. Are we losing kitchen knife makers?
  162. Question about spam-bots
  163. Hand Planes -Japanese vs. Not Japanese
  164. fantasy football league for knife nuts, the second attempt
  165. Looking for musical farmers
  166. Best non slip shoes?
  167. Hawaii - Big Island Recommendations
  168. A token of my gratitude
  169. US netflix in Canada?
  170. Happy Anniversary
  171. Do Your Skills Translate Elsewhere?
  172. Happy Birthday JohnnyChance
  173. Badge of honor
  174. Guy Fierri recipe name generator.
  175. Shout out to Microplane
  176. Hawaii bracing for a double punch
  177. I have a French Press question.
  178. Happy Birthday Theory
  179. Are Painters or Art Dealers among KKF Members?
  180. Round Cut End Grain Cutting Board
  181. Happy belated bday Taylor(the edge)
  182. Lucky Peach #12 out yet?
  183. I am free, I am free. Praise to Pensacola Tiger, I am free.
  184. New Uniform
  185. Happy Birtday Dave Martell(Late)
  186. mind blowing!
  187. Lamson & Goodnow files for bankruptcy
  188. i'm a bowhunter. i finally got a deer.
  189. kitchen deepfryer
  190. Happy Birthday Echerub
  191. Thermapen running buddy sale FYI
  192. Yea but how thin is it?
  193. niche I know, but if you like Game of Thrones AND NBA basketball...
  194. Knife Insurance, Bellingham WA, USA
  195. Northern California Earthquake...
  196. Going to Morocco (again)
  197. Usual Suspects Show in Las Vegas
  198. Wohoo i got myself a boat :)
  199. Garage garden
  200. Back in the saddle again
  201. Happy Birthday Del!
  202. cooking demonstration on tv?
  203. Happy Birthday Ryan!
  204. Scandinavian Grind. keeping it sharp.
  205. Montreal!
  206. I've got chickens
  207. GMO's
  208. speed isnt everything