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  1. Why do we continue to cook professionally?
  2. Calling Chef Colin..........
  3. do u doubt your dishes?
  4. Carbon knives at work...
  5. Interview Kit
  6. Craziest thing u ever saw.......
  7. I need some advice...!!
  8. cookware
  9. Bones Blood and Butter
  10. Hours worked
  11. Knife thief
  12. culinary schools under fire.
  13. Industry pro question.
  14. 'Sharpest' Restaurant Recs
  15. New Menu
  16. Just for you guys....
  17. Stoopid things Waiters do...
  18. Chef Pants
  19. Hiring servers. philosophy by Chef Niloc
  20. Got a new job
  21. Tamago Pan
  22. Partners
  23. To do or not to do?
  24. Hops n Hogs
  25. The Fan Awaits. Mother's Day
  26. Sous Vide
  27. Verjuice?
  28. Sous Vide
  29. Anti Fatigue Mats
  30. Any chefs ever go out and speak to awkward customers?
  31. Paul Liebrandt: A matter of taste
  32. Maybe I shouldn't have sharpened my Benriner
  33. Chef Locker
  34. Sushi Chef Training
  35. Chef Clothing
  36. Restaurant bans young children
  37. Advice to the Younger Cooks
  38. Job Interview Tips
  39. Cutting techniques for optimized efficiency
  40. Communal tables?
  41. Interesting chat with head chef
  42. Family/Staff Meals
  43. Have to love line cooking advice on love
  44. Health and Fitness
  45. 6 x 30 ft space... help!
  46. A positive chef
  47. School Research Headaches
  48. Trial in a fancy restaurant on Tuesday. Any tips?
  49. New Addition (Non Knife)
  50. Still alive
  51. Staff Meals!
  52. Daniel Boulud's Ten Commandments of a Chef
  53. Compliments to the chef.......
  54. Going Crazy Waiting
  55. bone marrow knife?
  56. Job listings?
  57. Working Overseas
  58. Prolonging greens
  59. Big Thanks to BOH!!!
  60. Why bosses are that way.
  61. What do chefs look for when hiring??
  62. Footwear Poll
  63. Advice for chef coat in LONG size/ not just BIG
  64. What are some good garnishes? Trying to inspire some of my other chefs.
  65. Espresso Emergency
  66. Carpal Tunnel of Love
  67. Anybody work DNC or RNC 2008 or earlier ?
  68. My new acquisition
  69. I don't know how you guys do it!
  70. Knives in the dish area
  71. Stainless Steel Cleaners???
  72. new job!
  73. Save the Sharks.
  74. Sous Chafe
  75. A Rare First (Reach-in freezer)
  76. OT: Help with RE Appraisal
  77. Sous Vide / Cryovac ideas and techniques
  78. "The Beast" Bench
  79. Ever fire someone and......
  80. Tv spot
  81. What a Day!!
  82. Chicago Show
  83. One thing every cook should buy.
  84. 86 Individual componets
  85. A Soup Book?
  86. Holy Fried Burrito Batman!
  87. Charcuterie
  88. De Buyer Pans
  89. MEAT COOKING: Grill vs. Plancha vs. Range Top
  90. Uniform source
  91. Gray Kunz Spoons
  92. Footwear for high arches
  93. Seriously..
  94. Sustainable Seafood Info
  95. How do you retain a talented cook?
  96. lightweight breathable pants for work?
  97. resumes
  98. School Advice
  99. Lodge Carbon Steel Skillets vs. de Buyer?
  100. Backing into a chicken stock (broth)?
  101. Washing Uniforms with Drano?
  102. vegas vs chicago
  103. juicer
  104. Back to T.O.
  105. Mini Light Sabor
  106. The Next Move
  107. New gig
  108. OT Opening a store
  109. Pet peeves
  110. My stint as an intern
  111. Cooking Transitions and Unintended Consequences
  112. Back to work
  113. Going back into the kitchen
  114. Flat top vs open burner
  115. Stages and members
  116. Menus
  117. Looking for opinions on digital scales
  118. Am i wrong to be upset and feel used by my employer? (complaining.. sorry for the rant)
  119. Good knife day at work today
  120. cooking gloves
  121. Grade A5 Wagyu
  122. Salt plate grilling. Anybody?
  123. Fish Box?
  124. JB Prince and Others
  125. Merry christmas
  126. Hell Week Check-In
  127. knife guards ?
  128. Whats your prep/warm up kitchen playlist?
  129. New Years in the kitchen
  130. Old School Kitchen Nostalgia (and the not so good)
  131. do you give away your recipes?
  132. A Random Tidbit for Chefs
  133. The Family Meal Experience
  134. Kitchen Horror Stories?
  135. Biggest Cowboy Tricks
  136. Chuckles Knife Day Camp
  137. Keeping 'em clean
  138. Timers
  139. Bon Appetit 20 Most Important Restaurants 2013
  140. Recommended large tongs/tweezers ???
  141. Beard Semifinalists anyone?
  142. I QUIT !!!!!
  143. Question for those who cook a lot of steaks
  144. Stagiaire - Success, Failure and what not...
  145. kuhn rikon peeler handle mods? / peeler murderer
  146. Moving on.
  147. FWIW: Short Loins and Saw
  148. What to Expect
  149. Infrared vs Radiant Steak Broilers?
  150. oiling board with wanlut oil, do i need to worry about patron allergies?
  151. Hiromoto AS wagyuto reactivity & lacto-fermented processing questions
  152. A Few Other Things!
  153. Aprons..what features do you like?
  154. 1st Annual StarChefs.com SMOKE@ICC Team?
  155. Kitchen Nightmares/Restaurant Impossible....Owen
  156. Chopsticks
  157. benriner mandoline - does everyone sharpen their own blades?
  158. Taste of Martin County winners... us!
  159. While the wife's away
  160. How does an expediter work?
  161. New Job, and the strangeness of leaving the kitchen where you have been
  162. Process
  163. (Another) New Job
  164. restaurant valuation
  165. Foodies that post bad review and don't know what there talking about?
  166. career advice wanted and welcomed
  167. Cooking Fish sous vide pre-service
  168. Ordered De Buyer Pans / Tim Love Carbon Steel Skillets - now about care and feeding...?
  169. Juicer for Use at Festivals?
  170. Pastry Chef's
  171. The Cliche Chocolate Lava Cake
  172. Golden Corral Viral Video....
  173. Franny's Brooklyn
  174. Can You Sharpen at Work?
  175. Restaurant business plan project?
  176. 29 Signs You’ve Worked In A Restaurant Kitchen
  177. Favorite spoons.
  178. tips for a young chef?
  179. Anyone use any cooking apps?
  180. Newbie saying hello, with Questions on Home butchering
  181. What keeps you around an open flame? or flat top? or fryer and such...
  182. breaking the auto lock on rosle tongs
  183. kitchen pranks
  184. rituals
  185. On the fence for a new work knife
  186. Chef jackets
  187. Overseas work/travel
  188. ridiculous requests
  189. Tiredness and Christmas time
  190. kitchen towels
  191. Carrying knives
  192. Getting crushed by the holidays?
  193. A Night to Remember
  194. Doing a stage...
  195. Legendary Douche-bag GM tricks
  196. Advise needed for a young chef.
  197. I'm Still Feeling NYE
  198. Are you a wolf, or a sheep?
  199. Kitchen Slang
  200. What's Your Favorite Kitchen Counter Top?
  201. Honestly
  202. F@#kin Allgeries
  203. Informal Chef Clothing
  204. Dumbest thing you ever read in a food review
  205. The Rise of Egotarian Cuisine
  206. tasting for kitchen jobs
  207. Shopping for Equipment in the Bowery
  208. Yours Truly
  209. OMG disgusted!
  210. smaller alternative to thermapen?
  211. If you had one knife....
  212. Congrats Brainsausage
  213. Shellfish allergies in the sushi bar
  214. Julienne peeler, please recommend
  215. Line cook diagnostic chart.
  216. What are good resources for learning plating. Especially spoon work.
  217. I am an idiot in stitches
  218. question on cleaning a piece of equipment ive never used before
  219. How do you guys do it?
  220. head shake moments
  221. WTB: kitchen clogs
  222. Trust the Chef?
  223. Where to buy Birkenstock in New York?
  224. Bad servers great servers your stories
  225. Japanese sink ID?
  226. Copper pots and pans in a professional kitchen...
  227. Kunz spoons
  228. Favourite chefs / chefs you look up to
  229. Sous Chef Try Outs