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  1. What I am working on
  2. Badger knife club show
  3. What would you like to see in damascus
  4. A bad day at work
  5. A good day at work-pics of what I have been working on
  6. Delbert Gyutos in Stock!
  7. del ealy, western handled knives?
  8. A bit about the damascus I make
  9. ECG knives in progress
  10. My day at Delbert the Madman's shop. Pic heavy.
  11. 240 mm damascus gyuto passaround
  12. Start of the wood milling.
  13. More about me and my knives
  14. Damascus pettys
  15. neck knives in damascus
  16. Lasers-can they be too thin?
  17. Ealy damascus petty - Initial impressions
  18. A couple of new ones gyuto and nakiri
  19. Look what I just got it in!
  20. Ealy Damascus Petty/Handle Kit
  21. summertime-time for the big stuff a 270 gyuto
  22. Delbert Ealy 14 cm Wa-petty Mini-Review
  23. The finish on my knives
  24. Ealy Hammer
  25. Design improvement, convexing and grinding
  26. HOTT!
  27. Look what followed me home...
  28. Handle gallery
  29. A break from the ordinary-forging in silver
  30. what I have been working on 8-3
  31. Etching Damascus
  32. new profiles; suji and petty
  33. new project-fish tongs
  34. This ain't your momma's damascus cladding
  35. What I am working on 8-29 AEB-L knives and damascus moribashi
  36. finished petty
  37. 240 gyuto prebuy
  38. Ashokan trip
  39. new stuff citrus zesters and key fobs
  40. Colin's ring-a mokume ring work-in-progress
  41. Spoons again and maybe forks seeking input
  42. Meteorite Damascus
  43. Recipe contest-cool prize
  44. Spoon prebuy (forks and spats too)
  45. Merry Christmas to all
  46. The holidays are over and its time to get back to work, a new petty
  47. Ealy, CLEAVER!!!
  48. Took the day off
  49. 210 gyuto and nakiri prebuy
  50. little bit o'heaven
  51. Wheres Del?
  52. Mokume ring
  53. Sorry for the scare guys!
  54. An apology
  55. Audiobooks
  56. Coffee with Del
  57. facebook
  58. Del's awesomeness
  59. A couple of knives finished for immediate sale
  60. New prebuy stainless paring knives
  61. Something new for me and the forum
  62. Gyuto and Nakiri
  63. something new for me
  64. The Mark sale AEB-L 150mm petty prebuy
  65. A few paring knives for sale
  66. Steak knives, what do you think?
  67. birds beak paring knives and 2 others
  68. Damascus spoons again
  69. Benchmade knives with my steel
  70. Available knives
  71. A new project, a set with meteorite and ivory
  72. The Kids
  73. Merry christmas
  74. Church key fobs
  75. On the bench
  76. New updated website
  77. 24 hour sale 4 paring knives
  78. At the badger knife show
  79. Opinions wanted 4 inch utility
  80. Mothers day sale, thinking out loud
  81. Happy Easter
  82. New paring knife design
  83. Mothers day sale thread
  84. Happy mothers day and news from the shop
  85. Paring knives
  86. Question about handles
  87. A couple of new ones, knives for sale
  88. A reprive, time to make some knives
  89. Paring knife prebuy
  90. 210 gyuto for sale
  91. Happy thanksgiving
  92. Merry Christmas
  93. What new stuff would you like to see this year?
  94. Happy new year
  95. church key fobs new batch limited supply
  96. time for stainless damascus spoons
  97. Line knife
  98. What i have been doing the last week and a half
  99. 210 line knife prebuy thread
  100. On the bench, or what I am up to
  101. Something new, a side project
  102. Thoughts on taking orders and prebuys
  103. Badger knife club show
  104. Knives for sale
  105. santoku design
  106. Let's Try This Again
  107. Website down
  108. mothers day paring knives and new makers mark
  109. Ealy Parer
  110. Stabilized wood for sale & shop notes
  111. knives for sale mini nakiris
  112. A batch of 210mm knives
  113. Just arrived, some new goodies
  114. Fun for today
  115. A sneak peek at what is coming soon
  116. Knives for sale
  117. 105mm petty
  118. A few customs I finished today
  119. Wooden utensils something new for me
  120. Knives for sale line knife, 2 pettys and 2 mini pettys
  121. My new secret project-mokume bowl
  122. Knives for sale 9-1 and a bit of shop news
  123. A couple more just finished 9-5
  124. A new direction for me
  125. Weekend sale
  126. Open to taking orders
  127. A few customs just finished
  128. 2 damascus pettys available
  129. New folder prototype
  130. A couple of customs I just finished
  131. I think I have a screw too tight
  132. Happy thanksgiving
  133. 10% off sale
  134. Christmas knives for all of those last minute shoppers
  135. Merry Christmas to all.
  136. Hi everyone
  137. bronze knife WIP
  138. Available knives 2/16/15
  139. Some new damascus