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  1. Rehandling a Masamoto KS?
  2. Large knife block
  3. New and I would love some advice
  4. Deba advice please?
  5. $11 for a SS 8" Ksab chef's knife
  6. Got "THE" E-mail from Mr "R"
  7. 210 wa petty or gyuto??
  8. My fist japanese knife Suisin Inox Honyaki
  9. Murray Carter Leaves Custom Knife Business
  10. Advice on new Gyuto...
  11. looking for an exceptional "work horse" knife
  12. Vietnam Trip
  13. Anyone (Germans?) heard of / use knives by Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur?
  14. Anyone care to guess...
  15. Concrete floor + Ceramic Honing Rod = New Rod???
  16. Just Received my Hiromoto! Teaser pics ;)
  17. Caring for a wa handle
  18. Sharp knife got dull with Sharpmaker.
  19. Looking for High end Chinese Cleaver
  20. a while back, i bought a "practice" japanese knife. what is it?
  21. Dragon Wa-conversion advice needed
  22. if you had $1500...
  23. Wa-gyuto: Suisin Inox or Masamoto KS ?
  24. Fujiwara Maboroshi no Meito Gyuto opinions
  25. Konosuke-Sakura Damascus
  26. Kikuichi gyuto?
  27. Another Kramer Auction
  28. Nakiri? Shig vs. Watanabe vs Kato
  29. Kikuichi Elite Sujihiki Question From a Lefty
  30. Hiroshi and Kiyoshi Kato
  31. First Japanese Knife Recommendations
  32. Asai Damascus PM 210 Gyuto, Gesshin Ginga & Uraku pics
  33. Newb needs help in identifying a Japanese (?) 2 cleaver
  34. Tojiro DP - grind issue
  35. Feedback on Konosuke Funayuki/"New Shape"?
  36. What makes a suji such a great slicer?
  37. Lost my bookmarks, Anyone have a link to Fujiawara Terayasu's site? Or Konosuke's?
  38. Scimitar
  39. Time for a sping clean... and a Garasuki... i think...
  40. Bloodroot Blades in the May Food and Wine
  41. Decent, homemade sayas
  42. Convex/Concave dressing stone
  43. Gluing stone back together?
  44. Misono Sweden 270 Suji
  45. New Gyuto Advice Please.
  46. Hard lesson learned: Never trust your co-workers.
  47. workhorse wa gyuto recommendations in Japan (210-240mm)
  48. Diamond plate sharpening questions
  49. Heiji vs Kato
  50. Tojiro ITK Break Knife on cutleryandmore.com
  51. New carbon in the mail!
  52. forced patina on shigefusa?
  53. Looking for workhorse gyuto, stainless
  54. Complete and utter newbie
  55. Masakage Yuki series
  56. Need help on sharpening my knife 4 kinds
  57. Is it me, or can it possibly be the stone? (Poor results, Naniwa 1k/3k combo)
  58. K Sabatier steel?
  59. DIY magnetic knife bar (holder) - may way
  60. Knife to trim and breakdown large cuts of venison
  61. Hiromoto AS
  62. Favourite knife.
  63. Importing knives from Japan
  64. anti-stiction finish
  65. Knife Recommendation: Gyuto for a line cook
  66. Misono advice please
  67. Takashi Saji Yanagi
  68. Knife recommendations; Re-fitting a professional kit
  69. Who makes the best Stainless Steel?
  70. Shout-out to CKTG
  71. NKD-Yoshikane SLD Damascus Kiritsuke Gyuto
  72. Jen hits four year low, but so does the yen!
  73. Looking for stainless wa petty
  74. A newbie needs help!!!
  75. foster bros steel?
  76. Male twenty five seeking nakiri
  77. Itinomonn Kurouchi Deba 180mm
  78. New knife Roll
  79. Help replacing an chefs knife
  80. Stainless Mukimono?
  81. A Stupid Questions Thread
  82. Camelia Oil Question
  83. should i be concerned? sabatier purchase on ebay
  84. F&F issues on Fujiwara Teruyasu Nashiji
  85. Salty's videos
  86. Suggested starting angle to sharpen new Tojiro DP Gyuto and Petty?
  87. Single microbevel. Genius.
  88. Forgecraft vs the older Old Hickory?
  89. Question about tadatsuna deba
  90. flexible fillet knife...
  91. Free International Shipping @ Rakuten.jp
  92. You got a use for one of these?
  93. Vegans and Knife Handles
  94. how to balance a kitchen knife
  95. .99 cent thrift store project
  96. New Gesshin Knife - Cleaning Question
  97. Jnats vs med-grit synthetics
  98. Cutting board materials
  99. kanji help
  100. Heiji spa day
  101. Knife storage
  102. Cleaver project
  103. Entire set of Foster Brothers cleavers on sale online
  104. Sakai Yusuke Thick vs. Thin?
  105. Hypothetical knife choice.
  106. First Real Knife
  107. Does overheating cause chipping/brittleness?
  108. Looking for shig 270 kasumi yanagi?
  109. Steering Problems
  110. Tanaka 210 gyuto thinned and etched
  111. Shun blue steel Kiritsuke
  112. Thoughts/Opinions on Tru-Hone system
  113. what would be your ultimate 3 or 4 knives? and why?
  114. Difference between Kono Gyuto and Kono Funayaki/Gyuto?
  115. Anyone know Where I can get this type of seminar?
  116. What's the point of a sharp heel?
  117. Nakiri knife on sale
  118. SKD-11/12 and SLD
  119. Difference between Shigs
  120. Nakiri
  121. A few Machida Tadashi (Isshi) kitchen knives - available
  122. coarse stone options?
  123. Thinning stone options
  124. In the market for honesuki
  125. Kramer 3.5" 52100 Parer
  126. Yanagiba vs Sujihiki
  127. Help Please to identify large knife with USA outlne logo
  128. Humidity question?
  129. New Master Smith Aaron Wilburn
  130. antique splurge
  131. new JCK line, stainless WA Gyutos
  132. Time for some new tools
  133. Janpanese Bladesmiths, an article on blade smithing in Sakai
  134. Desirable features for kitchen knives
  135. Question on AEB-L (Artifex) in sharpening and edge retention [vs Forschner]
  136. Best knives for weekly rotation at restaurants in region, high volume sharpening
  137. Very specific steak knife search: Seeking advice/suggestions
  138. Does this hypothetical knife exist?
  139. Troubles with cheap german steel?
  140. Recommendation knife for wife
  141. Laser VS Workhorse
  142. where can i buy a masamoto ks right now!!
  143. Masakage Koishi reviews?
  144. Help identifying japanese knife
  145. Saya for Misono sujihiki ?
  146. difference HD vs HD2
  147. Rader Gyuto
  148. western gyuto rehandling
  149. Suisin HC
  150. A little help
  151. Horn or Wood for handle?
  152. Which one?
  153. The "Which Knife Should I Buy?" Questionnaire - v2
  154. Has anyone used this budget R2 knife?
  155. Camellia Oil
  156. Carter Prices
  157. Tojiro F-921 or F-621 cleaver question
  158. The White #2 Experience
  159. CCK1303
  160. First single bevel has arrived...any advice/recommendations?
  161. Experience with Northwoods Blackwood XHP?
  162. my father's heritage: a very nice stainless sab. how do i sharpen it?
  163. Newbie looking for Japanese chef's-style knife. Konosuke? Sakai Yusuke?
  164. White and blue steel levels?
  165. Does polish/finish affect reactivity?
  166. Kramer 52100 current pricing
  167. Considering a Deba
  168. Microbevel on Single Bevel Knives
  169. Looking for a chef type all purpose japanese knife below $100
  170. DEBA: Who uses it to butcher yard bird's and other terrestrial animals?
  171. Newbie needing help for a intro knife set. Thanks in advance!
  172. Very Excited! New Blade to test out!! Bloodroot Blades- luke Snyder
  173. Kato Fujiwara Nikri
  174. Anything in korea?
  175. Misono Swedish Vs Koyo
  176. Left hand or right hand knife?
  177. Perfect line slicer
  178. dexter russel 25 dollar yanagiba LOL
  179. what sites do you like to select your knives from?
  180. new triple A french steel, hrc 59-60
  181. Alternatives to Sugimoto No.22
  182. Cheese knife?
  183. tanaka blue #2 love
  184. DC area sharpening
  185. Why so japanocentric?
  186. Single bevel gyuto
  187. OOOOO shiny cheap
  188. coke bottle handles
  189. Help Please Identifying Cleaver
  190. kasumi brand, finish, but 3 layers ?
  191. Queries from Singapore.
  192. Canadian massif ID?
  193. The Santoku phenomenon
  194. Need advice on buying a Chinese Chefs Knife (aka Chinese Cleaver)
  195. Finished Mourning Old Accomplice - Recommending a Gyuto to a Hobby Cook
  196. Lost in Translation?
  197. What knives have you gone back to and fallen in love with all over again?
  198. Need help dealing with carbon steel
  199. Blue#2 vs R2
  200. Blueway's got a new batch of Sakai Yusuke SS
  201. Sous on Vacation
  202. Nakiri recommendations?
  203. thoughts and suggestions
  204. Sakai Yusuke 210 regular or thick?
  205. Does this need thinning?
  206. carter's summer sale
  207. flexibility on ashi hamono 210 ginga petty
  208. anyone on here get that takeda hunting knife with the ironwood handle?
  209. What About Kiritsuke
  210. What type of Japanese Fish Knife is this?
  211. need average pricing on custom knives!!
  212. Universal Saya For a 240mm Sakai Yusuke Extra Thick & Flat Profile
  213. Carter's Summergrab, what did you get?
  214. Mag-Blok question
  215. Reactivity: 52100 vs Hitachi White #2
  216. Knife Block (Storage)?
  217. Issue with grind on new Konosuke White #2 suji
  218. Misono Dragon
  219. What kind of knife you take to a small trou.
  220. Have you seen the new Shun Taiyo
  221. why gyuto fever?
  222. Learning how to care for and use single bevels
  223. Knife makers in Okinawa
  224. Mother-in-Law knife?
  225. Dazu Clhinese Cleavers
  226. Ordered a Nogent and this came.
  227. Stone Glazing & ID stone
  228. drastic steering, need help please
  229. Anyone tried or used this before?
  230. Shig clone in mono stainless like AEB-L
  231. Usuba Geometry - A Curiosity
  232. tadafusa nashiji?
  233. sakai yusuke = ashi hamono?
  234. Wedding Present
  235. Same knife, different brand?
  236. usuba: kamagata vs higashigata
  237. Honesuki for a lefty.
  238. Moritaka 240mm Gyuto in AS and rosewood handle
  239. J-knives in Berlin/Germany
  240. Who can read Japanese
  241. Stones - Total noob move...ugh
  242. J knives in vancouver
  243. Ming Tsai's new knife
  244. jck fu rin ka zan and fujiwara nashiji line, same basic knife?
  245. First J-Knive
  246. Knives in Austin, Texas?
  247. Japan Trip Knife Suggestions
  248. Lookin for new Japanese fillet knife
  249. My new shig
  250. Strop Setup Recommendations