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  1. Kurouchi Finish
  2. cleaver sizing cck--sugimoto
  3. Website with large collection of reasonably priced stones.
  4. Knife ID
  5. LF Tanto tip Suji recommendations
  6. Chinese Guangxi stones
  7. Yanagi?
  8. sabatier clones
  9. one month experience with kitchen knifes
  10. Knife hunting in Japan - any advice?
  11. Knife ID help
  12. Nakiri knife guard?
  13. Suisin Inox Honyaki or masamoto ks gyuto
  14. mikadzo knives
  15. Reputable dealers for a good deal on a gyuto
  16. Identify this knife, please Sirs
  17. Choosing the right carbon santoku
  18. WA-HANDLES: Octagon vs D-handles
  19. Which knife x 2
  20. Bob Kramer Stainless Steel Damascus by Zwilling
  21. recommendation: ~1000k natural stone
  22. Need help to choose my next knife
  23. How to spot pre 80's Gustav Ern from the new stock branded as vintage?
  24. Wooden saya for a #6 cleaver?
  25. Attempt to form a patine super fail
  26. A cleaver q
  27. Etching vs patina
  28. Got my eyes set on a Nakiri...which one please
  29. Looking to add to the collections.
  30. Slicer Recommendations?
  31. Adding Vinegar when permasoaking
  32. Why carbon, if there are stainless steels like CPM154 and AEB-L?
  33. How to decide which knife to seel ???
  34. Cooks Illustrated on storing knives in block
  35. What you think about this knife?
  36. HAP40 VS ZDP-189
  37. Some questions about carbon steels
  38. Anyone rehandle a Carter with Riveted Handle?
  39. IKEA 365+ Bread Knife
  40. School me on choosing old carbon chef knives
  41. Nakiri length - 165mm or 180mm?
  42. Any new flat-profiled gyutos on the market?
  43. Knives for tiny kitchens?
  44. Rehandled Forgecraft!
  45. Takeda nakiri or...?
  46. Edge Grain Boards
  47. Carter Funayuki - Big Chips
  48. Mag Block??
  49. Takeda nakiri & bunka bocho comparison
  50. Plastigrip on MIyabi 7000 MC - rehandle on the cheap...
  51. Advice on yanagiba
  52. Anyone have a spare octagonal handle?
  53. Need advice... Which one of these Deba knives should i buy?
  54. Bahraini Fish Knife?
  55. sakai yusuke asymmetry
  56. looking for a big, thick and heavy 270mm workhorse gyuto
  57. Takeda cleaver comparison - New vs Old (pic heavy)
  58. Japanese knife stands
  59. Inexpensive ~210 wa gyuto
  60. Forgecraft other products
  61. Aogami Super Steel and knife choices
  62. Rakuten madness #12524 - 330mm Sugimoto Chukabocho
  63. Left handed, where to start?
  64. From Shanghai
  65. UUSHARP?
  66. Watanabe users or connoisseurs... Is this just normal?
  67. new carter kuro uchi funayuki ?
  68. CCK 11XX versus 13XX series
  69. So whats this Nakiri?
  70. Why do you love your Shig?
  71. What kind of knife is this?
  72. Watanabe Pro line
  73. Collector's Gyuto: 240 vs 270 & Stainless vs Carbon?
  74. Saya for left handed yoshikane deba 185
  75. opinions on zakuri,kochi,kanehiro and other sujis
  76. 240 mm Gyuto
  77. Help me not throw money away - new choice
  78. Thinnest stainless steel laser?
  79. Left handed shun?
  80. Magic marker trick getting rid of the magic marker?
  81. Carter IP Gyuto 2k
  82. konosuke sujihiki
  83. Removed lacquer on Takeda kurouchi nakiri. Re-lacquer?
  84. CCK cleaver geometry question
  85. New Cleaver with a story
  86. Interesting knife I just bought on the bay...
  87. Another help me decide question - line knife
  88. Sakai Ichimonji Kichikuni single bevels: thoughts?
  89. Help me recommend a gyuto
  90. Best knife for removing silverskin.
  91. Love bites...
  92. Takeda questions
  93. new knife cleaver or nakiri?
  94. Help me understand
  95. Wildfire Cutlery
  96. Great Shun deal
  97. what type of knife for cutting joints of meat?
  98. Knife Drawer Blocks
  99. What's the asymmetry for?
  100. Maple Knives From The Federal
  101. What to use to cut celery root??
  102. Need a good real first kitchen knife
  103. Best stainless makers?
  104. nenohi tsukiji
  105. dry box?
  106. Inazuma gyuto ?
  107. What to do with a big hairline crack in old forgie cleaver??
  108. I NEED HELP
  109. Knife ID please
  110. Zakuri D handle question.
  111. Eat like a Man!! knife sharpeing by that KNIFE FIGHT guy.
  112. Takedas in trouble..
  113. What kind of work is a Bullnose butcher knife for?
  114. Heiji
  115. cleaver <3 omg
  116. help ID this knife
  117. Kanetsune sujihiki feedback?
  118. Whats Your Bread Knife
  119. CCK KF1602
  120. A thinner's toolkit
  121. Please help picking gyuto for work
  122. Conquering the Usuba - help/advice much appreciated!
  123. Least used knife?
  124. Name this knife? Knife/Kanji ID help, please
  125. Gyuto for FIL, stainless help
  126. Is 13 really my lucky number?
  127. Bridge Town Forge
  128. blade geometry, game changer?
  129. Opinions and thoughts needed on petty choice
  130. VMatter knives
  131. received my K-sabs carbone, now what?
  132. Picking My First Gyuto: Thoughts, Advice, and Opinions
  133. Buying my first Gyuto
  134. Decision on Gyuto (UK buyer)
  135. Knife for my Birthday - advice?
  136. Bob Kramer owners: how do compare?
  137. Forged gyuto..
  138. Cryogenic heat treatment and it's importance.
  139. Opening a store
  140. Belly up
  141. Looking for japanese sujihiki / slicer knife
  142. Samuel Lee Landers Frary and Clark butcher knife
  143. Recommend San Mai petty
  144. Decisions, decisions... new knife purchase, I think I know what I want but I need some help
  145. 240 gyuto
  146. One Knife to Rule Them All
  147. Need help picking out the perfect gyuto for me
  148. First knives what to get?
  149. Thinness vs food release
  150. Think I'm developing a new passion... But need help!
  151. Turkey carving, technique and knife choice question
  152. Knife for one-handed cook
  153. Takeda Gyuto 240 vs?
  154. Gesshin Heiji or Kato Work Horse
  155. What's your largest?
  156. What about a cheesy knife?
  157. What to buy next... Nakiri or...
  158. A deba for freshwater fish?
  159. Next in the lineup
  160. Fishing knife - stainless or carbon?
  161. Unstabilized Ho Wood Handle Care?
  162. What to buy when you don't need anything?
  163. Petty/Gyuto - knife design question
  164. Clad line on Kato Workhorse
  165. jnat question
  166. Help with gyuto 240 ish
  167. How much to clean an old cleaver
  168. Help me chose $150-ish stainless wa-petty.
  169. Handle size on small (210mm) wa-gyuto?
  170. takagi honyaki
  171. Hattori KD's Available !!!!
  172. Sujihiki for a first timer.
  173. Look what I just got
  174. Thanks Marko!!!! (warning:graphic image)
  175. First Real Knife
  176. Cutting Performance - Reasonable Expectations
  177. Best middle/fine combination stones available in Europe?
  178. Price on different steels.
  179. Sakai Yusuke Wa-Gyuto: Stainless vs White
  180. I needs an opinion on purchase.
  181. Butchers belt
  182. Scratches on kurouchi gyuto
  183. Choosing a knife
  184. Xmas gift for Japanese knife newb
  185. German asymmetry - a peeler knife
  186. Looking to build up butchering section of my knife collection
  187. Recs for Knives for in-laws
  188. Recommendation for friend
  189. Look what came in the mail!!
  190. KIYA Nihonbashi
  191. Honyaki Question
  192. Which knife as a gift for mom?
  193. Just ordered Kato -why?
  194. Kochi versus...
  195. did you use a Victorinox Wide Blade?
  196. What DEBA size for mi fishes ???
  197. Wide bevel gyuto's
  198. Trying to decide on Marko Tsourkan gyuto handles
  199. Masamoto Steel ID
  200. Sajiuchi Knives on Korin
  201. The Gyuto Plunge
  202. Rubber Cutting Board Options?
  203. Gyuto 210 narrow down/rec
  204. What knives would you never sell? Forever Keepers.
  205. Caring for a Japanese knife for normal people?
  206. Knife Storage
  207. Looking for a first gyuto, 200$ and below, 210mm hammered carbon steel
  208. Any good knives for under $50
  209. Hi: Please help me identify this knife
  210. Opinions on a Knife Roll
  211. Going small options- kamagata vs ko-bunka
  212. MAC Knife Pricing?
  213. wide bevel 240mm gyuto
  214. Looking for Sharp Knives
  215. Kiritsuke shaped Wa-Gyuto vs normal Wa-Gyuto
  216. Boker meat cleaver
  217. Mizuno Suminagashi Wa Gyuto for a lefty?
  218. Thickness of knives?
  219. Fujiwara terayasu website.
  220. Your Own "Best Knife Of The 2013 Year" Award
  221. Takeda: not impressed
  222. Buy a Cleaver knife in Europe
  223. Which do-it-all cleaver for my wife?
  224. What knives do you regret selling?
  225. Advice
  226. need avice for 195mm deba
  227. Vendors in Canada
  228. Help choosing kitchen knives
  229. A non-puppy gift knife?
  230. Found a 270 Kato finally. Got some questions.
  231. Looking for a new honesuki
  232. Need help, Converting Misono UX10 to 50/50 double bevel?
  233. What's your favourite peeling knife?
  234. Blade geometry and thickness
  235. Question for all the deba using pros
  236. Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm suggestions
  237. Noob in search of versatile Chef's knife / Gyuto
  238. Kengata Yanagi vs Standard Yanagi vs Tokobiki
  239. Help on Purchase!
  240. guess the knife
  241. Masamoto KS WaGyuto 240 mm hitachi white 2# is now out of stock in Tokyo ?
  242. What knife is better than Masamoto KS WaGyuto ?
  243. Looking to Round out Knife Roll. Suggestions of Japanese Style's appreciated
  244. Looking for a Badass Carbon Slicer for cheap..need advice
  245. old sabatier knives steel?
  246. MJ Kupper brand
  247. Which stainless knives sharpen like carbon?
  248. Recommendations for a 240/270mm Gyuto + 300mm yanagi
  249. Little technical help please sharpening HONESUKI
  250. FKH Series From JCK