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  1. Opinion of : Windmühlenmesser (Robert Herder) B1 Rudolf Broch knife
  2. Struggling with decision, need to buy knife ASAP
  3. New knife advice. Akifusa?
  4. What should I buy?
  5. I`m about buying knives.
  6. Kanji ID
  7. S*#t happens
  8. is this a good sashimi knife?
  9. Honesuki vs boning knife
  10. Recs for 240 Gyuto and 150 Petty
  11. Help Posting Pics
  12. Learning Knife Forging in Japan
  13. First good chef knife advice
  14. Knife maker in Korea
  15. Scale shrinkage on ZKramer
  16. Wood for a stone base
  17. What kind of knife for supreme (supreming??) oranges/grapefruit?
  18. A Newb and his knives first day.
  19. Looking for a few simple, decent, stainless western knives
  20. Show me your knife storage!
  21. Miyabi 7000 MCD 7000MC
  22. Kramer Evolution
  23. Kramer Essential Line
  24. Shigies
  25. If you don't mind, I need your two cents.
  26. Gyuto users: do you reach for slicing or bread knives?
  27. Unique feather damascus knife set - available in store.
  28. Powder Steel.
  29. MAC TO GYU-300
  30. Carbons to look for on the bay
  31. Sabatier as a starting set
  32. Where to buy a Saya
  33. Help deciding 1st gyuto!
  34. Nightmare Knife
  35. Things you learn when working with knives...
  36. advice for a fancy knife
  37. EU - France - Paris - New Japanese Kitchen Knife address
  38. Another first knife/set question. FKM, VG-1 or Eden Kanso
  39. Buying direct from konosuke?
  40. anyone heard of "QUEN" stone.
  41. Richmond AS/ Kohetsu AS gyutos
  42. Proper way to hold a knife
  43. Hattori kd on japan woodworker
  44. Knife recommendation for a lefty
  45. Katsuhiro Hocho
  46. Need Help on deciding the right knife
  47. Knife as a wedding gift, bad luck or not?
  48. Aritsugu A type petty
  49. Help me choose the right knife!
  50. Has a knife ever died on you?
  51. Kikuichi Performance TKC
  52. Deba?
  53. Masanobu VG-10 vs Masamoto Swedish Steel vs Suisin INOX Honyaki vs Gesshin Ginga Stainless
  54. Powder damascus Masterclass piece - WIP
  55. Thinking about getting my third and fourth J-knife, advice?
  56. Slicing roast leg of lamb with a suji?
  57. Alright!! Post your top 5 Makers!!!!
  58. recommendation for kitchen knife steel
  59. Anyone rehandle a CCK cleaver themselves?
  60. Asai Hayabusa AS
  61. Decent stainless
  62. Decent stainless
  63. advice - "brand new" Zwilling Kramer appears to have been used
  64. Trending Larger or Smaller?
  65. How to remove deep patina?
  66. Yanagi is not 100% straight, ok?
  67. Mr Itou Custom R2 vs Hiromoto Honyaki Gyuto, Thoughts wanted
  68. Abs ms exam on kitchen knives
  69. heiji is about to arrive
  70. How many knives are enough?
  71. Which knife should I buy
  72. 1st Carbon Gyuto Recommendation?
  73. Finding a forgecraft
  74. If you were to do it all over again.
  75. problem with saya heiji
  76. Multiple knives
  77. My first knife, no budget. Need suggestions!
  78. Help with first few knives
  79. Did i throw away my money on a Shun Reserve
  80. Video: Who is this Bladesmith?
  81. DT ITK on the bay
  82. Japanese Custom Knife Makers
  83. Knife block solutions.
  84. Japanese dovetail saws
  85. Honesuki or Garasuki reccomendations
  86. Can we update the "what knife should I buy" thread
  87. Anybody, got a Kato I can borrow?
  88. First Japanese Knives recommendations
  89. Hiromoto stops
  90. What do you use for your Yo-Deba?
  91. What Knife Should I Buy?
  92. Gekko Vs Shiki
  93. Traditional Japanese OR Western Grip?!
  94. Maruyoshi and Hattori?
  95. Cheap knives
  96. Bad luck with knives
  97. Newbies first post. Find me a General purpose little one please!
  98. After a lot of hours and a lot of fun I am close to a decision!!!
  99. Hypothetically speaking if I sold my Kramer Damascus
  100. Advice please for first knife! Thanks in advance
  101. Practice Knife
  102. Anybody Have Any Experience with the Tojiro Origami Gyuto or KAI Seki 5000ST?
  103. chef knife less than 55 dollars. do you have any advice?
  104. cutting boards question
  105. Cattaraugus Knives
  106. Are Epicurean boards knife friendly?
  107. Honesuki
  108. Looking for knife with custom handle
  109. Yanagiba Impulse Buy!!!!! Did I do okay????
  110. Zakuri funayuki
  111. Slicing technique
  112. Help with Knife identification!
  113. Steel Question
  114. Looking to upgrade from shun classic. Masamtor or Misono maybe
  115. Kagayaki Carbonext 270mm Gyuto KC-7?
  116. Poly or Mono
  117. MAC yanagiba update/question
  118. Which is more fun...?
  119. Looking For Something New
  120. Help With First Japanese Knives
  121. Kramers on ebay
  122. So, Who Would Be Willing To Take The Plunge On This Project?
  123. What is the deal with Fujiwara Teruyasu
  124. Hokiyama Sakon
  125. EuroKnives!
  126. First Japanese Knife Help
  127. Takeda 250 Stainless vs 270
  128. Looking for a Wife Knife and a Cleaver Comrade.
  129. The Edge(er)
  130. Stainless Suji w/ Knuckle Clearance ?
  131. knives most likely to appreciate
  132. Forged vs Stamped any benefit?
  133. Looking for a new knife. The Newbie first post! hahaha
  134. Best source for a CCK 1303 / 1301 / etc.
  135. Thank you
  136. Knife ID request
  137. Gyuto Guidance
  138. Deba vs. other boning knifes for fish
  139. Help choosing chef's knife
  140. What is the point of damascus?
  141. fancy handle on traditional yanagi
  142. nenohi kaede
  143. By Request, My Experiences With J Knives From The Begining. It's Long....
  144. grinding out a deep bevel
  145. Noobie looking for a chef's knife (questionaire)
  146. not sure what suji to buy need a bit of guidance
  147. New Gyuto suggestions for 240mm
  148. Counterfeit knives: do you encounter them often?
  149. sashimi technique question
  150. Akifusa SRS15 equivalents
  151. Use of outdoor knife for heavy kitchenwork?
  152. Has anyone used a 14 inch Sabatier?
  153. Petty knife help
  154. Richmond Aogami Super 120mm petty knife.. any good?
  155. Trying to find the length of this deba.
  156. German Chef's vs. Western Deba?
  157. How to store a yanagiba/deba
  158. Would like some input on what knives I should get for different purposes
  159. Help deciding on some new knives
  160. Knives that are hard to store
  161. Pairing Knives
  162. Sabatier carbon
  163. How do you store your knives?!
  164. Old Mac knives
  165. Info Post Server Upgrade - Software Upgrade
  166. Clarifying some japanese terminology
  167. Stupid Home Cook Question....
  168. Alternative to End Grain, what is the best compromise?
  169. Go-to petty knife recommendations
  170. Gifts
  171. One small step into Japanese Knife Obsession...
  172. help me find this
  173. Aussies and shiges
  174. Are wood handled knives legal to use in California or elsewhere?
  175. Composite Damascus Kitchen Knife Sets WIP
  176. Bread Knife? Options beside MAC?
  177. Sujihiki, or maybe petty, for second J knife.
  178. Cutting Board Newbie needs help
  179. maker of this knife?
  180. What are your experiences with VG10?
  181. Santoku or Nakiri?
  182. Oyster knives...
  183. TWIN J.A Henckels Profession " S" Questions
  184. A Reasonable Priced Knife To Cut A Roast
  185. Would You Use An Electric Knife To Cut...
  186. Wantanabe pro blue #2
  187. What's the world coming to?
  188. slicer
  189. JCK Honba-Duke Sharpening Service?
  190. Looking for something specific
  191. Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Stainless Wa Gyuto
  192. The definitive KKF knife skills video - your opinion needed
  193. Simply Ming Knifes
  194. Help identifying knife
  195. High End 270mm Gyuto? Konosuke HD2 Funayuki?
  196. Heavier gyuto - Heiji SS or Kato?
  197. Recommendations - Flexible Filet knife for fish...and round bottom wok with ring
  198. Paring knife suggestions needed!
  199. Steel Composition of Your Next Knife?
  200. What knives should i buy
  201. What knife should I buy?
  202. New knife set recomendation
  203. Intro and what next question
  204. Searching a 270mm small budget sujihiki
  205. Fish n Poi Handle Repair
  206. WTB : Laserish type knife
  207. Excited about new Shun and Global knives
  208. Hiromoto rehandled and etched by Tim Johnson
  209. Need some advice about shun,thank you
  210. 9 1/2" Miyabi Evolution Slicer
  211. Looking for a Gyuto + a supporting cast
  212. what determines the springiness of a knife?
  213. yanagiba sashimi knife
  214. Which 240mm Gyuto should I buy? First real knife!
  215. Cutting board / oil question
  216. KAI Wasabi Yanagiba to practice sharpening on?
  217. Anyone else moving toward All American Makers?
  218. Hattori Suji
  219. another what knife (maker) should I buy?
  220. Budget(ish) Hammered Damascus
  221. What will I need?
  222. Vintage Japanese Knives
  223. Blueway Japan "GINGA"
  224. Replacing Old F. Dick Paring Knife
  225. Wa petty recommendation please
  226. My work kit
  227. Butcher Block - who else makes good ones ?
  228. Upgrading 5 Knives
  229. Looking for an entry level japanese knife
  230. CCK costs as much as a VC?!?!
  231. Suggestions for a 210 beater...
  232. first carbon wa gyuto
  233. Hat Trick!!!!!
  234. Zakuri where to buy?
  235. Is this delamination or something else?
  236. Looking for 18 cm stainless laser-like gyuto
  237. Help recommending workhorse gyuto
  238. Visiting Japan
  239. Can you help me ID these ?
  240. Help with purchasing a new knife
  241. Concave gyuto?
  242. anyone heard of\encountered Ellys lion sabatier?
  243. Knife Rec: Gesshin Ginga vs. Kagero vs. Hattori FH vs. HHH Prod?
  244. Recommendation for Lefty Honesuki?
  245. Mac Chefs knife or Fujiwara FKM Gyuto?
  246. Another gyuto to get!
  247. which nakiri?
  248. Anyone is US order from Metal Master?
  250. Just another nakiri / usuba Question Thread