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  1. Masamoto ks petty
  2. Looking for a sujihiki and petty
  3. Help: jnats
  4. Making a magnetic knife strip
  5. Talk Me Into/Out Of A Fuguhiki
  6. How do you you choose a knife when you have a lot to choose from?
  7. Bread. Knives.
  8. Sugimoto OMS 6 and mystery cleaver makeover
  9. Tadafusa
  10. Cleavers in New York city.
  11. Space Tech Knife?
  12. Buying a nakiri - 450$ budget
  13. looking for a cheap J knive to test Jnats with
  14. kato 210 mm or 240mm- for normal version
  15. Watanabe Samurai Bread Knife
  16. Kohetsu knives from CKTG
  17. Honyaki Fork?
  18. Strictly for my knife block nuts
  19. "Real Kramer" up on the ebay right now for only 11k lol
  20. The magic of carbon
  21. Cyber Monday sales???
  22. Looking for a new gyuto!
  23. Moritaka AS Chukabocho
  24. Looking for my first japanese knife (gyuto)
  25. ?Shig source
  26. Overwhelmed with knife choices, please help me :) 210mm Gyuto
  27. Why use round magnets to build a knife rack?
  28. Konosuke HD2 240mm gyuto value?
  29. Boiled it down to a few...
  30. What am I missing out on?
  31. Knife Id help please
  32. Changing a 90/10 Honesuki to 50/50
  33. Looking for Mono Carbon Gyuto
  34. Looking for a smaller, lighter, more agile Takeda 270mm Gyuto
  35. Knife roll/bag/case Suggestions?
  36. Looking for a new knife
  37. Hep identifying meat cleaver
  38. Konosuke Keiai NT Damascus ??
  39. Kramer Picnic Knife
  40. Which Knife Should I Buy?? Helllp
  41. JCK...
  42. Another what gyuto to buy thread ( high end honyaki)
  43. Gyuto for my wife
  44. Nakiri Recommendations
  45. Who to service Hattori in Europe?
  46. Japanese knive protection coating
  47. ZWILLING J.A.HENCKELS Traditional vs Pro
  48. Need Recommendation: Buy Knife set while in Japan
  49. "Too sharp" dutch supermarket bargain knives in early 2016...
  50. Help me with some Christmas recommendations for the wife
  51. Deba length?
  52. First single bevel?
  53. Which one would YOU buy, and why?
  54. WTB: 165-180mm Petty
  55. Mutsumi vs Tsukasa Hinoura (son and father)
  56. Home cook knive recommendation
  57. Cyber Monday, what are you hoping to score?
  58. Oka super aogami any good?
  59. Misono Sweden and Fujiwara FKH
  60. First good quality knife recommendation for home use
  61. Kitchen / Poultry Shears
  62. Japan vs the world
  63. What's Your Knife of Choice for Hard Winter Squash?
  64. Suisin Honyaki wa-petty
  65. Need help choosing a 210 stainless/semi-stainless gyuto
  66. i'm gonna try my first Chinese Cleaver.
  67. Which Suisin yanagi?
  68. Looking for a budget all rounder knife
  69. Why is the forger so important?
  70. Makers known to make their own suminagashi, and makers always using S grinds?
  71. quality knife recommendations from bed bath beyond, thoughts?
  72. Good EU based knife stores?
  73. What do I do with a kiritsuke?
  74. Slicer
  75. looking for a 210 gyuto
  76. Rakuten?
  77. Korin knife bags
  78. Kiritsuke - No wonder folks are confused
  79. Catcheside Christmas Sharps and shiny dangles in store Now :)
  80. Gyuto knife between 100-200
  81. Curved edge on yangiba?
  82. Crack on new yanagiba??
  83. Ordering knife directly from Teruyasu Fujiwara
  84. Great artisan knives at Williams Sonoma?
  85. JCK Original FuRinKaZan Sweden Stainless Wa gyuto
  86. Help buying first high quality Knife (set) -- Up to ~$1,000 for 1-2 Knives
  87. Good gyuto 210?
  88. Regional/OEM branding, call it out here or not?
  89. Ever seen YSS KK steel in the wild?
  90. First Gyuto / Santoku 210~240mm in Japan
  91. Daily driver Santoku
  92. Knife blade thinning
  93. Tipping Point
  94. Need an idea about best knife
  95. How careful are you with your knives
  96. Help with buying new Gyuto and Petty knife around 300$
  97. Masakage Koishi engraving on wrong side?
  98. Understanding Shigefusa
  99. Help with tsukiji masamoto
  100. What ONE (and only one) Gyuto?
  101. Which knife should I buy: Christmas for the wife edition
  102. Looking for a 50/50 ground gyuto / chef's
  103. Fujiwara FKH
  104. KNASA
  105. Nakiris: Shigefusa Kitaeji, Shigefusa KU, Watanabe KU
  106. Help with first gyuto
  107. Advice for first good knives?
  108. Jck Christmas sale
  109. Recommendation: High Quality Kitchen Knife Set for Home
  110. Iron vs steel clad
  111. misleading choil shots...
  112. Masakage Koishi vs Kurosaki AS Kurouchi
  113. Watanabe
  114. New to good knives, just bought a shun kiritsuke, feeling a bit of regret after finding forum
  115. Anyone who can comment on the Bark River "Super Chef"
  116. Kramer in stock
  117. Which knife/knives?
  118. Wa Gyuto wa gyuto in canada
  119. Mystery Tamahagane Petty: Kanji Help Needed!
  120. Looking to replace my chef knife, advice requested
  121. Unshu Yukimitsu - any experiences?
  122. Looking for my first proper japanese (Gyuto and Petty)
  123. Understanding Honyaki
  124. Balance point on kitchen knives - both double and single bevels
  125. First Own Made Knife
  126. Saya
  127. Xhp steel
  128. Cutting Board Questions
  129. What do you like/dislike about Takedas
  130. Looking for a nice sujihiki
  131. Petty vs Funayuki
  132. Shun sora
  133. best solution to seal gaps in handles
  134. Never used/tried a Deba before. Enlighten my curiosity.
  135. Question About Points
  136. toolsfromJapan
  137. Looking for a replacement for my current Wusthof Chef's knife
  138. Zwilling classic?
  139. cheap Tanakas available at MM
  140. Thin slicer
  141. Mystery knives
  142. Useless knife accessories: Masahiro anti-stick magnet
  143. Acid etched Tojiro for a Christmas gift
  144. Novice Knife guy looking in to Japanese Steel Thoughts on Shinichi Watanabe.
  145. Best Second Knife (First one's a Santoku)
  146. What do you think about Yoshihiro VGYA270SH?
  147. Random choil shot
  148. Question about storing rare knife
  149. Shun Kaji Santoku 7" Cobalt MV Steel vs SG2
  150. Tanaka R2 Wa alert
  151. Anyone tried the Yoshikane Kiritsuke Gyuto?
  152. Grand Chef the same as the Inox?
  153. Sakai Takayuki Tokujo Line, feedback?
  154. Upgrading from Shun Classic Gyuto, $400-$800, Amazed by this new world
  155. Asking question about yoshikane knife
  156. wife used knife
  157. Indecipherable Kanji !
  158. The "Which Knife Should I Buy?" Questionnaire - v98645.1
  159. Holiday Specials?
  160. Kiritsuke Yanagi vs Yanagi
  161. Suminagashi Question
  162. Does a workhorse-esque non-KU/non-Nashiji (ie polished) stainless clad gyuto exist?
  163. current handle makers
  164. Which knife??? Carbon Wa/D handled work gyuto on a budget
  165. Does anyone know what FC61 steel is?
  166. Masakage Shimo or Shibata Kotetsu Gyuto
  167. Looking for pictures of damascus knife with blue burl handle (by Randy?)
  168. Anyone know CCK hardness
  169. Gengetsu
  170. Left Handed Single Bevel Petty
  171. Fischer Bargoin knives
  172. Merry Christmas
  173. Addictively Sharp
  174. Videos of proper Gyuto technique
  175. Nakiri recommendation
  176. Newbie from NY - Shopping Knives
  177. Knife block for 270 + knives
  178. RECOMMENDATION: Gateway Knife - 210mm Gyuto - Powdered Steel? - <$200
  179. Explain Konosuke KD gyuto please
  180. Burn mark on new knives?
  181. Santoku
  182. I really like this cheap knife.
  183. 240mm Gyuto made out of a Sawblade :)
  184. Collecting Kitchen Knives as a Hobby
  185. Ohishi, the brand or the company
  186. Any opinion about Hiromoto honyaki gyuto.
  187. Japan trip
  188. Can I get a recommendation for a starter chef's knife, please?
  189. In the market for my first good knife!
  190. Looking to get a gyuto from a Wester maker
  191. help! Broken tip
  192. Shigefusa kitaeji vs honyaki
  193. From Western to Wa advise
  194. 270mm gyuto recommendation
  195. Deba knives
  196. bread knife
  197. Hi
  198. Steak knife - worth buying expensive ?
  199. Calling out all Doi owners
  200. Convex - concave - convex grind
  201. Single bevel gyuto
  202. Brazilian maker
  203. Carbon Steel Nakiri western handle
  204. First Japanese Knife
  205. Why did I receive Masamoto KS without a saya?
  206. Opinions on the JCK Sazanami Damascus 210mm Gyuto?
  207. Is this Zwilling Kramer okay?
  208. Kiritsuke, usuba and gyuto
  209. Gyuto and Petty knife - Help spend my money - Questionnaire included
  210. Can anyone identify this knife
  211. Watanabe knife performance Standard/Special and Pro
  212. Fujiwara single beveled knives
  213. What was your first Japanese Knife? When did you buy it?
  214. Carter starting to look like Haburn
  215. Wa conversion for a suji?
  216. Who makes the good honyakis
  217. Fujirara Knives difference in range
  218. The best supplement for my Takeda AS Gyuto 240?
  219. Small fracture on brand new yanagiba from Japan
  220. Looking for an under $300 gyuto with some character! Questionnaire included
  221. Surprised don't see post about ceramic
  222. Selling an Original Damascus Kramer...Where?
  223. Please help me find my first J-knife Gyuto - Form Included
  224. Deba use
  225. Sharpening Stone
  226. Help me choose a knife to buy
  227. Question about Damascus on masakage kiri knife
  228. Help me replace my MAC (questionaire included
  229. who has done sabatier modifications?
  230. Masakage Koishi or Syousin Chiku Gyuto 240
  231. Opinions on a Masakage Yuki Gyuto 210
  232. Japanese Knife Identification help!
  233. Searching: Wa Gyuto with nice wooden handle
  234. Looking for a great Chefs knife to learn skills on
  235. Shipping from Canada
  236. Help buying a new knife Japanese/French style knife
  237. Help finding a new chef knife
  238. Suisin Hayate Kizuna 300mm Yanagiba
  239. Importing Knives Directly
  240. Entry level WA gyuto
  241. Does james over at knivesandstones run sales?
  242. Another New Guy Looking For Guidance In Choosing Gyuto
  243. Kiritsukes, Masamoto, and the case of the wrong knife
  244. Pradel cheapo. What angle should I sharpen at? (image supplied)
  245. Torn between many gyutos....
  246. Crack (?) on Sukenari Honyaki
  247. Looking for a wa handle stainless/semi-stainless laser/HD2 alternative
  248. Strange Tanaka grind
  249. Translation for Shigeki Tanaka Knife
  250. Nakiri Question