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  1. Knife article with a UK tilt....
  2. Forge,Anvil,Vise,Drill etc
  3. Old " Hummer
  4. L.& I. J. White edge tools
  5. Another "Help identify this knife" thread
  6. Breakfast and some thoughts on two Kitchen users.
  7. Have you ever damaged your knife due to temperature or light?
  8. G3 or gingami 3 steel
  9. Tuna Tuna knife
  10. who dis??
  11. Sabatier store 84 ST Honure. France
  12. Hattori KD Gyuto - where to get?
  13. The elusive Shigefusa cloud, finally starting to get it
  14. Petty Recommendations
  15. Knife tales of Japan...
  16. please suggest knife for a rookie
  17. Surprises Out of the Box
  18. Balance Pionts
  19. Konosuke Fujiyama
  20. What do you use for really tough foods?
  21. Knife & Fork + Chad Ward
  22. Knife set as a tip for hard-working cook?
  23. Bordering on the absurd.
  24. Beautiful Sheffield Knife
  25. My next knife
  26. Calling out...
  27. Can you show me distal tapers?
  28. Kitchen Knife Virgins
  29. Heavy Patina
  30. A short W.I.P - "refurbish" as practice
  31. 30cm Gyuto
  32. Best damscus pattern for a small knife
  33. suisin inox honyaki price increase
  34. Kitchen Storage
  35. Surprises OOTB - The Positive Side
  36. Tip Work
  37. Can anyone beat this?
  38. Knife Toronto on sale today
  39. pedigree.....
  40. Ultimatum Redux
  41. New knife day, and an (almost) complete Hattori KD family
  42. Konosuke Fujiyama Kiritsuke Gyuto ...ramblings and pics.
  43. Can anyone ID this knife?
  44. Occurred to me
  45. Surf and Turf oh my...
  46. Kind of new knife day!
  47. For non-knife nuts, why carbon?
  48. An unvolontary experiment/experience
  49. I need to know if this Fu Rin Ka Zan gyuto is a good quality, reliable knife?
  50. Best way to clean this up?
  51. One problem solved
  52. Lefty Knife Fix
  53. "Au Nain" chef knife question
  54. Hamokiri
  55. knife recommendation for sushi beginner
  56. Hattori KD re-etched and OOTB
  57. Getting to that time again.....
  58. Rehandled Hattori KD's
  59. new to me and id help
  60. Damascus and patina: How they doin'?
  61. Girlfriend Boyfriend knives
  62. Pricing Previously Owned Knives
  63. Bread knife?
  64. NCD (New Cleaver Day)
  65. The "what would you buy" game...
  66. Help help IDing this yanagi
  67. Thats what happens...
  68. My new little toy (Shigefusa)
  69. Carbonext for j-knife beginner?
  70. Ed Fowler, a great read
  71. First Carters!
  72. sujihiki as all around knife
  73. More than I can chew? (New Konosuke Fujiyama 210 Gyuto)
  74. kuro-uchi and reactivity?
  75. Another Which Knife Thread
  76. does size really matter
  77. can I get anything OK for ~$100? (for sushi)
  78. Some women buy shoes when they're in a mood...
  79. Sakai Yusuke White Steel Gyuto on Ebay?
  80. What´s down your pipe?
  81. Ferrule design question
  82. Under-appreciated masters: Phil Wilson & George Tichbourne
  83. Kochi blue steel gyuto
  84. Kai cut Cleaver
  85. #6 Cleaver: Gesshin Ginga vs Sugimoto and Mizuno
  86. Under-appreciated masters Vol II: Rogers & Haslinger
  87. Looking for a professional-quality knife
  88. Recommend me yanagiba
  89. rehandling even cheapies....
  90. Crummy Carter Handles- Please show yours:
  91. Gmelia Burl
  92. Which 210mm Gyuto Should I Buy?
  93. The paper test and the right angle
  94. Peaches Peaches Peaches
  95. New toy....
  96. Decision time: which 270 guyto?
  97. New Online Japanese Knife Shop in Columbus
  98. I luv you guys & gals
  99. An exotic chefs knife and the story behind it
  100. Cutting Methods and Techniques
  101. petty advice for a lefty
  102. Fit and finish problems with Devin's ITK knives
  103. Kitchen knife throwing mother
  104. Fun day at a cooking class lol
  105. Western Style Japanese Knives
  106. Kramer "Lucky Peach" knife
  107. How kind is End Grain Tasmanian Blackwood on knives?
  108. Shun Premier vs. Shun Reserves
  109. OCD problem with knives
  110. pinch on j-knives
  111. What are you using to score your bread?
  112. Grrr!
  113. Sakai Yusuke Wa Gyuto Stainless 240mm and Suisin Inox Honyaki 240mm Gyuto
  114. Hamons
  115. Too beautiful to use
  116. First Day of School Coming up...What to take
  117. Deal?
  118. My new knife from Heiji
  119. acceptability of imperfections?
  120. Any good single-bevel lefties out there?
  121. The black kitchen mistress
  122. Shun Fuji - are they paying attention?
  123. Shigefusa just arrived JWW
  124. Musk ox horn as a handle material.
  125. Know anything about this camping knife I found?
  126. What should I buy thread?
  127. steak knives
  128. New Konosuke HD Gyuto--Wa Handle separating from ferrule
  129. Wanting knives to match my new kitchen - Melbourne, Australia
  130. Knife Block
  131. To cleaver fan, just saw a yoshi SLD up for sale
  132. Crazy Carter handle
  133. Dont laugh!
  134. Saya makers :)
  135. Shun or Calphalon Katana Santoku?
  136. Some thoughts on knives I saw at ECG
  137. Greatest Kitchen knife makers (bit of fun)
  138. The future of knife cases?
  139. For the knife experts out there...
  140. Mizuno Yanagiba?
  141. How much flex acceptable in a laser?
  142. Which of your expensive knives disappointed you(or steel)?
  143. Carter lost his beans
  144. Blade Show in Yasugi
  145. Beginner looking for a chef's knife
  146. Honyaki?
  147. Stainless at restaurants
  148. Trigger pulled One Each :p
  149. The Deba thread again
  150. carter old stock
  151. Need to buy a set of knives as a present...
  152. Which knife should I buy?
  153. Cutlery and More Japanese knife sale
  154. Suisin Shironiko Yanagiba?
  155. Vintage Knives
  156. Your work horses?
  157. How to assess a deba
  158. In-Drawer Knife Block Options
  159. OotB Kochi 270 yanagi
  160. great knife deal on ebay
  161. Magazine article on Japanese kitchen knives
  162. Differential Heat Treat in a Kitchen Knife. Why?
  163. A little help needed.
  164. 440C Kitchen Knives
  165. handle-blade matches: what do you think?
  166. NKD (well really month): Fowler and Marr
  167. What knife should I buy?
  168. Mcusta-Zanmai
  169. what should I buy, carried over from newbie section
  170. Question about edge sharpness
  171. Board
  172. What knife to buy?
  173. Got the itch....again.
  174. Fillet knife
  175. Carpenter XHP?
  176. Best budget stainless 210 wa gyuto?
  177. Something a little heftier...
  178. Japanese blade measurements?
  179. Nenox quandry
  180. Japanese Kitchen Knives Book, any good?
  181. Suisin Inox VS Artifex
  182. Best Western Handles?
  183. The gyuto grind
  184. What steel?
  185. looking for first laser gyuto
  186. Buying Tojiro Shirogami in europe
  187. Which gyuto/santuko to buy?
  188. Alternative for Tojiro Shirogami knives + some questions.
  189. German knive + Japanese waterstones = ok?
  190. decent gyuto and paring combo?
  191. Yep, I am hooked already
  192. Looking for knife set
  193. Better source of slicers?
  194. Mattrud writes!
  195. Why are so few cooks learning how to maintain their edges?
  196. Handle material - What do you prefer
  197. Student needs a jack-of-most-trades Japanese knife!
  198. Best Chef Knife for around $300-$350
  199. Anyone Know anything in reference to This
  200. Masamoto HC/CT experience?
  201. Pro chef's-to-be, please don't be put-off by carbon steel!
  202. paring knife
  203. Takamura Suminagashi vs Blazen differences
  204. What knife set to buy...?
  205. Help identifying this vintage carbon slicer? 56k warning :)
  206. Another Vintage Knife for ID
  207. SO thats how to do it
  208. Some Susin at a very decent price in Oz/Syd
  209. Another "which knife?" thread
  210. Tadatsuna
  211. N(TM)KD
  212. Difference between Gesshin Ginga and Uraku
  213. Yoshihiro blue #2 wa-gyuto.
  214. 10% Off Sale Japan Woodworker
  215. Anyone use single bevel for normal everyday use?
  216. Any thoughts on Cru Forge V?
  217. Pics of three Yamawaku knives
  218. Honesuki
  219. Super Gold (HRC 61 to 63. Powdered Tool Steel
  220. Mizuno no6 Cleaver
  221. Thick Hinoki (Or Similar) Sushi Cutting Board Source in US or Japan
  222. Vaseline on cutting boards
  223. Has Konosuke Stopped Accepting Direct Orders from International Customers?
  224. Zakuri, Kochi, Gesshin Ginga White Review Request
  225. Knife Draws First Blood - Cutlery 1, Fingers 0
  226. Wildfire cutlery
  227. What knives to buy? (AKA: The question you get all the time)
  228. What knife set to buy? Need help
  229. mystery heel chips
  230. AEB-L steel Artiflex 240
  231. Advice: Fist Knife Custom American Knife Makers
  232. Old Henckels
  233. Ginsan or SKD
  234. Wooden spoon
  235. Zakuri blue #1 kurouchi gyuto NKD
  236. Cleaver based knife set question.
  237. Masamoto price increase is coming to JCK near you
  238. Couple of quick questions
  239. Masamoto 27cm KS slicer.
  240. What exactly does Captain Testicles do, that he does not have time to record cooking vids?
  241. Masamoto KK vs. KS
  242. AEB-L steel knives
  243. Sugimoto oms#6
  244. Hello all, need help choosing first knife
  245. your taste in handles on Japanese knives - a vote?
  246. Sometimes you just have to go back to fundamental
  247. Just pick my damn gyuto please
  248. World Championship Cutting Competition 2012
  249. Reevaluating my knife purchase
  250. Request: Worn knife photo