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  1. Egg White Puree
  2. Custom Aprons
  3. sauce reduction/storage question
  4. Powders?
  5. Sashimi grade fish
  6. Margarita Recipe
  7. Cubing mushrooms?
  8. Yum - Grilled Salmon Heads
  9. Just wanted to share Some Food pics and knife action shots from My last restaurant.
  10. Sodastream
  11. Best brands of high end china, porcelain, tableware?
  12. Bacon Mayonnaise
  13. vests, shoes, hats: what do you use in your kitchen?
  14. Very Cheeky..Pun intended
  15. Fathers Day Cooking
  16. Bakers/kitchen scale help?
  17. What's in your rotation...
  18. Father's Day meat
  19. Last minute help
  20. Any idea how to clean Mauviel Pots?
  21. "Sous Vide on the Cheap" (using a beer cooler)
  22. Early B-Day Present to myself ;)
  23. Diner at The Gallery Restaurant in Charlotte....
  24. Favorite basting/tasting spoons!
  25. custom knife bag maker
  26. Kumato - Anybody recognize this?
  27. fun with prep
  28. Road trip: Omaha beef, ramen and sushi
  29. Dinner in Charlotte with KnyfeKnerd
  30. Dinner in Raleigh with MuchoBocho
  31. summer pork chop recipes?
  32. Cheek Trifecta--Roasted Jowl/Belly
  33. Monk Fish recipe requested
  34. Favorite modernist techniques or foods
  35. Pop-up dinners
  36. Buying frozen meat?
  37. More harvest meat from the basement
  38. what are your favorite vegan dishes?
  39. Hand-cut fries with spicy Sriracha ketchup
  40. What's Your Favorite Hobo Packet for the Grill?
  41. Pesto
  42. i have such a hard time flipping eggs (without a spatula)
  43. Sushi Rice
  44. Salad.
  45. well? how are your tomatoes doing?
  46. Need Advice on Spices
  47. Fresh Garlic
  48. Wagyu Beef
  49. Pressure Cooker, Chamber Vac, Sous Vide Unit....
  50. Homemade hot sauce!
  51. Thermopen Open Box Sale
  52. A DeBuyers Success - egg's w/o sticking
  53. People asked for butchery videos. So here we go.
  54. Chopping on a board with feet?
  55. Steak and Shake
  56. Cheese Boards
  57. Your Family Meals
  58. Pantry Design Help, Please!
  59. Lavender Lemonade recipe
  60. weird late nite snacks
  61. Andhra Pradesh Goat Curry, Sous Vide
  62. hot sauce-if i use both red and green jalapenos will the final product look ugly?
  63. You can't go wrong with shrimp n grits
  64. Pizza on the Barbey
  65. Truffle Hunt
  66. Grilled Caesar Salad
  67. Is a sous vide machine worth the $?
  68. how big of a paella pan?
  69. Which size siphon and charges
  70. anyone encounter a good wine..in a box?
  71. Standalone sous vide heating element....?
  72. Modern Cooking Techniques--Whats not in the book.
  73. Favorite comfort foods
  74. My 'last meal'
  75. Breaking News: A $179 Sous Vide Circulator from Modernist Cuisine Is Coming Soon!
  76. Just Bought Steba
  77. 72-Hour Sous Vide Ribs: Are they worth it? You bet your @$$.
  78. Short Ribs Cheeseburger topped with a Bacon Weave
  79. Pig
  80. Yakitori Suggestions?
  81. Question about low temp cooking (sous vide, slow roast, etc.) and safety
  82. What to do with duck eggs?
  83. Source for good Anchovies?
  84. Pasta sauce storage?
  85. White Queso Dip Recipe
  86. Do You Wash Your Chicken?
  87. Please help me to save PIZZA
  88. Northern Chinese cuisine cookbook?
  89. Salmonella in Your Spices
  90. On the menu: Duck Ragu
  91. Salting Proteins
  92. New to Sous Vide
  93. Where to buy a good Hangiri in Europe
  94. Best resturants around Napa
  95. Chef Tim Love's Tailgating Truck
  96. Tailgating food
  97. White film on vinegar?
  98. Anyone use these Star brand stainless peelers?
  99. Pizza oven for home use?
  100. Katsuobushi Kezuriki krisis
  101. Question about Pernil - Carribbean Pork Shoulder
  102. Baking Steel for Pizza
  103. Do you like pickled radishes?
  104. Local Freshwater Prawns
  105. the almighty scallop
  106. Jalapeno Pie?
  107. fireplace roasted venison
  108. soup bitches!
  109. why a duck?
  110. raw duo
  111. smammich
  112. fromage la
  113. here piggy piggy...
  114. HELP. charcoal grill roasting a boneless leg-o-lamb?
  115. Vacmaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  116. Odds -n- Ends
  117. Fall Fiesta
  118. Roasted chicken with truffles
  119. Blue steel baking sheet
  120. Harvard modernist cooking class
  121. what is your favorite and Least favorite food as a leftover?
  122. Anybody using shio koji as a seasoning or marinade?
  123. Curing Salmon - Anyone does it?
  124. what food generates more negative comment? in your opinion. mine? BEETS.
  125. How do you cook beets?
  126. Turducken
  127. Sous-vide equipement: anybody used Clifton Water Baths?
  128. NOLA Redux
  129. anyone have a great nacho cheese sauce recipe that doesnt involve Velveeta?
  130. Purées That Are Also Baby-friendly
  131. Goat - it's what's for dinner.
  132. Smart Fellas over here at KKF - Help me find a Ladle.....
  133. visions of grandieur! i think i volunteered for T-day!!!
  134. Cooking with beer!
  135. Today's Dinner Tenderloin On Sourdough Bread
  136. Trying to Challah
  137. Learning to cook: Where to start?
  138. Fox and Obel Gone, now where for steak in Chicago ?
  139. Veal cheeks vs. beef cheeks vs. ?
  140. Handheld Citrus Press ?
  141. Halloween Pumpkin
  142. My Korean Talking Rice Cooker
  143. Killer deal on bread proofing bratform baskets
  144. New at work!
  145. Let's talk about plating rice...
  146. Korean BBQ Short Ribs, to go with my rice cooker...
  147. The last of 'em....
  148. Good Tea Sources?
  149. Any fellow Aussies here want to lend a hand
  150. Salmon or Lake Trout stock
  151. choco mousse vs raw eggs
  152. Goat cheese fritters?
  153. Birthday cake
  154. Traveling Food
  155. Turkey time
  156. Help with duck
  157. i'm gonna try to cut refined sugar from my diet..
  158. White Truffles 50% Off
  159. Anyone Have a Good White Truffle Risotto Recipe?
  160. Modernist Cusine At Home on Ipad
  161. Japanese plateware?
  162. Semi-annual batch of homemade chili powder.....15lbs worth....
  163. French Bistro suggestions needed
  164. amsterdam
  165. Wooden kitchen utensils - What do you use/like?
  166. Trisol for Holding Fried foods
  167. Looking for some new Japanese cookbooks
  168. Abundance of slivered almonds
  169. Beef Lust
  170. cream of mushroom from scratch recipe?
  171. how heavy is your turkey for this Thanksgiving?
  172. Cooking resources
  173. BKF alternatives, or homemade?
  174. groovy foods
  175. Anyone have a really good lobster bisque recipe they are willing to share?
  176. My not so traditional Thanksgiving meal.
  177. Leftover traditions
  178. Where to find a Chan Chi Kee Wok?
  179. Butter as thickener
  180. Weeknight Carnitas...
  181. Hamming it up
  182. Pettit four ideas.
  183. i am thinking of roasting a goose. steam it first?
  184. Torch Advice
  186. Sawing Bones
  187. Chopsticks
  188. Serious Eats tests the Anova, Sansaire, and Nomiku Sous-Vide Circulators
  189. Xmas gift to me...vitamix? or chamber vac....
  190. Kim Chee. I love thee.
  191. Gulf Seafood!! And hopefully fish of the world!
  192. Ducks
  193. Bacon
  194. Best olives for Vodka Martinis?
  195. How long in advance to salt steak?
  196. Need a good French toast recipe
  197. Christmas Rib Roast
  198. What are you making for Christmas dinner?
  199. Holiday meal rescues share your tips and stories.
  200. Pickle? Pickle!
  201. Got a Wok. Now what? Tips, tricks, and recipes wanted.
  202. Cool stuff to do in a iSi Siphon?
  203. Steak Temperature Test - Discussion of Physical Approach
  204. Are latte/cappuccino machines worth the money?
  205. Failure!
  206. Anyone tried the Rancho Gordo Beans?
  207. Bread Baking Failure, Need Help!
  208. Fruitcake?
  209. Sous vide cooking and chamber vacuum sealer - where to begin?
  210. Best thing you cooked in 2013?
  211. All Clad vs De Buyer
  212. NYE dinner at Vineyard's End
  213. Do you use non-stick pans?
  214. do you stir constantly, when making rissoto?
  215. Name that dish
  216. Aluminium coated non-stick pans
  217. Duck Stock???
  218. Question on debuyer seasoning
  219. Jacques Pépin is Amazing
  220. Handrolled pasta
  221. What to look for in Thailand?
  222. How to smoke cheese
  223. Thermomix in USA?
  224. Paco in the house?
  225. What are some of your favorite pieces of gear?
  226. Demeyere Atlantis 30% off @ SLT
  227. What size saucepan can't you live without?
  228. Sitram pans
  229. How do you store your meat (at home)?
  230. Mixer for nooooodles
  231. indoor smoker?
  232. Sous Vide Demi for $199
  233. Any use a gravy separator?
  234. Home oven's exhaust sucks, well, doesn't suck. Alternatives?
  235. Chamber Vacs
  236. Sake & Kombu steamed lobsters, finished on the grill
  237. Got any Stock tips?
  238. Iconic / Classic Truffle dishes?
  239. "DRY" Scallops?
  240. Slinging Prime Tonight
  241. Yin Yang
  242. Tall enameled cast iron Dutch oven?
  243. Chef Shoes
  244. The perfect seared duck breast
  245. do you still drink milk?
  246. Slow cooker/Crock Pot Brisket
  247. Pan set
  248. Recommend me a cookbook?
  249. Black garlic
  250. Looking for good Horseradish..