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  1. Tojiro Overhaul.
  2. Shaping and finishing a knife handle
  3. Balance??
  4. tips for first mod attempt?
  5. Go Figure: How Do You Know?
  6. Killer wood deals
  7. Storch Damascus Course
  8. Can we make a knife here?
  9. Primer on finishing on stones? (As opposed to paper)
  10. Doctor, doctor
  11. I think I want to commission a knife
  12. micarta & tru oil
  13. My sharpening tool
  14. Must have tools
  15. Wood Sanding, finish
  16. Which woods are easier to work with?
  17. Visualizing What a New Handle Will Look Like
  18. Turning blank collection
  19. 3 finger pinchy
  20. Damaged Damascus blade
  21. Saya Pin and Hole
  22. Cubitron scratches ???
  23. Deadheads and Sinkers
  24. [NEED] Knife Handle Sealant
  25. Newb handle making question
  26. CCK Cleaver Looks Like Crap ... Now What?
  27. Handle making setup?
  28. D Handle measurement
  29. CTS-XHP
  30. Disc Sanders
  31. mammoth tooth??
  32. Sb1/ Niolox
  33. Preventing rust during storage or in the shop
  34. Abranet by Mirka
  35. What to expect when getting wood dyed and stabilized
  36. Shortening a Wa handle without removing it from knife
  37. Wood Stabilization Questions
  38. Purchasing abrasives
  39. Cleaver handle replacement tutorial needed
  40. Grinding wheels
  41. Does Anybody Own a Bob Loveless Droppoint Hunter (see picture inside)
  42. Cocobolo as a sheath material?
  43. Cutting f1 felt advice?
  44. Erasing the patina
  45. Boogered-Up Makers Mark
  46. Colour Case Hardening- Old school Gun HT
  47. Cleaning Diamond Plates
  48. tips on polishing
  49. Amateur blade cutting/shaping solution
  50. High HRC Heat Treat for AEB-L?
  51. forged kitchen knife class
  52. Coatings
  53. Re-Handling: tips, advice
  54. Rounding the spine...
  55. Where to buy mammoth molar & musk ox
  56. Your favorite handles!
  57. Flamed Redwood Sighting
  58. Mammoth Ivory
  59. TW-90 Surface Grinding Attachment
  60. Usuba refurb / sharpening
  61. Chef Niloc, do you still recommend theElenco XP-625 AC/DC Power Supply for etching or do you
  62. Stripping CCK Cleaver
  63. Steel supply in Ontario Canada
  64. Safe way to round the spine on Damascus gyuto
  65. What kind of Belt Grinders do you guys have?
  66. Knocking off Handles
  67. Cutting wooden scale
  68. Rehandle Help
  69. Home-Grown Cherry Tree Burl
  70. Wood for a block.
  71. Blade Advise
  72. Saya Nomi Chisel
  73. D handle question
  74. Making a D-shaped wa-handle
  75. Hegner HSM 300
  76. handle help
  77. Long time chef wanting to re-handle
  78. Sanding Belts
  79. Most fool-proof way to reprofile edge?
  80. Stripping the KU from a Carter
  81. Hiromoto bolsters - how are they attached? How is the blade hardened?
  82. Nice tool for knife making
  83. Need help with rehandling
  84. Pink ebony?
  85. Affordable VG-10 blades for rehandling?
  86. Questions on this knife making video.
  87. Round the Spine
  88. Micarta
  89. Arizona Desert Ironwood
  90. My belt sander is attacking me - help!
  91. Speaking of ironwood
  92. Cutting a stone?
  93. Novice guide to handle making needed please
  94. Making Paring and Chef's Knives
  95. 1095 vs 1084 vs 52100
  96. I have an interesting knife - how would you sharpen it?
  97. Wanted: Design Input
  98. Smokey Joe
  99. vinegar bath fundamentals
  100. Small Batch Heat treating companies in or around North Carolina
  101. Input needed - How to present heat treat info in the knife steel app
  102. Recommended Belt Progression
  103. Drill Doctor
  104. Forced Drying of Wood?
  105. Anodizing a blade? Anyone try it?
  106. Cracked Ferrule
  107. Removing scratches from a damascus petty
  108. Murray Carter's High End Wa-Handles
  109. KMG 3HP on 220V psu with VFD ( Variable Speed)
  110. Handle remove
  111. Pollyanna Burl
  112. Respirators?
  113. Power Stropping - Ever Consider Trying It?
  114. Any experience with wood dynamics stabilization
  115. Black Walnut, for a handle....
  116. Re-handling advice. How to avoid wearing out drill bits.
  117. Vertical mill machining knives
  118. Blade Cleaning
  119. handle on Ryusen Tsuchime Damascus Gyuto
  120. drill bits lenght and sanding paper
  121. First knife Q's
  122. Questions regarding rehandling a CCK KF2208 and KF2201.
  123. Wa rehandle
  124. Wild Almond Burl/Pollyanna Burl: Are they the same?
  125. Moisture % on a wood block before stabilizing
  126. Evenheat vs Paragon Oven
  127. Having trouble making flat grinds on my grinder.
  128. re-profiling Masamoto VG gyuto
  129. Quick Drilling Question
  130. Rehandle materials
  131. Big hunk of wood...
  132. Need advise on making a honeycomb de-capping knife
  133. Suggestions on glossy finish on knife handle, CA glue or?
  134. Seeking handle finishing advice.
  135. Koa Split While Drilling
  136. Enlarging Tang Hole
  137. Dust Everywhere--Help
  138. Shop
  139. Amboyna
  140. Maybe new slicer ?
  141. Need a Drill Press, Opinions??
  142. Adjusting machi gaps
  143. Kydex Sheaths - What Tools are Required?
  144. Noob questions about wa handles
  145. Largest knife scales I have ever seen....
  146. Removing scratches from the blade
  147. Humid Garage, please help
  148. Taking off too much wood with a rehandle
  149. Wa handle Removal
  150. How to make the slot in a Wa handle?
  151. How to put kanji or other marks on a blade?
  152. Drillin pin holes, need your help?
  153. Anyone Have a Source?
  154. Grit recommendations needed.
  155. High Temp Gloves
  156. Anyone ever rehandle a Cutco?
  157. How do i rehandle wa style to be like this? Pic inside
  158. Honey colored horn
  159. Finishing re handle
  160. Question on Sanding down tang
  161. Linen Micarta Handle Refinishing
  162. Cryogenic treatment, with versus without
  163. Wa handles-to taper or not to taper?
  164. Wood Dynamics
  165. Metal pin streaking
  166. Darkening, matching wood
  167. filling checks and voids in an endgrain cutting board?
  168. How to make inner radii?
  169. What makes a certain makers heat treat better than anothers?
  170. Belt Sander Question
  171. Anyone know about Mahogany?
  172. Bandsaws
  173. Sharpening Stone Stands
  174. Plastidip
  175. Choil shots
  176. recon stone
  177. mosaic pin problems
  178. D handle advice
  179. Wulff heavy duty sharpener
  180. Kato handle removal
  181. Trying to get a centerline for grinding with distal tapers and warps.
  182. Any experience with Malaysian Blackwood?
  183. To Binsui or not to Binsui
  184. should 5 year old waxed wood blanks be dry?
  185. How big are Japanese water wheels?
  186. Restoring Old Blades
  187. Keeping balance point for finished knife when making/adding new handles - thoughts?
  188. KMG Grinder
  189. is epoxy enough?
  190. Starter Belt Sander
  191. Takeda teenie weenie tangs?
  192. European exotic wood suppliers
  193. Sanding Progresion
  194. Heat resistant woods
  195. How to cut up a root ball??
  196. Best forced patina for soft iron?
  197. wa handle making tools and guide
  198. Epoxy question
  199. Ferrule to handle attachment
  200. segmented western suggestions
  201. thoughts on different stainless steels
  202. Wa handle making and installation tutorials?
  203. First knife to make
  204. custom shape sujihiki with square lines
  205. Koa - pros and cons for no stabilization
  206. Removing a half installed Wa handle
  207. integral bolster issues
  208. Thoughts on grinders
  209. How to fill the void on the handle
  210. How to Make a Chaotic Pattern Endgreain Cutting Board
  211. Problems with combining stabilized and non-stabilized woods?
  212. Overgrind. What is it? How does someone do it? And more importantly how do I avoid it?
  213. Anyone use spindle sanders?
  214. please help with handle
  215. uses for oddly shaped wood.
  216. drilltrouble 15n20
  217. Mirror Polishing
  218. Hatchet Help and WIP
  219. Paper Micarta black
  220. The Simplest Surface Grinder Belt Conversion- Ultra Short WIP
  221. Source for Knife Blanks
  222. Places for heat treating steel
  223. I want to learn
  224. Why and why not? Grinding/ polishing questions.
  225. What thickness stock for pairing knives?
  226. Metal spacers on WA handles
  227. electrified
  228. Green Stamina scales?
  229. Handle grain direction
  230. Burls... Australian sources?
  231. Hunter knife handle carving/inlay
  232. The Kitchen Table--Chopping Block Project
  233. wood knife boxes
  234. Super excited that I added this to the shop!
  235. Re heat treatment on vintage knives
  236. Cutting Board Help
  237. Drying maple burl
  238. Ebay seller Premiumknifesupply.inc
  239. Making knives
  240. 2" x 72" belt grinder in australia?
  241. Polishing Old JA Henkels Steel
  242. Wootz
  243. Planer/Jointer question
  244. Ebony handle, putting a finish on it?
  245. Etching in Sweden
  246. What is it with wa handle makers?
  247. Filework on a chef's knife?
  248. Saya a little too tight
  249. M3 Composite for bolster
  250. Handle material suppliers