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  1. source of tamahagane ? china ?
  2. Looking for a natural wood that is slightly tacky when wet (water)?
  3. Recommended reading?
  4. Where to get bone and horn for handles ?
  5. Magnets
  6. Sanding discs - which and where?
  7. rehandling a corkscrew?
  8. Magnetic Knife Bar
  9. What wood to use for a knife rack?
  10. wooden knife presentation boxes
  11. Lignum Vitae by the pound
  12. Wrap around cladding on yanagis...
  13. Burnt Chestnut wood
  14. Any Opinions on a Toolex "Shop Smith"?
  15. Woods to Work with... The blackisted? and the best?
  16. Steel for stock removal method
  17. What grinder is in your shop?
  18. gluing cocobolo?
  19. Wtb stabilized olive blank
  20. Grandfathers knife renewal. Advice needed.
  21. Aebl heat treatment
  22. How do you install a wa handle on a knife? Is it difficult?
  23. Designs
  24. any problems using unstabilized Cocobolo and Sonokeling
  25. Pin Size
  26. using veneer as spacer material
  27. Looking to Make or Buy (an affordable) 2x72 Grinder
  28. Idea for simplifying installation of ready made WA handles
  29. Attaching a horn ferrule to a wood handle the oldschool way
  30. super glue finish on kitchen knife handle?
  31. What is a good speed for a belt grinder?
  32. What to do with a broken tang
  33. Buffer safety tips?
  34. The intentional creation of banding in the forging process
  35. Question for fellow Dutch members about rehandling
  36. Spindle sanders?
  37. Bufallo horn
  38. Black micarta blocks?
  39. Turning my old dirty garage into a workshop
  40. Photo Enhancement
  41. Removing scratches from sharpening.
  42. what material should be used to coat the knife before acid etching?
  43. What Magnets for making wooden knife rack?
  44. Western to wa
  45. Rounding smoothing choil
  46. Burn in question
  47. New Old Sabatier Reconditioning Question
  48. Files for tang hole
  49. What size block of wood for Wa-Handles
  50. Wa Handle Jig?
  51. How do you heat your workshop
  52. Sealing WA handles
  53. Let's talk chisels
  54. How to remove the handle from a Sakai Yusuke suji
  55. i've been thinking of making some leather goods for myself. tools. the tools!
  56. How to fix holes in a blade.
  57. Finally figuring out hand sanding...
  58. Beall wood buff wheels
  59. Grinder question
  60. Copper sheet as liner?
  61. Convert full tang/half tang to stick tang, is the tang hardened?
  62. Cane toad sayas & other questionable ideas...
  63. what is the best edge thickness before the heat treatment ?
  64. Corby Bolts vs. Pins
  65. Making my first knife on the super cheap...1095
  66. Knife handle staining/polishing
  67. Safety in workshop
  68. who make this handle?
  69. Re-handle questions.
  70. Sumac
  71. Wood for mag bar
  72. Australian source for saya wood?
  73. Improving the clarity on hardwood knife handles...
  74. Question about Spacers
  75. product for sealing tang
  76. best wood to get started on rehandling??
  77. Mounting Handles with Reversible Glue - Experimental Process....for those curious or interested
  78. [Tru-Oil] Horn Ferrule
  79. Tip Repair: Shun Edition
  80. Thinning my F. Dick ProDynamic
  81. Getting started on making cooking knives...any tips?
  82. choosing the right wood for knife bar
  83. time to rehandle some basic westerns
  84. Recommend any knives for rehandling practice?
  85. Beginner Questions - Buckeye Burl Santoku
  86. Knifemaker
  87. Getting pins flush with handle scales
  88. Advice for the easing/rounding of spines
  89. Tojiro Hammered Mini Spa
  90. tools for making sayas?
  91. How do you guys test your work? Also, I'm talking to a smith to start making saya nomi. Interested?
  92. Guidelines for Use of "Shop Talk"
  93. What alloy steel can support thin geometries?
  94. sabatier paring blank..to have finished
  95. FYI- Saya nomi on sale from Japan Woodworker
  96. Thinking of learning forging. Any tips?
  97. Ebonizing Handles
  98. Systems Three T-88 vs Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy
  99. Japanese Knife Blank
  100. How to cut Musk Ox boss
  101. Glue for Strops
  102. First Knife from Scratch
  103. Love my Kalamazoo 1X42 belt sander
  104. Is it possible to reshape regular takobiki ---> sakimaru takobiki?
  105. Gas Forge
  106. Old School Grinding Wheel
  107. Tools for beginner woodworking
  108. How heavy is too heavy?
  109. Listing of (custom) knife makers/handle makers
  110. D2 knives right after heat treatment. Can you tell me more about the colors?
  111. Any places with superb curly koa or rosewood burl blanks?
  112. Belt Sander?
  113. Info Post Knifemaker Advice
  114. Restoration of vintage knives?
  115. Reclaiming a workshop.
  116. Advice needed on restoring an F. Dick Scimitar.
  117. Help with Bandsaw Blade
  118. birdseye or bird's eye handle rivets
  119. Linen Micarta Source
  120. making a knife sheath
  121. Advice/help on learning how to make Wa-handles
  122. octo wa handle removal
  123. C-Tek handle material
  124. How to cut a maple side burl for figure
  125. Always get insurance
  126. 2x72 belt recommendations
  127. How to round the spine and the choil?
  128. Dust collectors?
  129. Removing a plastic Henckels handle - Advice please
  130. Drill Bits
  131. Does anyone have a fish style handle tutorial?
  132. Where to buy 52100 / 1.3505 / 100cr6 in Europe?
  133. Found an old kiln. Useful?
  134. A Handlemaking Question
  135. Powered balde steel saw
  136. Bought an anvil, got free tongs. Need help with ID
  137. Belt grinders - where do I start?
  138. Best 1x30" sanding belts for stock removal (please read)?
  139. Painting sayas
  140. Wa handle alternative material suggestions, from the sea?
  141. How do you grind kitchen knife blades (stock removal) ?
  142. Question about paper sanding - blade finishing afer HT
  143. Wa Handle Plans/Template
  144. Looking for knife makers near Napa, CA
  145. Where to buy Hitachi Steel in the US
  146. Working with woodshed wood
  147. All my questions will be going here. Expect a lot.
  148. Custom knife handle question
  149. custom saya!
  150. Shun Monogram Removal
  151. (re)grinding hardened flat ground blanks as a way to improve ones grinding skills?
  152. Etching w ferric chloride advice for a noob
  153. Spalted Tamarind or Spalted Pecan
  154. Inexpensive, smaller Bandsaw or table top saw
  155. Bandsaw upgrade recommendations?
  156. Value stabilizing setup
  157. Urasuki (hollow grind) on a yanagi-ba. Is it totally necessary?
  158. Wtb small brass piece
  159. Need help/advice on transporting 2x72" grinder from UK to DE
  160. Heat treat oven?
  161. Radius platen for a 2x72" grinder ... ?
  162. setting new handle
  163. Just picture the forge...
  164. Pewter mold casting for bolsters
  165. Knife handle question - need some guidance
  166. Want It!
  167. How to 'square up things' ?
  168. Where do I start with etching a maker's mark on a knife?
  169. Current custom handle makers?
  170. Burnt/scorched wood finish (and other finishes)
  171. Wood finishing for handles and sayas
  172. 2 new kitchen utility knives in the works
  173. Wood for first saya
  174. Thinning and refinishing Gesshin Hide 225 mm guto
  175. Choose a dremel or an angle grinder for knife making?
  176. Confused about knife handle repair
  177. stock removal supply
  178. Community shop?
  179. plasma cutter?
  180. Grinding away
  181. Tips for hand sawing handle scales for western handles and blocks for wa handles?
  182. Bandsaw for handle & saya making
  183. Making a saya with hand tools only
  184. Portable work table thoughts?
  185. Homemade mosaic pins
  186. Flattening hardwood board (to mount a natural sharpening stone)
  187. Question about TUNGSTEN HSS for Cutlery and Breakdown knives
  188. Fixing saya fit
  189. Possible to get Kurouchi on non-forged stainless steel?
  190. Mid Stage Sharpening Methods
  191. Bench grinder multitool attachment
  192. Epoxy & nickel silver spacers
  193. Polishing buffalo horn (ferrule) - how?
  194. Joshua De lisle AWCB forging Stags and how to videos.
  195. If It Pings...
  196. River of Fire?
  197. Hydraulic press more dangerous than power hammer?
  198. Good Knife-Related Metallurgy Resources?
  199. Making a knife from an old knife
  200. Straightening a Tang for Custom Wa-Handle Install
  201. Burnishing wood
  202. Sand Paper Advice?
  203. How to grind a single bevel knife
  204. Carter Cutlery - Career Opportunity
  205. New sanding belts received tightly rolled - now what?
  206. Reducing Tang Size
  207. Reduce Full Tang
  208. Removing handle with LOTS of glue help.
  209. Glue to install WA handle
  210. Steel Split in handle
  211. Looking for some guidance on crafting for an Oysterman
  212. Tack welding Damascus billets
  213. Norton Belt Info/Catalog
  214. ISO Re-handling
  215. Active noise cancelling headphones for the workshop (grinder)?
  216. stock removal kitchen knife, basic tools
  217. Options when wa handle hole is bigger than tang.
  218. Etching materials
  219. Files for wood
  220. Bladesmith Resources + Tools for beginner ?
  221. Tungsten blade core possible?
  222. Handle install - advice needed
  223. Hollowing out wa knife handles
  224. firing knife blank
  225. Steel/HT for compatibility with 'honing' steel
  226. Disk Sander recomendations
  227. Your Recommended Finish for a "Working" Knife
  228. Handle Finish
  229. Scratch removal after HT on monosteel blades
  230. Knife making for a beginner
  231. Bevel Shaving
  232. Hardness and edge geometry
  233. Belt sanding analysis paralysis
  234. Stainless etching options - restoring Shun finish
  235. Carbon Steel and diamond plates
  236. Blue prints for knife rack/ knife block
  237. Abrasive sheet makers
  238. Good place to buy handle parts?
  239. Finishing Handles!
  240. Who can weld hardened stainless steel (Niolox)?
  241. Anyone use plate quenching?
  242. Piece of old railroad track
  243. Any good saya making tutorials out there?
  244. Anybody use white g10 spacers for western rehandles?
  245. Reshaping western handle
  246. which steels ? new forge project, first Damascus san mai
  247. Difficulty reprofiling a knife
  248. Making a saya for a Takeda gyuto
  249. Forge welding rebar to O1 - did it succeed ?
  250. Hand held chamfer tools for de-burring