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  1. Good Blanks?
  2. source of tamahagane ? china ?
  3. Looking for a natural wood that is slightly tacky when wet (water)?
  4. Recommended reading?
  5. Where to get bone and horn for handles ?
  6. Magnets
  7. Sanding discs - which and where?
  8. rehandling a corkscrew?
  9. Magnetic Knife Bar
  10. What wood to use for a knife rack?
  11. wooden knife presentation boxes
  12. Lignum Vitae by the pound
  13. Wrap around cladding on yanagis...
  14. Burnt Chestnut wood
  15. Any Opinions on a Toolex "Shop Smith"?
  16. Woods to Work with... The blackisted? and the best?
  17. Steel for stock removal method
  18. What grinder is in your shop?
  19. gluing cocobolo?
  20. Wtb stabilized olive blank
  21. Grandfathers knife renewal. Advice needed.
  22. Aebl heat treatment
  23. How do you install a wa handle on a knife? Is it difficult?
  24. Designs
  25. any problems using unstabilized Cocobolo and Sonokeling
  26. Pin Size
  27. using veneer as spacer material
  28. Looking to Make or Buy (an affordable) 2x72 Grinder
  29. Idea for simplifying installation of ready made WA handles
  30. Attaching a horn ferrule to a wood handle the oldschool way
  31. super glue finish on kitchen knife handle?
  32. What is a good speed for a belt grinder?
  33. What to do with a broken tang
  34. Buffer safety tips?
  35. The intentional creation of banding in the forging process
  36. Question for fellow Dutch members about rehandling
  37. Spindle sanders?
  38. Bufallo horn
  39. Black micarta blocks?
  40. Turning my old dirty garage into a workshop
  41. Photo Enhancement
  42. Removing scratches from sharpening.
  43. what material should be used to coat the knife before acid etching?
  44. What Magnets for making wooden knife rack?
  45. Western to wa
  46. Rounding smoothing choil
  47. Burn in question
  48. New Old Sabatier Reconditioning Question
  49. Files for tang hole
  50. What size block of wood for Wa-Handles
  51. Wa Handle Jig?
  52. How do you heat your workshop
  53. Sealing WA handles
  54. Let's talk chisels
  55. How to remove the handle from a Sakai Yusuke suji
  56. i've been thinking of making some leather goods for myself. tools. the tools!
  57. How to fix holes in a blade.
  58. Finally figuring out hand sanding...
  59. Beall wood buff wheels
  60. Grinder question
  61. Copper sheet as liner?
  62. Convert full tang/half tang to stick tang, is the tang hardened?
  63. Cane toad sayas & other questionable ideas...
  64. what is the best edge thickness before the heat treatment ?
  65. Corby Bolts vs. Pins
  66. Making my first knife on the super cheap...1095
  67. Knife handle staining/polishing
  68. Safety in workshop
  69. who make this handle?
  70. Re-handle questions.
  71. Sumac
  72. Wood for mag bar
  73. Australian source for saya wood?
  74. Improving the clarity on hardwood knife handles...
  75. Question about Spacers
  76. product for sealing tang
  77. best wood to get started on rehandling??
  78. Mounting Handles with Reversible Glue - Experimental Process....for those curious or interested
  79. [Tru-Oil] Horn Ferrule
  80. Tip Repair: Shun Edition
  81. Thinning my F. Dick ProDynamic
  82. Getting started on making cooking knives...any tips?
  83. choosing the right wood for knife bar
  84. time to rehandle some basic westerns
  85. Recommend any knives for rehandling practice?
  86. Beginner Questions - Buckeye Burl Santoku