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  1. HHH Knives LINE Knife!!!
  2. F/S African Black wood 240mm Gyuto F/S
  3. Its cold like COLD!!!
  4. A few available knives!
  5. HHH Knives custom damascus gyuto's
  6. F/S AEB-l Stainless Gyuto. Burl wood handle
  7. Dino- RITE!!!!
  8. 240mm Reworked F/S Stainless and rosewood burl.
  9. Used, HHH Paring knife. F/S
  10. Pass around. Midway line knife
  11. F/S Midway line knife.
  12. My First cleaver and its a Fish Handle!!
  13. HHH Custom 270mm Gyuto. Chefs Knife
  14. Available knives.. Members only SALE!!!
  15. Santoku CPM 154
  16. Jerry Hossom
  17. I LOVE Rosewood Burl!
  18. Damascus Cross pendents
  19. MTN in Dubyah pattern damascus
  20. Damascus billets F/S
  21. Feather damascus billet F/S
  22. New web site to go LIVE tonight!
  23. Single bevel custom.
  24. Lighting pattern damascus billet F/S
  25. Damascus Killer death spike!
  26. ITS ALIVE!
  27. SALE.. 240 gyuto.
  28. BIG news!!! Check it out.
  29. Lets talk GRILLS!!! BBQ grills that is!
  30. Basketweave, feather, Tribal and many more NEW billets listed.
  31. SALE Last of the 240's SALE!!!!
  32. Oh my back!!