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  1. Interactive Knife Steel Composition Chart
  2. Japanese Kitchen Knife Types & Styles
  3. Japanese Kitchen Knife Terminology
  4. Japanese Knife Parts - Pronunciation
  5. Kitchen Knife Glossary
  6. Android Steel Chart 2.1 published
  7. Primary/Secondary Bevel Discrepancy
  8. Audio added to Japanese kitchen knife types Db
  9. Discourse on why I love Chinese Cleavers re-post
  10. Knife Steel Chart for iphones
  11. The 'kanji' on our knives
  12. kanji
  13. cleaver tracings
  14. Japanese knife lexicon for searching Rakuten, Ebay.jp, etc.
  15. Bread Knife Patterns
  16. What is retained austenite? How does martensite form?
  17. Japanese Knife Anatomy & Terminology Illustrated
  18. Three Gyuto Profiles
  19. Japanese Handle Styles
  20. Initial Sharpening questions
  21. Old knife - wondering about use
  22. Wiki?
  23. Help identify this blade construction
  24. Help my Masahiro hunt!
  25. Shigefusa "Brands"
  26. questions about handle woods
  27. Finger divot in Choil- Name is?
  28. Blade Heavy (thick at spine) slicer?
  29. Anybody read Kanji?
  30. Kurouchi Kato Choil Shot
  31. Engraving on Japanese kitchen knives?
  32. Are all Japanese knives made from harder steel?
  33. Japanese wa-handle woods
  34. Signiture ID.
  35. "traditional" japanese knives
  36. Kato Hunter
  37. Kato Worhkorse core steel?
  38. no love for the knife
  39. Help identifying a knife
  40. shigefusa knife is dead!
  41. I thought VG-10 is stainless... o_O
  42. Mutsumi Himoura
  43. Bell forest is having a cocobolo sale
  44. Question for blade smiths and metallurgists about honyakis and retained Austenite
  45. Kanji Identification
  46. Blue 2 knives- Mizuno and Tanaka
  47. Takamura R2 Migaki/Akagouhan
  48. A good 210 Japanese gyuto?
  49. Looking for a "war horse" japanese with western handle gyuto 210mm.
  50. Santoku identification
  51. RECOMMENDATION: Yaxell Super Gou v. Kramer Euroline Damascus v. Shun Reserve
  52. Help identify a knife
  53. Yoshi and Kato?
  54. Gyuto for newbie
  55. Best Knife Maker in Texas
  56. Knife ID Help, please
  57. Are the Fujimoto Nashiji and Blue Moon knife lines the same?
  58. Monosteel workhorses and honyaki
  59. What's your favourite workhorse?
  60. Help with Aritsugu type and value
  61. First-time J-knives for chopping?
  62. Ice knife?
  63. Your thoughts on edge profiles and balance points.
  64. Suji vs Gyuto and thickness behind the edge
  65. What type/shape of knife meets the following uncommon requirements:
  66. Differences between Tanaka B2 Damascus and KU
  67. Watanabe Nakiri handles
  68. wich knife should i buy?
  69. Thoughts on Kohetsu knives?
  70. Knives ghosted by ups
  71. Help me chose a 210 gyuto
  72. Mutsumi Hinoura Knives
  73. finish knife blank
  74. Handle making equipment
  75. Need Bare Bones "Set" of Quality Knives
  76. Slicing meat with a crust
  77. Old School Deba
  78. A towel is the most massively useful thing an interstellar knife enthusiast can have
  79. Chinese cleavers- lend me your knowledge.
  80. Looking for a lighter use gyuto to augment my heavy use knives
  81. Watanabe?
  82. Mexican meat knife? Anyone know what this is?
  83. Kasumi (brand) knives
  84. Lasers- current state of play
  85. What makes a honyaki a honyaki?
  86. Heat treatments and forging
  87. Interesting use of a sobakiri and honesuki!
  88. CCK 1103
  89. Yoshihiro black forge kiritsuke knife. Black part is fading
  90. Western Rehandling in Germany
  91. Need help with Friedr Herder combo Knife Fork
  92. A Basic Explanation of Asymmetry
  93. Which 180MM Deba for Fish Fillet
  94. Advice to J knife newbies
  95. Rec for Ginsanko Deba?
  96. Masahiro "MS-8" stainless steel
  97. Cut Brooklyn Wa handled gyutos—anyone tried them?
  98. Photos of blue/white/yellow steel "paper"?
  99. Honyaki petty
  100. Choosing between honesukis
  101. Oyster Knives / recommendation & discussion
  102. Significance of "lines' on forgecraft knives
  103. Need your thoughts-150mm petty shootout
  104. Best knife to break down whole roasted turkey
  105. Kanji ID
  106. Yanagiba identification
  107. Japan-tool.com....reliable?
  108. Knife Maker Identification
  109. Another Japanese Knife Maker Id
  110. Another knife id
  111. Kanji Identification
  112. knife ID kanji
  113. Looking for japanese knife vendors in EU
  114. Shops that do engraving
  115. Sukenari europe
  116. Can anything be done for the back side of this Yanagiba?
  117. Masamoto ks wa gyuto clones
  118. French profile Japanese gyuto
  119. Forcing an artistic patina
  120. Recommended knife making tutorial
  121. Different kind of steel used in J-knives
  122. Knife recommendation
  123. What gyuto should i buy
  124. Knife Maker Id
  125. Kanji identification -- old Ittosai?
  126. This western style Honesuki is amazing, does anyone recognize the brand....?
  127. home knife making: monosteel vs cladding
  128. Kanji identification help please
  129. Tanaka, Konosuke, or Kikuichi?
  130. Help me identify old deba
  131. What are the pros and cons of a Tojiro DP Paring Knife vs. Shun Classic (Premier, VG10 stuff) paring
  132. Grind Question?
  133. Knife Questionnaire
  134. The most bulletproof stainless steels
  135. Interested to learn more about Yoshikane SLD suji and gyuto
  136. Visiting Melbourne
  137. Edge refinement for various steels
  138. kanji identification?
  139. What totally plebian knife do I have?
  140. Knives in Singapore
  141. Do we know who manufactured the Dione Lucas French made Sabatier ?
  142. Akebono