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01-05-2013, 05:47 AM
Time to plan my next business trip to Japan :spin chair:

I have bought today tickets for our next ture to Japan :)
This time we viset many more blacksmith along with many more Stone wholesalers and also we take a trip to Ohira quarry.
I will also look for many new products, gadgets that we will cary in my Store
I make sure to make many videos and pictures.

We will be gone 1 April to the 10 April this year !

So if you have any questions to blacksmiths or special things you want us to look in to in Japan please let me know.

01-05-2013, 07:39 AM
Maxim, I'm very interesting Tsukasa Hinoura's knives; if you able to meet him & ask him if he could make knives for you with supply at reasonable discount price(like Kato gyuto).....I'll be first one to purchase it!! I have friend in Japan try to do that; but, it never happen:(

01-05-2013, 08:05 PM
Hope you have fun in Japan, and bring bunches of stuff back for all of us :angel2::D

02-11-2013, 08:41 AM
For sure we will see something amazing coming from you.

I'd like to ask you if visiting the ohira quarry will you have the possibility to take a batch of ohira renge suita as you did in the past


We will have to wait to see the news :). Have a nice trip

02-11-2013, 09:15 AM
I think i have them sooner then my trip :D

02-11-2013, 10:03 AM
Have fun!! Remember to eat tons of delicious food. :D

02-11-2013, 10:06 AM
Ohh believe me Japan is like food haven for me :D
I am fish eater and love raw fish and meat

02-11-2013, 01:47 PM
We want lots of pictures too :D

02-11-2013, 04:12 PM
Also some vids of the different places....:lol2:

02-13-2013, 08:28 AM
I forgot to ask if you have already some "date" for the ohira...thanks

02-13-2013, 08:32 AM
They are on website now :)