View Full Version : A sharpening experiment, a few questions and your opinions

01-22-2013, 01:01 AM
Ive been sharpening one of my "spare" CCK cleavers like this for a few weeks (I sharpen almost every Monday night with touchups throughout the week) and wanted to share my results, ask a few questions, and get your guys opinions and thoughts.

First off, I ran the edge down to practically nothing before starting as to not have to worry about grinding it flat. After it was butter knife dull, I started sharpening only the right side (I'm right handed) as if it was a single bevel. Well, actually I treated as it was. I know nothing new, but never heard of it being done on a cleaver, let alone one as thin as a 1303. It gets razor sharp, and has developed a good asymmetric bevel. I do strop the flat side on a dry 1200k stone after sharpening, so it does have a minuscule bevel. I will try to get pics when I can. I take the right side to a pretty aggressive angle, almost touching the whole blade face

My results have been pretty good. I seem to be able to get it sharper than before, again, like a single bevel knife, and edge retention as seemed to stay the same. Edge lasts almost all week with a few strops on unloaded leather every other day or so. Have have not seen any major steering issues, only on really hard veg like monster carrots and turnips and the like. Harder squash actually seem to steer less, go figure.

Now I have to give some input as to how I use this cleaver. I use it for practically everything. Veg, in chop, push cut, and even slicing motions. I also cut a lot of soft proteins like cooked and raw chicken, duck, beef, and raw fish occasionally when in a rush. On end grain and edge grain wood and also poly boards. I don't baby it, not one bit.

My questions are:
Have I just created a single bevel cleaver, and have gotten lucky or is this how thinner single bevels act compared to thicker ones? I've only used a single bevel in a cheap usaba, and it was pretty damn thick.

I recently purchased a Tojiro ITK kiritsuke to play around with. I thought I was lucky and didn't have any overground issues, but after a few good sharpening and thinning, one near the heal is starting to show its ugly head. So as I'm going to reprofile it anyway, making it flatter while I'm at it, was wondering how this experiment would work? It already has a nice asymmetry to it, so this would really just be taking it more extreme, I think... What do you think. I'm thinking I would have some steering issues, as this knife is much thicker, but am not sure.

I hope this makes sense. It's been a long day, and a few beers and my spelling sucks, lol. But either way, thanks in advance. I just can't seem to leave well enough alone sometimes. Even though both knives were bought to play around with


Keith Sinclair
01-22-2013, 01:52 PM
Never SB a cleaver,but if it works who is to argue.I turned a white steel assem. Gyuto into a single bevel.It works well.Easy to sharpen,is superb for peeling fruits fr. pineapples to oranges.