View Full Version : Need IT help with google drive and other things

02-01-2013, 08:52 PM
Well, I would like to move into the 21st century and reorganize my computer and mobile setup. My hope is to streamline and simplify. Just the basic setup:

I have one desktop (pc Win 7, mostly for photo stuff and surfing), one notebook (Win 7, mostly for work), one Ipad (1st generation, will eventually be upgraded), and an Iphone 5. Occasionally, I also work on PCs at the university.

Since I collaborate with colleagues through Google Docs, I am reasonably sure that I want Google Drive, most likely the 100GB for $5/month. Ideally, I want the same folder structure of all my contents (this will be 90% MS Office files) as local data on both Windows machines and the cloud drive, and have things synched and be able to access most current file versions through the PCs and the Ipad (and maybe phone, but that would not be a high priority). It would also be great if I could work on a file on another PC (eg at the university), send it back to the cloud, and then find it synched on my local machine when I get home. Is that asking too much?

All this mostly concerns my work files. Pictures and music can remain on the desktop and don't need to be synched systematically, I may just occasionally pick and choose a few. Btw, everything from the pcs is also backed up on an external HDD. Actually, since I do pay for a domaine and have unlimited storage there, I will probably move or organize most of my photos there also, I wanted to set up galleries there for a long time now. But as far as I understand, sending things back and forth through FTP clients is less comfortable than a cloud and there is no option formautomatic sychronization.

So, does this all make sense? Any important things I need to consider? I am not sure exactly how to organize my folder structure on the PCs so that things get synched automatically, any tips? I also wonder whether I am underusing the storage space and the options through my internet provider; I could probably do a lot with that, but I do really like the synching option because I usually end up with a dozen different versions of the same file on different machines.

Grateful for any helpful tips, here or through PMs, thanks,