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Burl Source
02-03-2013, 07:18 PM
Today I was adding a bunch of black blocks to the store and I thought it might be a good time for a Black Block Sale.
The sale runs now through 2/5/13.
If it is in the store and it is black and it is a block, then it is marked down at sale pricing.

What's On Sale?
Natural African Blackwood (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-Natural-Wood-BLOCKS-cln-African-Blackwood/Categories)
Natural Bog Oak (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-Natural-Wood-BLOCKS-cln-Bog-Oak/Categories)
Stabilized Black Shorts (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-x-Shorts/Categories)
Stabilized Bog Oak (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-Stabilized-Wood-BLOCKS-cln-Bog-Oak/Categories)
Dyed & Stabilized Blocks (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-Stabilized-Wood-BLOCKS-cln-x-Dyed-Woods/Categories)

This link will take you to the store. (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/StoreFront)
Be sure to check all the categories for black blocks.

Here are a couple photos of the new Black Blocks that I added today.

Stabilized Ancient Bog Oak - Carbon Dated to be 5460 years old
http://i901.photobucket.com/albums/ac219/burlsource/1212/1_zpsd0214e39.jpg (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-Stabilized-Wood-BLOCKS-cln-Bog-Oak/Categories)

Dyed and Stabilized Maple Burl Shorts for Ferrules, 1/2 handles and spacers
http://i901.photobucket.com/albums/ac219/burlsource/1212/2_zps1b16a776.jpg (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-x-Shorts/Categories)

A note to all of our Repeat Customers
There are no longer any discount codes for repeat customers. Last year forum members and repeat customers could get a discount by entering a promotional code during checkout.
At year end when we ran financial reports we found that over 90% of the purchases were being made by repeat customers. So we decided instead of making you enter a special code, we just lowered the prices on everything instead. Also, now with any larger orders the store software automatically gives a 7% discount on orders over $200. You don't have to do anything extra. The software does it for you.

We have recently ended Free International Shipping because of the postal rate increases.
Now International Shipping is $10 per item. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

02-03-2013, 09:08 PM
Just so I'm clear Mark, if someone from Canada was to order 3 blocks would the shipping be $30?

Burl Source
02-04-2013, 02:27 PM
Just so I'm clear Mark, if someone from Canada was to order 3 blocks would the shipping be $30?
That is the way the software is programmed. But if actual shipping cost is less I will refund the difference.