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Burl Source
02-08-2013, 06:43 PM
Four packages from Russia arrived today. Took 8 weeks to get here.
Karelian Birch blocks. This is the same wood that was used to make one of the very last Faberge Eggs.
If I remember correctly the egg was for the Czar but he was deposed and then they killed the whole family.
Except for Anastasia, she was rumored to have escaped.

OK, ....enough useless information.
I will hold back a handful because there have been requests for non-stabilized for traditional style Swedish Pukkos.
The rest will be going to K&G to get stabilized.

If anyone wants some of these (non stabilized) let me know before Monday and I will pick out some good ones for you.


Burl Source
02-08-2013, 06:52 PM
44 of these beauties. I have been unsuccessful trying to get either Massur Birch or Karelian Birch like this here in the states.
One of the forum members is from Russia and he is the one who got me connected with these guys.


Burl Source
02-08-2013, 09:23 PM
Mike used some from the last batch on a handle that turned out great.
This link will take you to Mike's Photos. (http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php/9340-Handles-Conversions-and-other-Stuff?p=173819&viewfull=1#post173819)

02-08-2013, 10:02 PM
Looks great for anyone wanting a paler handle.

02-09-2013, 01:06 AM
I really like the looks of this stuff...

02-09-2013, 04:16 PM
It really is beautiful. Here's a close-up with the other handle cropped out