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02-22-2013, 05:27 AM
So lattly i had some costumers that after 3 or 4 month was not happy with they knives, and thougt that something went wrong with heat thread or bad geometry or somthing els :dontknow:

After me expecting they knives i knew exactly what went wrong and its not first time at all ! I even see it in that Kato i got from Passaround it is very common mistake many make when they sharpen they knives
They forget to thin them after every sharpening ! I dont know really why because we have now so many videos on YT and here on forum where every vendor say and show how to do it.

it is especially big problem in Pro environment where you sharpen your knife more often

Before i recommend to thin knives every 3 or 4 resharpening, but now i think i go ahad and recommend it every time you sharpen your knife !
Every time i get that unthinned knife and customers think that they knife is ruined and its nothing to do, i thin it about 10 min on my beston 500 and they never thought that they knife can cut so good again :D

The Kato that i got had similar problem and also on the tip, as i can see on it Tip was reappeared couple of times without thinning it down, witch affect geometry of the knife and cutting ability, the curve of the knife was super thick too witch i think is very hard place for people to thin.

I know that many is afraid to thin they knifes because of scratches and they do not want to ruin that beautiful finish also they think they change the geometry of the knife witch is not true at all, you actually do it by not thinning it ;) , It is really crucial that you have to do it same amount as you remove steel from edge it self. If you still think that it is to complicated you can always send it out to professional .
Also you will be surprised what sandpaper and finger stones can do :D

Just a little reminder about thinning :)