View Full Version : Ft: 270 Heiji for 240 Shigefusa

02-24-2013, 09:56 PM
Probably a long shot, but I have a very nice 270 semi-stainless Heiji that I would like to trade for a low mileage kasumi Shig 240. I'm not interested in selling the knife, but I've been wanting a new Shig (my Shig a good bit smaller than it was, brand new), and this is the only knife I own that I would really consider giving up for a new Shig. The Heiji is very thin behind the edge and at the tip, measures about 280mm heel to tip, and is about 51mm tall at the heel. It comes with a nice Burke saya, and the handle was soaked in oil and is very nice. It cuts great. I have a 240 Heiji, which I use a lot more than this (240-250 is just the right gyuto, for me).

here is a pic, taken right after I bought it and thinned it out: http://i.imgur.com/GOdP0.jpg (http://imgur.com/GOdP0) click to embiggen

I'd be happy to take new pics, and pics of the geometry, tomorrow. The knife has some blemishes, but I know my way around sand paper and finger stones, so it looks pretty good.