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03-02-2013, 10:39 PM
Hey guys,

This is for CANADIAN buyers only. I'm trying to recoup some of my losses, and it just isn't feasible when shipping to the USA.

Brand new 18" walnut Mag-Blok by Bench Crafted w/"Blok Butter". I purchased this magnetic knife bar about 3 months ago with the intention that when I moved into my new place I would install it. Unfortunatly, there is absolutely no [safe] place for me to install it in the new place--they will have to stay in the drawer right below my cutting space, which is fine. $80 CAD.

Brand new 15" long double sided leather paddle strop. Made in Canada. Unused clean leather. $25 CAD.

Like new Shapton Glass Stones 1000 grit and 4000 grit stones. Excellent splash and go stones. No fuss and no mess. Like new. I gave my old 1k to my Dad, and bought this one along with the 4k stone. They've seen about a half dozen sharpening sessions (3-4 knives per session). They are extremely fast, very dish resistant and long lasting. $120 CAD.




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All items ***SOLD*** on another forum.