View Full Version : looking for a western handled non stainless 270 sujihiki < 200$

03-04-2013, 07:58 PM
the title says it all... i hope you can give me some suggestions that ive not been considering yet, as the kikuichi high carbon (http://www.knifewear.com/knife-detail.asp?knife=08sujihiki270&family=8) line that many seemed to like back then is discontinued nowadays. because i like the profile with the kiritsuke tip and the handle on that knife, im now especially interested in the kanemasa e-series (http://japan-blades.com/chef-knives/370.html), as well as that yoshihiro high carbon hagane (http://www.echefknife.com/high-carbon-hagane-sujihiki-slicer-chef-knife-10.5-270mm.html) one. can anybody tell me more about the "hagane" steel yoshihiro uses? ive read something about white no1, but i dont know if that was a sure source and if its the same on that series. im not especially set on the kiritsuke tip and have been considering fujiwaras fkh as well, but am willing to pay more if the reactivity issues are less. id like to have it at least at 60 hrc, so the suisin high carbon (http://korin.com/Suisin-High-Carbon-Steel-Sujihiki) falls out due to that. aside from the fact that they would be outside my price range, are there any western handled white or blue steel sujihikis besides the gesshin ginga and the sakai yusuke? i guess the sakai takayuki blue no.2 sujihiki (http://www.paulsfinest.com/Sakai-Takayuki-Aonikou-Blue-2-Carbon-Steel-Slicer-Knife-Sujihiki-240mm-9.5.html) would suit me as well, but unfortunately it isnt available in 270 size.
so...what would you recommend in that price range, and what are your experiences with the mentioned steels? i know you can help me :)

03-05-2013, 02:11 PM
i love my stainless fujiwara suji they make an fkh line which is all carbon.