View Full Version : Day One of Sale: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Dream Burls
03-15-2013, 02:11 PM
It started off great. I got the site all ready the day before (I thought) and got up in the morning to find a couple of orders already placed - THE GOOD. Then I started getting posts from KKF members that they were having trouble getting clear pictures of my pieces - THE BAD. I started putting orders together with one hand while trying to figure out what the problem with my site was with the other. Being pulled in two directions is not a new experience for me, but one I haven't dealt with in a while. And trying to get a handle on pixels vs. kbs and mbs and how that related to my issue, while be under pressure to get it fixed soon or shut the site down until I had it fixed was messing my head. I decided to keep things going while I dug further into the world of resolution - THE UGLY.

Well, things turned out okay, with a decent day of sales and the resolution of the resolution. It took getting hold of my web designer and in five minutes he had me on the right track to make the fix, which was a bit labor intensive, but not the end of the world, and I know what to do for future pictures.

Day two has been much more sane. Just dealing with orders and now having some time to check out the new stuff I just got back from K&G. I'll try to post some pictures of them tomorrow.

For those of you who missed this saga yesterday, this is day two of a three day sale where everything in the store is 15% off. Just use the code IDES15 in your shopping cart when you check out.

Andrew H
03-15-2013, 06:25 PM
The pommeled sapele looks pretty awesome.

Dream Burls
03-15-2013, 06:39 PM
Looks better in person. It really glows when it's wet.