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HHH Knives
03-20-2013, 04:09 PM
OK guys. I just listed a ton of damascus for sale on the web site. I also added some images here and there on the site. I plan to start updating and posting some of the resent work there as well. Most of ya have seen them here. :) But its always nice to try and stay current and I have failed in that respect on the web site this last 6 months.

Heres a link to the 20+ billets http://www.hhhcustomknives.com/category/store/damascus-billets-for-sale/

Salty dog
03-20-2013, 05:59 PM
Jr's got it goin on!

03-21-2013, 07:22 AM
I agree. The coolest part is how casual he is about it all.

HHH Knives
03-22-2013, 07:06 PM
And a few more pieces hes been experimenting.. :D


HHH Knives
03-28-2013, 09:05 PM
Added a LARGE billet could make a awesome chef or slicer. and some smaller feather billets to the site today! http://www.hhhcustomknives.com/category/store/damascus-billets-for-sale/

Thanks guys for your continued support and encouragement!

03-28-2013, 09:53 PM
Wow, Jr. has really kicked it into high gear! Nice work!

03-29-2013, 11:40 PM
DAmn those look AWESOME!!!!

HHH Knives
04-05-2013, 10:25 PM
Hello guys and gals. I just added a few NEW billets to the web store. A new pattern I have not really named yet. But Im thinking Lightning pattern may be the NEW name . and a couple of others. Feather, Predator, Firestorm And more!

The one that may be of the most interest is a billet of Predator pattern. Its 2.4mm thick and just about as perfect as any we have made for a petty or a boning knife etc.

Thanks and God Bless
Randy, HHH Knives

Heres a link and some pictures. http://www.hhhcustomknives.com/categ...lets-for-sale/

Ass always, comments welcomed!