View Full Version : They say your memory is the second thing to fail.

Burl Source
03-25-2013, 09:11 PM
Whenever I would forget something, my brother would say "You know how it is when a guy starts getting old, they say your memory is the second thing to go".

Well, I thought I was all out of raw Koa. But today when climbing through my wood storage I found this stuff. It was all rough cut, so I sanded it to see what I was tripping over.
It was kind of like thinking you are broke and finding a $100 bill stashed in your wallet. In this case a bit more.
I have a knife show in a couple weeks so not enough time to get it stabilized. So I will bring it as untreated wood and then send any that is left to K&G when I get back.

It's not all the super good stuff, but some is.


03-25-2013, 10:47 PM
Congratulations on the find... i am struggling weather to go to your site.... I should not buy more Koa!

must-not-press-button-its-proving-dificult....... Must fight urge! Must-summon-willpower!

AHHHHH! :goodevil:

Too late! :clown:

Burl Source
03-27-2013, 04:59 PM
My Camera is Possessed, and it hates me. Maybe my tag line should be "I take bad pictures of good wood"


03-27-2013, 05:22 PM
No...no... Those are fine :scared1:


03-27-2013, 05:59 PM
That Koa is Jaw dropping, like shining polished amber,

Burl Source
03-28-2013, 08:52 PM
While waiting for the next batch of stabilized wood to arrive I have been getting things ready for a knife show in a couple weeks.
Here is some more wood that was stashed and forgotten.