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03-27-2013, 03:36 PM
As promised, the second 150 petty for sale today.
Gesshin Uraku stainless with saya and pin.
There is a very slight patina on the last third of the kanji side (as these high carbon stainless tend to do). It's not much and takes a certain light to see, but it's there, i did manage to capture it so that you can make it out in one of the pictures. Also a small scuff on the front of the horn from stone contact, same side, you can make it out in the "saya on" picture (that long white line is a reflection, not the scratch). Sharpened once to 2k, could use a touch up. This guy has cut a lot of cheese and salami, but that's practically all I've used it for. Purachased last summer, but just too redundant to keep around. I think the profile best suits slicing, in-hand work, and meat fabrication.
I have always felt this knife is really a good value given how nice the handle and saya are.

~20% off new, $90 incl PayPal/domestic ship.

Sorry, I don't own a real digital camera.

Current (iPad) pics in this album:

Product page on JKI:

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