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04-04-2013, 11:34 PM
Howdy folks! Time to thin the herd and make some room... This is a Mike Henry modified Forgecraft, sporting a Stephen Keller handle. Here's a link to Mike's thread showcasing the finished knife along with another Forge that he rehandled for me: http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php/9340-Handles-Conversions-and-other-Stuff?highlight=
It's the #2 post, right after that killer shig. I'll put up some other pics tomorrow when I get to work and have access to the computer. I'll do some proper measurements then as well. It's roughly 10 inches, and is basically NOS. has some minor patina(bluish) due to age, and some surface blemishes, but still has the original finish for the most part(decent gloss, and the belt marks are quite distinct), doesn't appear to have been used otherwise.
I bought this originally as part of a lot on eBay, and the seller claimed that he'd picked them up in an estate sale, and that the elderly wife in charge of said sale purchased them back in the early 60's and never used the chefs knife. Which seems true to me, as the parer and slicer that were in the same lot had seen HEAVY use, but the cleaver and chefs appeared practically brand new. All that being said- this knife has no real edge to speak of(especially by our standards), and definitely needs some work. Due to sitting in either a block, or a drawer for 40+ years, the edge is almost folded over, it actually feels like there's the start of a burr forming. I've meant to spend some time on the stones with this sucker, but other knives and life has gotten in the way. I figured the potential new owner would prefer to slap their own edge on it, but I just wanted to make it clear beforehand, that this will take some work before its ready to perform, and my asking price will reflect that. These guys do take a decent edge, and are fairly easy to grind. One of my fave profiles in regards to blade shape, but they're just a tad too light for my tastes. Stephen's handle feels quite nice, and has enough grab to complement the length of the blade. This knife's a real looker up close, and I'd love to keep it around just to stare at once in awhile, but it needs to be used rather than merely looked at.

Looking to get $200 all in, continental US. If you're far away, I'm more than willing to meet you in the middle regarding postage. The $200 accounts for the initial cost of Stephen's beauteous handle, and Mike's installation/mods(I neglected to mention that he eased the spine and choil, btw). Price does not reflect my initial investment on the knife itself. Thanks for taking a look, Forumites.



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This sucker is SPF.

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That was easy! Gratz to both.

04-05-2013, 09:16 AM
Thank you sir!