View Full Version : International Shipping Changes & New Volume Discounts

Burl Source
05-17-2013, 06:07 PM
Changes went into effect today for International Shipping.
I had to make this change because there were too many international orders for single, low priced items. My cost to ship a single piece internationally is about $24.
So I had to make a choice between imposing a minimum order size or restructure the international shipping charges. I think I have come up with a reasonable compromise.

Any International Order placed will be charged a $20 Flat Rate for shipping.
It doesn't matter whether the order is for 1 piece or 6 pieces. The total cost for shipping is $20.
Free International Shipping for orders over $100.
You don't have to enter any special codes or anything. When the store software sees an order that totals over $100 it will automatically remove the shipping charge.

Volume Discounts were changed (increased) as well.
Now if you place an order over $200 the store software will automatically apply a 10% discount to your order.
For orders over $500 there will be a 20% discount instead.
And for larger wholesale orders over $1000 there will be a 30% discount.

Burl Source
10-22-2014, 08:29 PM
Volume discounts are calculated a bit differently now.
With the new web store software it applies a discount in a dollar amount instead of a percentage.
When you add pieces to the shopping cart it shows the dollar amount of discount that is being applied to your order.
Now there is no wondering how much of a volume discount you are getting.