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06-08-2013, 04:00 AM
270 Yoshiaki Fujiwara Gyuto

This is an interesting sale for me.

When I got this knife it looked almost identical to the pass around Kato. Very thick at the tip. I thinned this knife substantially at the tip in order to get it to cut effectively for vertical and horizontal cuts on onions. The tip 1/4 of the knife got this thinning treatment. I blended this thinning line into the rest of the blade on the heel 3/4 of the knife to establish a maintenance thinning angle. Then I thinned behind the edge a bit. It sports fairly acute bevels finished on a red aoto and a single sided micro bevel finished on an Ozuku Asagi. I eased down the thinning scratches with a king 800 to illustrate what I have done to this knife. I have to stress that there is no shinogi type thing going on on this knife. All of the Kato convex grind "magic" is still there. I have just done what was necessary to make this knife a true all-arounder. I used this knife yesterday on everything from mincing shallots to slicing pears to cleaning whole salmon and it performed superbly on all tasks. Food release is excellent and the feed back during cutting is the best I have experienced. I recently tried this knife next to another Kato gyuto (240) and felt this knife out performed it. If you have been hesitant to pull the trigger on a Kato because of the high maintenance nature of this knife this is a good chance to pick one up that is "set up".

I am selling to fund shop equipment to get in on the handle and refurb fun that other forum members are having.

$600 shipping conus and paypal included.

long shot: DT ITK 270 partial trades welcomed.

06-08-2013, 04:42 AM
Kato's are wierd weird knives and not for everyone (esp the lazy). But Charlie has put one hell of a lot of work into that knife and it shows I got to play with it before and after and the difference is night and day. I would buy this one before a new one any day (unless I needed some exercise / had some stones that needed worn down to dust).

Patatas Bravas
06-08-2013, 05:12 AM
Looks like my 240; can see where the thinning has taken place quite clearly on the bottom half. 'Not for the lazy' - I like that.

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Thanks KKF