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06-12-2013, 05:49 PM
hello folks,

i'm 30, having started and learned in regular french high end restaurants, then managed some collective restaurants, and ended making a big brasserie project happen in belgium as an head advisor and as a chef for a private investor.

professionaly wise, i highly respect knives, which respects more food products, which respects more the customer, so in short if the chef hasn't sharp knives he disrespects the customer IMO.

i started at 15, with a set of victorinox/forschner with wooden handles, but my case was stolen back then before i could learn to properly sharpen em. i've then been using various western soft stainless knives since that day (9 years ago) when, by curiosity i ordered a hattori 3HDG and experienced what was going to build my vision of cooking: that a razor sharp edge was not only more secure given the proper technique (no slipping) but also greatly improved texture and negated the food oxydation problem, removing the need to change the taste of the apples and peers with lemon juice and so on.
since i've be building my set of knives and sharpening tools, learning to achieve sharp edges, and to maintain them fairly properly.
i've been looking too much at knives appearance by the past and i become more and more effciency only interested.

for me a knife is not only a steel, its a geometry, a handle, a forging and tempering process, a lot of things which require high skills.

so i love knives, as they are for me a flawless mean to achieve higher pleasure in eating in the end (no need to say i love eating/drinking and general pleasure too)

so far i own (or am i owned by?)

(keep in mind that my blades have to be -or seem- stainless and the handles have to be -or seem- plastic because of french norms)

Hattori HD gyuto 150mm (VG10 cladded with industrial damascus, polished, 50/50)
Hattori HD gyuto 240mm (VG10 cladded with industrial damascus, polished, 50/50)
Hattori HD Petty 105mm (VG10 cladded with industrial damascus, polished, 50/50)

Misono Molybdenum paring 80mm (molybdenum vanadium steel, 70/30)
Misono Molybdenum sujihiki 300mm (molybdenum vanadium steel, 70/30)
Misono Molybdenum Honesuki 145mm (molybdenum vanadium steel, 95/5)
Misono UX10 petty 150mm (UX10 sweden stainless steel, 70/30)
Misono Molybdenum chinese cleaver (molybdenum vanadium steel, 70/30)

Gekko santoku 190mm (VG10 cladded with industrial damascus, tsuchime, 60/40)
Gekko nakiri 165mm (VG10 cladded with industrial damascus, tsuchime, 60/40)

800 (king) and 6000 (minosharp) grit whetstones

oh and a full set of sabs which stays in the case...

I am looking forward to buy this year:

hiromoto AS gyuto 300mm (aogami super cladded with stainless, 60/40) ( koki's got some )
watanabe 220mm santoku (aogami cladded with stainless, western handle) trying hard to make this custom order happen by mail with Watanabe-san
watanabe 120mm nakiri (aogami cladded with stainless, western handle) trying hard to make this custom order happen by mail with Watanabe-san
naniwa super 12000 (easy to find web wise)

forum wise i think you know enough for now:)

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Welcome. With that level of knife OCD, you've come to the right place ;)

Dream Burls
06-12-2013, 06:22 PM
You have definitely come to the right place. Are you still in Belgium?

06-12-2013, 06:25 PM
lol thanks i'll take it as a compliment :p

no, not anymore in brussels... i've gone back in paris last year

06-12-2013, 06:43 PM
Welcome. How do you like the Misono cleaver?

Pensacola Tiger
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Welcome to the forums!

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thanks everybody !

i like the cleaver, its the smaller one from misono, but i use it mainly as a bigger nakiri when large size veggies show up.

its the same steel as the regular moly line, not excellent in edge retention but very forgiving when you cut chickens with it (i did a few times but i realized my honesuki was the way to go).

pretty easy to sharpen, stainless, soft enough to avoid chipping when getting a little abusive with it.

i'd recommend it, giving the price i paid. (all these misono were bought before the price raise)

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Thanx for your thoughts on the cleaver. Much appreciated.

Dave Martell
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Welcome to KKF

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Welcome to the forum!

HHH Knives
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Welcome to KKF!

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Thank you!

you're welcome for the cleaver thoughts, happy to be useful right on my first posts :)

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Welcome to the forum

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I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do. Take a good look at some of the custom makers efforts here. Magnificent.

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true, i came across a bar with 4 kd's here yesterday... wow! not to forget various amazing works and rehandles!

thanks for the welcome, a very nice one!

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Welcome aboard, and enjoy

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Come on in the water's warm.

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Welcome to the knut house.

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