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Marko Tsourkan
06-19-2013, 01:16 PM
Hi guys,
I have been asked by a few of you if I would run a deal on 10x4 DMT Dia-Flat Lapping Plate.

I spoke to DMT today. There are some restriction on price incentives I offer on this plate. However, here is what I could do.

I can offer it for $189.95 with a free shipping in the US and $15 credit toward any other products I sell, including knives. This would make my price (with incentives) the lowest on the net. This is a pretty heavy and bulky (in packaging) item to ship.

I use this plate as often as I flatten my stones in the shop and I think it is an excellent product. Please note that even though the manufacturer advertizes it as good for flattening all stones, I have read a review where a customer was complaining that after flattening an old carborundum stone, the plate felt smooth. Diamond get rounded, but they don't stop cutting, though I would suggest to use your plate to flatten water stones primarily (skip silicone carbide coarse grit stones) for years of service.

These plates would not be customizable, that is I won't make bases for them, as they will get plenty of mud from the stones, and there is no point to use a wooden base for them. I can ship them with 1/2" tall silicone feet or one can use feet that come with the stone. Being low to the ground is not a problem in this case.

If you are interested, here is the link to purchasing this plate in my store.

I don't stock this plate, so I will have to order and ship once it is here. If dropshipping is an option, I will increase the credit, but at this point I need to discuss this with DMT. Will keep you posted.



06-19-2013, 01:38 PM
can i ask what the difference is betwin this DMT plate and a DMT Extra Coarse 8x3" for 60 bucks? yes its a little smaler but is that all? i'm just curious.

Marko Tsourkan
06-19-2013, 01:43 PM
I haven't seen one for $60, the lowest price for D8XX seems to be the Amazon's for $65 (if you live in NY, add tax) and matching Amazon prices won't be possible for me.

I am not sure if Dia-Flat is the same plate just larger (10x4" vs 8x3", 40 vs 24 square inches) or they use different process, etc, but the dealer's price difference is significant.


06-19-2013, 02:01 PM
i paid 59 $ + shipping for mine. but thats the 8x3. but the price you will have for the 10x4 will be lowest. however its strange how much more the bigger version cost, maybe there is something different in the process. also do you know what grit/micron the 10x4 has?

Marko Tsourkan
06-19-2013, 02:05 PM
I would guess it is 120, based on the following information I found on DMT site:

New! On a special order basis, DMT is offering a 95 micron / 160 mesh lapping plate made with the same Diamond Hardcoat Technology™ and precision ground, hand certified flat to +/- 0.0005" plate as our standard Diaflat™ Model. The new 95 micron / 160 mesh is less coarse than our traditional lapping plate.

I haven't seen anything coarser than 120 that DMT offered as a product.

This plates are about 5lb packed and oversize to get into a USPS box so the shipping on them will be in the area of $15 insured


06-19-2013, 02:11 PM
yeah it must be the "Extra Extra Coarse". thanks for looking it up.

06-19-2013, 02:32 PM
While I don't know if the difference in price is worth it, some of the price difference clearly comes from the greater tolerances and not just size. My flattening plate came with a certificate indicating just how flat it was!

Marko Tsourkan
06-20-2013, 10:50 AM
I guess this is a product I won't be offering after all.