View Full Version : Knife Block (Storage)?

07-01-2013, 02:26 PM
Here's the situation, we have a large cutting board on the island in the kitchen. Would love to use a magnetic holder, but there's nothing to mount it on so was thinking about a knife block or knife rack. Can I get some recommendations for a good solution?

Traditional knife blocks seem to have wasted slots depending on knife sizes.
Magnetic blocks seem interesting but don't have many reviews. the boker on amazon is attractive
Knife racks - haven't seen many but worried about knife getting knocked off if bumped into.
DIY? - has anyone made their own. Would it be cost effective doesn't seem overly hard with the right tools

Storing 4-8 knives up to 240mm
Don't want to exceed $150 (pref under $100)


07-01-2013, 09:43 PM
F Dick magnetic knife block. I just bought one for $129 on Amazon, but it was the last one for sale from that seller, and unfortunately, the price just jumped up. :( I now own two of these. :) It does tend to tilt over if you pull a large knife off. You have to support the block with one hand when removing a large knife. And DEFINITELY if you're pulling off a cleaver. You would also have to worry about it getting bumped over and falling off your island unless you somehow find a way to secure it down.