View Full Version : DC-Area Get-Together in Late Sept/ Early Oct?

08-26-2013, 01:17 PM
Gauging interest for a DC-area get-together on either September 29 or October 6 (both are Sundays). I know it's a tough day for of the week for the pros to make, but I'm throwing this out there anyway. Quite a few NoVa, DC and Md people have joined KKF this past year, and it would be great to meet everyone. My wife and I would host at our house in Alexandria. Probably start late morning and go until late afternoon. Let me know what you think, please.

08-26-2013, 03:40 PM
I'm interested - depends on the wife and the kiddo's schedules for those dates, but would be up for some fun!

08-26-2013, 04:40 PM
I'm generally interested as well. Need to check on the dates.

08-27-2013, 05:21 AM
Totally interested!

08-30-2013, 04:53 PM
A Saturday, strangely enough, would work better for me. It would be great to get everyone together.

08-30-2013, 05:59 PM
I'm in. Let me know when you get a date and I'll make sure to take off work.

08-30-2013, 06:34 PM
I'm in. Let me know when you get a date and I'll make sure to take off work.

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09-03-2013, 12:24 PM
Hey Bill13 I hope you get this. Your inbox is full. Sorry I didn't see your PM in time. Hope you had a good meal.

09-03-2013, 12:28 PM
Looks like Saturdays will be an option for this, if that helps the restaurant guys. So consider September 28 and October 5 potential dates, as well as the 29th and 6th. If we go with a Saturday we'll need to wrap up by 6:30 pm or so. For all 4 possible dates, we can open the doors as early as 11:30 am.

09-16-2013, 04:33 PM
** BUMP ** Travis, how are you for either Sept 28 or Oct 5? Interest seems pretty slim, but even just getting 4-5 people together for a couple hours would be good.

09-16-2013, 09:38 PM
I don't think it can happen for me. One of my sous chefs just quit (via text message).

09-16-2013, 09:56 PM
At this point I'm all for taking a step back and looking towards November for doing this.

We'll see you before the end of September though, as we need to use the Chef's Tasting certificate I got last year by Sept 30.

09-17-2013, 01:13 AM
Is using that certificate any different than any other time you join us? We're changing the menu into fall starting tomorrow, so you're coming in at a great time.

09-17-2013, 10:47 PM
It is different -- it includes wine pairings :bliss:Looking forward to it.