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09-12-2013, 04:51 PM
This forum has been amazing responding to the needs of its members by people pitching in how they can; may it be handles, sharpening, transporting, medical stuff, financial, or anything else. The generosity here reminds me of a small town that looks out for itself.

My question: Is it worth organizing in a more efficient manner to help members in need? I'm not really sure of specifics but something thats better than someone having a problem, posting it, and hoping someone comes across the thread. Also, its not uncommon that a thread starts out with someone looking for a damascus, meteorite, forged by zeus deba that turns into a thread of someone that could use some help.

I realize that people are busy with their own lives and don't want to sign on to some sort of committee as an obligation.

Every time I come on this forum its always a bit inspiring to see how much people who barely know each other go out of their way to help a stranger. The diversity here is amazing considering that the common denominator is kitchen knives. From cooks, to architects, teachers, etc; there is probably someone here that can help someone else out thats in a bind.

I don't think a "help me" forum is the answer.


Burl Source
09-12-2013, 07:20 PM
This is a tough one.
I think that a lot of the ones who really need help might be too embarrassed or proud to publicly ask for help.
Best way I can think of would be if there was a way to privately ask someone in a leadership position.
Then an informal committee could discuss it behind the scenes and decide what should be done.
John Doe loses his job, he needs to find a new job but can't afford gas to go job hunting.
The informal committee discusses the situation and is able to raise a little money to help the person survive while they get back on their feet.
Maybe a thread that explains the need while giving the person some privacy.
Then the other forum members could decide how they might help. Money, loan of tools, job lead, stuff like that.

Just my 2 cents.

sachem allison
09-12-2013, 08:29 PM
remember many of the things that are done, really technically can't be officially endorsed by the forum. There are legal issues to consider. I don't necessarily know what they all are . I'm sure some of the mods could let us know. sorry about the flyshit.

09-13-2013, 01:16 PM
While the forum is a community (and a finer group of people would be hard to find on the internet), the realities of our unique virtual bond has led to any number of issues over the teams years of experience. As a result we have this in our guidlines of use-

10. This website is based in and governed by the laws of Pennsylvania. Any attempts at promoting gambling, raffles or unauthorized use of this site for fund-raising is strictly prohibited. This would include, but is not limited to such things as charity events, ôvote for me/someone I know is in a contest", solicitations for medical treatment costs, or political campaigns, etc.

In hindsight some of the efforts to help out members would not be allowed today, some started out as informative and evolved into a fundraiser over time. The horse is out of the barn at this point on those efforts, but will be disallowed in the future.

Baby Huey
09-13-2013, 02:53 PM
This has come up over many forum venues that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. People that frequent forums sometimes go beyond online acquaintances and become real life friends in one way, shape, or form. Though it may seem people back certain people, products, or companies, remember that not all members share that bond. That is not to be mistaken for peoples passions about knives, food, etc. Most people offer help because they may see a bright future in a fellow forum member whether it be crafting or cooking or any number of reasons or are willing to help someone in need. I think that trying to form a committee to take it from random acts of kindness to something that may be expected would be a mistake as that opens the doors for abuse of peoples kindness. If people read or hear about a situation and they feel compelled to help , whether it be advice or a material item, and they are in the position to do so, then so be it. That is how friendships, bonds, etc are made. Unfortunately it can very easily be how enemies are made as well. So I would think letting people make their own decisions based on how they feel at the time and what they may be prepared to offer at the time is and always will be the best route to take.