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Dream Burls
11-25-2013, 05:13 PM
I'm in the process of getting a new supply of goodies into the store, just in time for your Thanksgiving holiday. A couple of old friends and some new species are in the mix. The picture below shows most of them. From left to right there's MapleBurl, Madrone Burl, Spalted River Birch, Lace Ramon Burl, Amboyna, Chechen and Spalted Maple. I don't use this word very often, but the Amboyna is "exhibition" quality, best I've ever had and among the best I've ever seen. The Chechen has great color and figure, but does contain some checks here and there. Interesting thing about this Chechen is that it was significantly lighter than other slabs I've had so I decided to get the blocks stabilized. Matter of fact, everything in the picture has been stabilized by K&G. Some of the Madrone also has some checking, but you'll see all that when the pictures go up on the site. I think Wednesday is the most likely day for listing.


Dream Burls
11-27-2013, 01:17 PM
Phase one is complete. Everything in the picture below, except for the spalted pieces are now in the store. They will go in next week.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

12-07-2013, 08:55 PM
Myron, That Spalted Maple I got from you is absolutely beautiful!

Dream Burls
12-08-2013, 11:36 AM
Myron, That Spalted Maple I got from you is absolutely beautiful!
Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate the feedback.