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12-20-2013, 04:10 AM
Day before thanksgiving I bought a 3# pork belly and followed directions on how to turn it into brown sugar cured bacon via the cookbook "In the Charcuterie" from the Fatted Calf. That slab went rather quickly between my wife and I. Taste was amazing, but the amount of brown sugar present meant lots of sticky gooey things to scrape off later on the bottoms of the pans, and lots and lots of smoke (smoke sucks when not in a restaurant kitchen).

I cut the recipe in half and added a little more pepper than required so it looked like this:

1/2lb brown sugar
6oz fine seas salt
1/2T curing salt
1/2T cayenne
2T black pepper

Cured it for 5 days, smoked it over apple wood, and ate it.

Yesterday I purchased 35# of pork belly from the grocer a couple blocks away from my house and would like to try out some new bacon styles. If you guys wouldn't mind sharing, or pointing to proper online resources, that would be greatly appreciated. Most of the bacon will be going to Christmas presents. I hope to start curing tomorrow before work. Thank you in advance!

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That was a pretty cool show. Thanks man. Something tells me those guys dont know about KKF though :D

LOL @ http://bbqpitboys.com/recipes/smoked-bacon#.UrS6u3lWIts