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08-15-2014, 05:05 PM
lets share some funny moments you've experienced from your crew.

today i found out they were using a bain marie filled with duck fat thinking it was clarified butter (despite the clearly marked label)

pancakes must have tasted a bit weird this morning...

08-15-2014, 06:04 PM
if by weird, you mean good, then i agree... better living through duck fat ;)

Its like a twist on chicken and waffles

08-15-2014, 06:12 PM
that's exactly what i thought, haha, i bet the grilled cheeses tasted excellent too.

08-15-2014, 07:27 PM
This is funny as I was just regaling this tell earlier today-

Busy Saturday night Many years ago. I'm on saute getting my **** pushed in when I looked over and noticed the Pot & Pan Dishwasher was no longer at his station. Not good as I was just about out of clean pans. A couple minutes later and still no Dishwasher, and now I need pans. So lucky me, I got to scrub pans as I needed them pretty much the rest of the evening. Needless to say we were all pissed of cursing his name.
Well, right before service wrapped up, our little dishwasher reappeared. Of course I led the yelling, but his reaction wasn't matching the scenario so I asked one of my guys to translate what I was screaming. Then a big conversation in Spanish took place, most of it going over my head. Come to find out, He was very apologetic. And this is why:

The big metal Bain we skim the fat off veal stock was full of this warm, delicious golden....fat. It was calling our dishwasher's name, so he gave in and just took a big ol' glass of this tasty goodness to the face. Just slammed it! And just as service started to pick up, my man shat his pants. Just completely crapped his trousers. So he had to waddle downstairs, through the restaurant and bar, and all the way home to clean up/change.

Here's the thing, you just can't stay mad at a grown man who just told you he's very sorry for drinking veal fat and crapping his pants.

Cheers guys

08-15-2014, 08:49 PM
soooo gross, not the crapping part but him chugging a glass of the foam!

08-15-2014, 10:51 PM
That's epic. Great story hahaa

Von blewitt
08-15-2014, 11:17 PM
Good on him for coming back!

08-16-2014, 01:05 AM
Good on him for coming back!

and telling the truth, even!

08-17-2014, 03:50 AM
To be fair it does smell REALLY good. If its just the fat...

08-17-2014, 04:14 AM
We did a soft opening on a cafe not long ago and with the opening of a new venue I started writing right next staff's hours where they were working like : cafe , rest. , func etc..
I had a real serious phone call from my apprentice 2 days later who was due in next day:
"chef , you put me as a rest day tomorrow , can I rest at home or do I Really have to come in? "
me " no mate , I have to make sure you are resting ,you have to be here , make sure you are wearing your chef outfit"
my apprentice " how long will I rest , all day ?"
at that moment I couldnt hold my laugh .... my entire kitchen crew who were listening the conversation were :lol2: :rofl2:

08-17-2014, 08:57 AM
Id be confused aswell ive never seen a roster with rest day on it haha.