View Full Version : Handle on my first Japanese knife - sentimental value

04-05-2015, 03:05 AM
Hi Stefan,

I know you're way too busy right now. Still wanted to share...

My wife started this addiction by buying me a Kobayashi Santoku.... Nothing fancy, but I asked for a Global (yeah, I know) for my bday and the good folks at Holzapfel in Berlin recommended this one instead http://www.holzapfel-berlin.de/cms/front_content.php?client=1&lang=1&idcat=118&idart=77&m=&s=

It holds a sentimental value, but I don't like the plastic ferrule. While I might just get rid of some other knives with plastic ferrules I bought afterwards, I want to keep this knife, just upgrade the handle. And it deserves the best!

So if there's some kind of waiting list, please put me on it. I can wait [emoji6]